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A Question: What do YOU want from this game?

The forums are filled with a lot of people expressing their frustrations with the game.

Killers - gen rushing, Survivor perks, SWF, etc.

Survivors - mori, Killer perks, etc.

While all of us would obviously love to see a game with less toxicity and more sportsmanship on both sides, I've lately begun to notice more and more people accusing the other side of merely wanting an easy win from the game. So now, Survivors and Killers, I'm curious to hear what you honestly want from this game.

Please be respectful, please stay on topic - I feel like that shouldn't have to be asked in every post but I cannot stress how much I am NOT interested in seeing either side use this to just complain. I am asking a genuine and constructive question about the experience people are looking for.

Below I will list what I am looking for but more than arguments for/against my personal interests what I want to hear are YOURS! :) You may think mine are terrible ideas, you may think mine are great. The point of this thread is not to debate other people's opinions but to share what we as individuals value in the game!

  • Personally, I really love the chase. That is the main mechanic that makes this game fun for me, without it this game would be boring. What I honestly want from the game is evenly matched skill levels between myself and the Killer/Survivors so that there is challenge in the chase. I want the game to feel 'risky' and 'dangerous' and for the play style to encourage sneaking around, hiding, and cleverness. "Hurry up and get gens done" is boring for me no matter which side I'm playing.
  • As a Survivor main the excitement and anticipation of trying to avoid the Killer and then the rush while they are after me is what I'm here for. When a Killer outmaneuvers me or outsmarts me and downs me I often love it because it was cool to see them outplay me. Just as it is really satisfying for me to do something clever and evade them. What is not fun is when it was not a matter of player skill but simply a mechanical advantage.
  • I would like to see the game be more focused on player skill and less on built-in perks. And in saying that I would like to go against Killers who are at my skill level (it's not fun to be stomped OR to run circles around them). I think that this would also alleviate a lot of the constant complaints being voiced on the forum about this or that.
  • I would like to see moris removed. I know, I know. I almost did not include this because this is such a hot topic, but here is my reasoning. As a Killer I would be furious if there was a Survivor offering which halved the completion timers on generators. Just think about how many complaints there are about tool boxes speeding generators up. The EXACT flip side of that is a mori. It takes the 3 hook requirement to 1 hook 1 down, halving the game for the Survivors. NO ONE wants to wait in a lobby to have their game over in the blink of an eye. I would like to have my lobby wait time valued.
  • Lastly, I would like to see keys removed. That's right! In my opinion keys are just the Survivor mori and for the same reason that I dislike moris I dislike keys.


  • mazoobi38mazoobi38 Member Posts: 98

    I just wished ultra rare addons/items/offerings didn't exist because it makes the game harder to balance... thats my opinion tho

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,604

    I just want fair matches

    A killer should face survivors 10 ranks above him, the same way a survivor shouldn't face a killer 10 ranks below him

    thats all

  • Kate_Main_01Kate_Main_01 Member Posts: 155

    Thank you so much for sharing your opinion! More game balance and no highly powered items/offerings/etc would make the game a lot more balanced, I agree.

  • mouse0270mouse0270 Member Posts: 595

    As of today, I wish you had to bring in a key and it couldn't be found via in game.

    I hate that I can be randomly shocked by a 3 man escape because they found a key in a chest... Like if you bring one in, I can at least pay around it and be aware of it... But 1/5 of my games today involved a 3 man escape via hatch with a key (1 was only a 2 man).

    Like I am seriously debating on using my stock pile of mori's at this point. Which is stupid because I also find mori's broken. But this is kinda BS

  • mazoobi38mazoobi38 Member Posts: 98

    I feel yeah, to be honest this game feels more of a luck based game, because you can be playing fair and really good, but then a single key ruins it and lets them escape... but then mori's feel op and then survivors start to complain about it... its so unfair on both sides really :(

  • Kate_Main_01Kate_Main_01 Member Posts: 155

    I think your suggestion is great! The chests should give med kits and toolboxes and flashlights only - things that enrich the gameplay but not dramatically alter it. I completely agree! In fact, I am going to modify my original post to say that keys should not exist in the game as they are basically just moris for Survivors.

    I have literally never used a key and I do not see them used much (if at all) so I forget that they exist. Thank you for sharing!

  • mouse0270mouse0270 Member Posts: 595

    Like I hate mori's besides the doc right where I had to kill everyone, I try to 2 hook mori people. I'll also mori people with devour sometimes. But I rarely if ever bring a mori in to 1 hook mori someone.

  • TatariuTatariu Member Posts: 881

    I just want them to listen to player feedback concerning Legion. They have stated they're looking into improving Legion, but also say that they have better things to do than worry over the killer. Which is it devs? Do you actually care?

