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A solution for loop and gen rush


Here is my suggestion based on the new map.

=> We know that gen speed is quite quick in regard of chase time.

=> Devs have created on the new map some breakable wall in order to break the heavy loop.

So i was wondering :

=> What if breakable walls need to be build first in order to beneficiate from it ?

For that i would have like to suggest this :

=> Each map need to receive first breakable wall

=> At the same time , each map will make spawn 5 wood plank which will works as an item.

=> The plank will be able to be use to build a wall or create a pallet in a specifc spot : 8s to craft a wall / pallet and it can't be build in a spot where a pallet / wall get already broken.

=> Build a pallet will offer 300 BP in altruism and offer 10 point in altruism emblem + 200 BP if it gets use by teamate in chase.

=> The item could be bring to the campfire.


  • TrollthemTrollthem Member Posts: 186

    They dont need to build anything they already have everything to loop for an hour .

    They should be forced to do totems or something .

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 882

    I'm more for the developers requiring pallets to be untethered from surroundings before use than for anything as potentially complicated and as different from other game mechanics as what you're suggesting.

  • limierrlimierr Member Posts: 162

    The point is to remove all safe loop to leave unsafe spot loop with pallets and force them to build safe loop that will be breakable without much trouble and will make them waste time.

  • limierrlimierr Member Posts: 162

    In fact the idea take nearly everything devs have talk :

    => Replace safe loop by breakable wall as the others spot remains.

    The only thing i propose is to add to this idea the fact that survivor need to build them themselves. For that they will be reward in bp, emblem system and give themselves chance to survive to them or their mates.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 351

    A thought for change is handicap based upon the average rank of the survivors. Since trying to adjust for killers would prove to take more work. and nerfing items, perks and other things hasn't made for a positive impact on the game.

    • Number of generators.
    • Number of pallets.
    • number of open window vaults.
    • Number of hooks.
    • Adjusting ECG
  • limierrlimierr Member Posts: 162

    Though a system based on rank won't be adapted as survivor will derank to be able to beneficiate of the advantage ...

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