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toolbox change

mdg2018mdg2018 Member Posts: 133

can someone explain the tool box changes to me, because im concerned I'm using a purple tool box and while using you i counted and i used all of it in like 6 secs. Is that suppose to happen?


  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,235
    edited March 22


    I'm just going to assume you mean the Engineer's Toolbox, since that toolbox is pretty quick in itself. The Engineer's Toolbox doesn't really have that many charges in-general, and the c/s (charge per second consumption rate) could consume these charges a lot faster than other toolboxes.

    So yes, they're supposed to be that quick. They're supposed to be used tactically, that's why they don't last that long.

    here's a quick rundown on the charge CONSUMPTION rate for the engineer's toolbox

    It says on the DBD Wiki that the Engineer's toolbox takes 2 charges per second when repairing a Generator. An Engineer's toolbox has 16 charges, so taking 2 per second would only make it technically last for 8 total charges. 1 charge equals 1 second, so that's why the Engineer's toolbox only lasts for 8 total seconds of use (base-kit).

    The idea behind this change is to use them tactically. The previous toolboxes would just focus on repairing without much consequence to it. Now, if you use a toolbox than you can use it right of the bat to repair a Generator quickly OR use it later to repair the late-game Generators.

    here's a link to the DBD's Wiki on toolboxes if you're interested


  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 705


    The Devs changed Toolboxes so that they have less charges (get used up quicker) but have an increased repair speed.

    There are two purple Toolboxes:

    • The Engineer's Toolbox, getting used up in ~16 seconds
    • Alex's Toolbox, getting used up in ~24 seconds.

    So yeah, they get used up quite quickly, so you have to strategize and choose when to use them, kinda like BNP.

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