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BHVR Please read: Re-address nurse



  • XRuecianXRuecian Member Posts: 118

    I would agree that if she has bugs, they need to be fixed. And any weird inconsistencies like weird objects you can't blink through should be fixed.

    However, i do not think she needs a buff. She already has two blinks, and in the right hands (even with the bugs) she is literally unstoppable with very very little counterplay. She is VERY HARD to use, that doesn't mean she sucks, she just has a really high skill requirement. And once you practice and learn her well, she instantly passes pretty much all of the other killers. The reason she has a low kill rate is because most people 'dont' master her. They play her a bit here and there, and do bad with her.

    Because she has THE strongest killer skill in the game, she has to also have a lot of downsides to keep it balanced. If you allow her to blink MORE, make her faster, etc, then she just has all the upsides with no downsides, and would just sit at the top of the killer ranks for everyone, regardless of skill level.

    To be fair, i have no idea how she works on console, but i can't really see how it would differ much from PC.. you just point and blink. If people can make insane twitch shots in call of duty using their controllers, im sure people can manage to aim her slow ass blink charge in the right direction.

  • nursewannabenursewannabe Member Posts: 18

    Not sure what's your point? Any killer is like that if you just tunnel one person.

  • TroTro Member Posts: 216

    This has been debunked many times now. The only people who think she's OP are people who treat her as any other killer. Even at red ranks or with people who know how to use her correctly, her kill rate is still under 50% and is far more inconsistent than any other killer. Any killer is "great" against survivors who don't know how to play. I have not said to implement all these suggestions; I've said to implement any ONE of these suggestions or something else. Anything, these are just suggestions I've gathered from other forums or other players. She needs to be looked at again, that's all we are asking for.

    a) DONT reset bloodlust timer on every blink. Make it like the rest of the killers, lose LOS for x time/get stunned/brake a pallet/ get a hit you know, same as other killers.

    I will also repost the other suggestions but note we are not asking for all of these, only for 1 of these to be implemented:

    b) Return her base kit to preenerf, leave addons as they are now.

    c) increase her base speed to 4.2-4.4 just like hag/spirit/huntress, leave rest as is.

    d) give her 3-4 blinks as opposed to 2, leave rest as is.

    e) Make one recharge bar recharge blinks to maximum (ie. one recharge bar gives you the 2 blinks at once), leave rest as is.

    f) remove the fatigue, leave rest as is.

    g) remove the blink c/ds while not in a chase, that way you start every chase w 2 blinks.

  • TroTro Member Posts: 216

    God can we at least bring back the lock on mechanic if you correctly predict the blink? The most frustrating part as nurse for me is when you predict the pathing, blink correctly, only to "miss" the swing after the blink.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 882

    @XRuecian This thread isn't actually about how to make nurse more powerful, per se, even though it may seem like that because of the suggestions of the OP. It's about how to make playing as The Nurse a more fun experience for players who can't be perfect all the time.

    The Nurse should not be made more powerful for the sake of kills, but she should be changed so that players such as myself can find fun in playing her. It's annoying to barely miss a survivor repeatedly because of high sensitivity or misjudgments of distance and/or latency and then have to walk after the survivor for lo those few seconds before the artificial restriction to use her power is removed. Any killer who has all of his/her hardware set and/or has sufficient experience can usually hit the survivor with no problem, so the cooldown wouldn't bother him/her as much (if at all).

    As several Nurse players in the community have pointed out, the developers haven't actually made The Nurse noticeably less powerful, especially if she equips add-ons. They even included a comparable version of omega blink in the game without addressing any major problems with it. What the developers have done is nerf the ability for killers who play Nurse just to blink around and smack things to do well and have fun.

    A personal experience and a preface: I have severe cornblindness, and playing Nurse on corn maps has always been a major guessing game where I can sieze only very specific moments to hit the survivors not near hooks. Yesterday, I played my first trial of Nurse on Rotten Fields since the corn changes* following the Nurse rework. It was extremely not fun, significantly down from the usual "not fun" of Nurse on Rotten Fields. Many times, I would just swing and hope to hit something because I didn't know if a survivor was there or not. If I waited, I would have most certainly let any survivor nearby get out of range of my attack. I hit around 7 successful attacks that game, two of which were near a hooked survivor in the basement. The most painful thing about that game was that I would blink twice near a survivor, not swing, go through fatigue, see the survivor briefly through the corn, and then lose the survivor in the impenetrable rows because I couldn't blink after the survivor. Additionally, I couldn't afford to make any risky guesses (which I find to be fun) because the ground I would lose due to the cooldown by incorrectly guessing would result in even less hits. I could only rely on blinking to a generator and catching sight of a survivor in the clearings of the jungle gyms to even hope for a non-guess hit. Any Nurse player without the debilitating disability of cornblindness would have not been bothered by the cooldown, but for Nurse players who just want to have fun and use her to teleport around in chases, the cooldown is extremely bothersome. Every moment I'm about to blink, I have to think, What's my cooldown progress? Can I recover if I miss the location? My blinks in a match have probably been reduced by about 20% on average, and the time I spend walking around has increased proportionally.

    When I play Nurse, the fun in her for me is the feeling of unrestrained power and dexterity in chase which is achieved through her blinks. This is why my most favorite add-ons to use together on The Nurse were Jenner's Last Breath and Anxious Gasp, which would result in crazy speed at the cost of a blink. The exhilarating feeling of being able to blink around that fast was amazing.

    Then the devs removed that, making consecutive blink chains more tedious. It was as if someone had just attached a ten ton weight to The Nurse and had asked her to carry that around in all her trials. Many Nurses responded, "What weight?" Many others responded with aggravation that the things that had made Nurse fun for them, different from other killers, had been removed without a single acknowledgement of the consequences. The devs went so far as to even state that they hoped the add-ons would bring fun and interesting new effects. I don't think I've seen any Nurse use an add-on (other than the Spasmodic Breath's appeal due to novelty) that changed how she played and express, "This is fun and new. I think I'd like to use this more often!"


    The Nurse changes have overall decreased fun in playing the killer for many Nurse players who were decent to mediocre and haven't significantly affected the trials and fun of Nurse players who are experts. The add-on changes were lackluster and did not generate as much engrossment as the developers had hoped (note that this point is based significantly on speculation). For me, I've been forced to walk slower than a survivor runs more frequently, had less fun playing The Nurse, and been unable to use the add-on combo I once loved. So, please revert the decision to implement a cooldown on The Nurse's blinks at least temporarily.

    P.S. As survivor, I appreciate the change to how the Nurse reappears. That's the silver lining to this whole ordeal.

    *yes, these were a thing

  • TroTro Member Posts: 216

    So...I bought the game and everything again on PC since the saying is that she is OP on pc...well she is the same as in console. She is now my worst killer both in console AND pc. My kill rate with her must be around 30%, and I now have ~2200 hrs of game play of which ~500 are on nurse. Please readdress her.


    Yes I agree with that. I didnt like how they did that to her basekit, but omegablink and 5 blink had to go.

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