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End phase new mechanic

After the 5 gens are done the 2 last gens are useless so i had an idea.

New mechanic : When the 5 gens are completed one of the last 2 gens will progress alone from 0 to 100% lets say it'll take 30 seconds for this gen to complete when it reach 100%.The last gen will activate and progress too like the first one and it'll take 30 seconds too.

-Survivors and killer cannot interact with them after the 5 first gens are completed (if they already are at 99% they'll regress to 0% when the end phase begin)

-Perks will not affect the last 2 gens in the end phase

So this would modify the end phase after the 2 last gens are completed , survivors can open the doors and get out.

its more a 'survive' phase for the survivors and so every match will last longer.


  • TrollthemTrollthem Member Posts: 186

    What do you think guys ?

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 882

    Did someone say the awesome idea of the EGC starting only after the second door has been opened?

    In regards to your ideas, I'm not sure I understand your post, @Trollthem

  • TrollthemTrollthem Member Posts: 186
    edited March 24

    I can't explain much better.

    But to be short : Survivors must do 5 gens , after the 5 gens done a new phase will begin 'a survive phase' the last two gens will progress one after the other alone and each gen will take 30 seconds to complete himself (or it can be 1 min each or more it depends if devs takes the idea it will be their choice), when they are completed the survivors can open the doors and get out.

    No one can interact with the two gens in the 'survive' phase .

    Perks doesnt work for those two gens in the 'survive' phase

    When the 5 gens are completed the 2 last gens will regress to 0 instantly if someone already worked on them.

    The goal here is to make the game more enjoyable as killer and new objective for the survivors , it would be intense and so the match will not end in 5 min .

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