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We really need a "I don't want to play with this person" anymore option

tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 3,015

This ends up being a two part for I don't want to play with these clowns of survivors again AND this killer was a jackoff who I also would never want to play with again.

Two of the survivors at the very beginning suicided on first hook. That's not "reportable" because there's nothing against the rules for it but I really should have the option to say "I don't want to play with these guys ever again". I'd rather have my queue slow to a crawl than have to play with clowns like that.

So I watched the rest of the game hoping the last survivor would make it (maybe they saw the hatch or something). Killer finds them, takes them out, then carries them to the open hatch but far enough away that the survivor has to crawl to it. Survivor crawls to it, killer shuts it. Killer walks survivor to the exit gate and drops them. Let's the survivor get half of it done before smacking her again and letting her sit there and bleed out until just before the timer goes off, when he picks her up and hooks her.

Like...######### Off dude. Takes a real big ######### man to somehow be able to take out two survivors since two of them abandoned ship immediately. I'd like to never ever play with such a ######### asshat ever again.

So please DBD devs, I'd really like an option in this game to never have to play with these people ever again. I reported the killer (though unless you want to count this as "taking the game hostage", he didn't break any rules so what would you punish him for?) but I don't care if he's punished or not, I just don't ever want to play with that clown again.


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