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Hey BHVR here are some good perk concepts

dhealy646dhealy646 Member Posts: 235
edited March 23 in Feedback and Suggestions

As we all know killer perks have been terrible lately. Last good one was thrilling even though bbq is probably better. Surge has potential but the range and regression need to increase. Also surged gens should regress at 150% rate. BHVR you have this mechanic so use it.

Anyway here are some perks you could use

After landing any 2 hits the perk activates. The next time you kick a generator it will regress at a 200% rate and all generators within 64m will regress at a normal rate.

When survivors repair a generator all generators not being worked on will be blocked for 45 seconds.

Downing a survivor causes all healthy survivors outside of your terror radius to become injured and all injured survivors get the deep wound status. This has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Hex: 2 generators are randomly selected at the start of the trial. These generators are blocked until the hex is cleansed. Yes it stacks with corrupt so 5 gens will be blocked but this hex can be cleansed fast and corrupt only lasts 2 minutes.

After hooking a survivor you move 25% faster while outside of a chase for 60 seconds. This resets if you get another hook.

After breaking 3 pallets the perk activates. The killer can destroy a pallet than hasn't been used yet.

Hitting a survivor causes them to become broken for 60 seconds. This has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Let me know if any of these sound good.


  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 1,348

    The only one that seems even remotely balanced is the hex one

  • dhealy646dhealy646 Member Posts: 235

    Please tell how the other ones are unbalanced because none of these seem better than pop or infectiuous

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 1,348
    edited March 23

    Actually, I take that back, the first one seems alright.

    As for the others:

    The second one would make thrilling tremors awful, it gives the killer pressure sure but it basically makes survivors sitting ducks for over half a gen's worth of time.

    Making all survivors outside of your TR injured? Literally the most unbalanced thing I've ever heard.

    25% additional movement speed could be exploited by simply moonwalking, making the chase unwinable for the survivor.

    Pallets are a finite resource and very few maps actually have that many pallets. Being able to completely remove one that hasn't been used yet would be ridiculous unless it was like 1 pallet per match.

    Hitting a survivor causes them to be broken? No requirements need to be fulfilled? They're just forced to be injured for a full minute because you got one hit on them? At least with legion you need to have killer instinct active to apply it.

  • dhealy646dhealy646 Member Posts: 235

    The second one punishes survivors who stack on gens and requires the killer to work for it.

    Admitidly the injure outside of tr is overkill

    Moonwalking in a chase would literally be almost impossible to hit the survivor. Legion just had to be kinda close and I know you are getting ptsd from that.

    On most maps breaking 3 pallets for one free one is fair. This would give the killer 2-3 free pallets each game which isn't too much if the survivors are efficient.

    As for the broken one it is designed to help killers who tag a survivor and move on. It will create a little pressure and with a cool down it can't be abused. It won't matter if you just keep chasing the survivor but if you hit and run it could help build thanataphobia.

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 1,348

    I see, if the perks were limited in some way to work the way you said they would probably be fine but there's no way to limit perks to do this. Take for example the perk that makes survivors broken, on Hag? A decent perk, causes survivors to play more stealthily overall allowing her to pressure gens. On Oni? Extremely strong, prevents the survivors from doing the one thing they can to counter his ability. It would probably be better having some of these as reworked add-ons in the future so that killers that would benefit from these things would have access to them while other killers wouldn't.

  • dhealy646dhealy646 Member Posts: 235

    That would actually be a good idea to make that perk an oni Addon. Perhaps his iri family crest as it sucks

  • RathoricRathoric Member Posts: 32

    I'd quite like some more Token perks for Killer, maybe Gen related. 'Gain a token after every generator kick, after 3 tokens, interact with a generator of your choice to place a trap on the generator, any survivor interacting with that generator will be hit with an incredibly hard skill check, failing it traps the survivor like a trapper's bear trap.'

    I kinda like this idea for a survivor perk, gonna call it doppelganger. 'Cleansing a totem grants you a charge of this ability, similar of how the spirit leaves her husk behind, leave a husk of yourself that only you can see that lasts 5-10 seconds, after timer expires you switch places with your husk.' 60 second cooldown/ maybe exhaustion.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 882

    I could only ever get behind the Hex perk (#4) or behind the concept behind #5, similar to the effect of DH. The others are either gimmicky, too tacky for my taste, or just encourage a war of attrition between the killer and survivors, feeding into the unhealthy aspects of this game that drives it away from being a horror game.

    What you've done is just think of perks that just prevent survivors from being able to do stuff. That's not fun, and that's often what makes me want to give up on enjoying my time in this game. That kind of gameplay can be fun for the killer for a while, but it ultimately will drive players to boredom.

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