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 1,862

    I just want to be able to play TBH. Maybe less of a grind. I didn't realize Myers was a vegetarian because the entity will NOT give him BBQ+Chili. Can't even play now because my internet can be wonky from time to time.

  • Gravewalker200Gravewalker200 Member Posts: 413

    I want to be able to play against doctor without getting shocked by a brain dead killer every pallet

  • MistikusMistikus Member Posts: 843

    i whish they would delete legion or atlest give him power which isnt boring to go agains

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,010

    I want matchmaking to work (be it rank-based or MMR-based), moris + keys changed considerably and plenty of maps adjusted/reworked.

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    Keys and Moris removed, borrowed time to be reverted. That's all the changes I really want at the moment.

  • LarikalLarikal Member Posts: 54

    What i want is to make game more stealthy, and less infinite looping. Survivors shouldnt just do gens... they see killer, they still do gen... killer 3 feets away, and they sprint away to infinite loop. I would enjoy stealth much more, like typical horror - you CANT out run killer, you have to be smarter. Run, stun killer with pallet, run behind corner, hide. Or even better - dont get chased at all, just when you see killers coming to your gen walk away and hide. For me hiding gives much more fun than just running around for 9 minutes.

    But yeah, thats not gonna happen since that would be too complicated for most survivor players. But i could bet my year salary that would also solve the problem with 80% players being in highest red ranks :P

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    Old bt was it affected both the rescuer and the rescued survivor, but was only a once per trial perk, and rather than being th deep wound status effect, it was a special timer that went down in chases.

    Personally the fact that it's one use made it much more balanced to me.

  • andyollollollandyollolloll Member Posts: 940

    Fun for killer and survivor

  • MamaEagleMamaEagle Member Posts: 114

    The Auric Cells I paid for that's what I want for starters. Every ticket I have filed the devs tell me to take it up with Microsoft and all Microsoft tells me is that they basically just sell the game through the Windows store... As for anything else, maps to be changed up a bit, or at the very least different variations that could be slightly more killer/survivor sided when loaded. I think the random loading of maps would be a great time to test these out.

  • ShErMaDeRmAShErMaDeRmA Member Posts: 243

    Having a game where I could give a bit of fun to both sides, like sparing an unlucky surv rather than tunnel, and not lose the game because of it. I don't want to be punished for trying to let me and my opponents enjoy the game, in short

  • BarkoBarko Member Posts: 37

    First of all - remove swf groups from common ranking. Or at least give killer a warning and some buffs if he is facing team.

    Second - get rid of stupid dc penalty system or start telling dc on purpose via button "leave match" from all other dc and punish only first ones. It's ridiculous to rely on such system in the game that is known as one of the most bugged and glitched ever. There are simple solutions to dc topic offered by gamers like making dc count as sacrifice for a killer so he could get achievements and archives and many others. Jesus, at least don't increase ban time with each dc - make it like 20 minutes and be done with it.

    Third - stop moving games towards being shorter with every new "bright" idea. Let gens be slowed down and players enjoy and fight for killing or surviving.

    There are tons of things to implement in the game. Unique survivors whose signature perks cannot be tought through the web (like killers power). New mechanics to gameplay (like endgame collapse). Tons of things...

    But I am afraid all we gonna see will be new skins over and over again.

  • Toxicity23Toxicity23 Member Posts: 387

    1: Swf have so many advantages over solo. Give the killer a warning that they're going against SWF, or make Solo's just as good.

    2: Mori's are literally a free kill. It's fun to do, but hated beyond comprehension. Make the requirements more restricted, and I feel it'll be good.

    3: Have all killers be equal in terms of balance.

    4: Nerf and Rework a few of the Survivor's must used perks... I'm looking at you, DS.

    5: For Christ sake, fix the damn SERVERS and BUGS!

    6: Another objective OR making the secondary objective effect the primary will assist in prolonging the game.

    7: Annnnd probably more things I didn't think up to mention.

  • BattleCastBattleCast Member Posts: 623
    edited March 2020

    I'd like to see a bunch of weaker perks looked at. My list for perks that need to be buffed is very long.


    Technician, Flip Flop, Buckle Up, Boil Over, Small Game, Slippery Meat, Second Wind, Camaraderie, Babysitter, Distortion, Lucky Break, No Mither, No One Left Behind, Open Handed, Pharmacy, Premonition, Sole Survivor, Stake Out, This Is Not Happening, Up the Ante (luck in general), Vigil, Breakdown, Solidarity, and finally Wake Up.


    Monstrous Shrine, Unnerving Presence, Predator, Bloodhound, Shadowborn, Lightborn, Tinkerer, Stridor, Thanatophobia (just needs a small buff), Beast of Prey, Territorial Imperative, Dying Light, Hex: The Third Seal, Overwhelming Presence, Overcharge, Hex: Huntress Lullaby, Fire Up, Remember Me, Blood Warden, Hangmans Trick (they nerfed it into the ground for some reason), Coulrophobia, Mad Grit, Iron Maiden, Furtive Chase, Surge, Cruel Limits, Mindbreaker, Zanshin Tactics, Blood Echo, Gear Head (was fine before they nerfed it), Dead Mans Switch, Hex: Retribution, Unrelenting, Iron Grasp, and finally Distressing.

    Much more Killer perks than Survivor perks so I think they should Prioritize reworking most of the killer perks but a fix for any one of the listed perks would be heavily appreciated. Im tired of the second chance meta and I think making weaker perks stronger will incentivize people to try something new.

    Also, secondary objectives that indirectly nerf survivors would also be nice to see. Totems aren't secondary objectives.

  • Toxicity23Toxicity23 Member Posts: 387

    Believe it or not, Totems are CONSIDERED secondary objectives, remember, hexes are a thing, what I wish to see is the totems doing more than just existing to waste time and give points to survivor.

  • CreatorTHCreatorTH Member Posts: 24
    1. Advanced graphic settings, having to change the game files just so i can get more than 60 fps is BS,it also would be nice to change the brightness and volume of chase music and ambient, that way people who want to have an easier experience where they can see every blendette and hear every step can do so, and those who want a darker, more horror and more challenging experience can go for that aswell.
    2. 3 chapters and 3 mid-chapters a year, whenever we say we want stuff changed devs always answer with ''Oh but we don't have time for that'' ''Oh we have so little time we need to prioritize other stuff'', with 3 chapters a year i feel like this would give them the time they need to actually make important changes to the game, such as fixing the big bugs like sounds, killer specific bugs (Nurse, Wraith, Ghostface, etc) and dedicated servers stuff, and they would also be able to make even better chapters with this extra time. Since now we have the chapters, in-game store and the Rift i feel like the impact on the economic part wouldn't be thaaat big.
    3. Buff solos to SWF level so that killers can be buffed respectively.
    4. Look at the scummy side of Decisive Strike.

    If they can look into these more ''QoL'' changes, then i would feel like playing this game a lot more.

  • Deadman316Deadman316 Member Posts: 560

    All I want in all honesty is legit penalties for purposely deranking or not playing the trial as intended (meaning no afk, DC and hook suicide), get rid of survivor/ killer rank altogether and tighter hitboxes. That's all.

  • Lanis_Lanis_ Member Posts: 183
    edited March 2020

    I wish some nerf for swf (the cancer of the gameplay but the main "costumer" of this game)

    Remove some toxic add-on (iridiscent accett for example) .

    Remove useless add-on (any for flashlight less the battery).

    Give yellow mori to killer's base kit and remove Ebony mori.

    2 killers vs 6 survivors mode.

    Shirtless Myers.

  • DuskkDuskk Member Posts: 15

    Removal or HEAVY tweaking of Keys and Moris, smaller maps, better rank placements so killers aren’t matched with survivors that are way higher ranked than them and vice versa for survivors not going against killers way higher than them, console optimization, better servers, perk buffs (so many are useless currently for both sides), DS should be looked at (if I throw a survivor on the hook while your DS is activated it should deactivate since I’m not tunneling), make the game more about stealth then just looping infinite’s and pallet slamming, and a buff/rework to Killers who need it. Trapper, clown, Legion, etc.

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,347

    Since bloodweb related things are being discussed like the mori offerings and stuff, I figure it's appropriate to post something that I've mentioned before a time or two in other posts:

    I feel like the stuff that we need to get from bloodwebs needs to be cheaper. I don't just mean across the board either, I mean we need to on average get the lower tier stuff. It would save a lot of the bloodpoints we would need to grind through to get through bloodwebs and level characters, and we wouldn't have people just stockpiling tons of ebony moris or anything, and same thing with survivors and their purple medkits, stypic agents, and syringes and whatnot.

    To go hand in hand with this, I think killers' add ons should be focused more around the way that Hag, Doctor, or Michael work. I don't feel like enough killers have things that make the game interesting for them, and rather they have add ons that just says "do X thing Y amount better" like charge add ons for chainsaws. I think it's cool how Hag has an add on that changes her power to not alert survivors of tripping a phantasm. Or Michael's mirror add on allowing him to stay tier 1 and play peekaboo. Or Doctor the way he can add different effects to his shocks, or change the shape of them. That's how I think killer add ons should be: some variety and fun stuff mixed in along with things to just be stronger.

    Maybe not all will agree, but I personally just try to play the game for fun. I don't think every add on and every single thing needs to be super competitively viable or perfect. Sometimes I just enjoy having a nice supremely meme game of DbD.

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