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Spirit tips?

BeHasUBeHasU Member Posts: 665

Hey, any spirit tips?

I just can't follow survivors when i'm phasing, everytime when i'm phasing and i hear an injured survivor or steps right next to me, when i stop and try to get a hit they are actually 10 meters away.

And the scratch marks are a bit odd to track for me (i'm colorblind) and i can't rely very much on them or on blood


  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 2,602

    Good headphones are mandatory. Really depends on the map/survivor you're tracking though. Stridor can hurt you more than it helps because of the way sound occlusion and echoes work. Scratchmarks lie all the time on dedicated servers. Learn to go off of sound first and foremost with a good pair of headphones. It just takes a little time to get the basic knowledge of survivor pathing down.

  • ThatbrownmonsterThatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,587

    Use headphones

    Use that nurse perk that makes noises louder

  • WeenieDogWeenieDog Member Posts: 419
    edited March 2020

    It's pretty much just kick up the volume (and equip stridor if you encounter Iron WIll).

    That's it really, unless you're a little new to the killer role. If so, then I'd just say to take a few games to really listen out for sounds. really get a feel for what injured, running, rustling of grass, and what locker opeing/closing sounds like and their range. Tracking by sound is something that all killers have to do and isn't special to the spirit.

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 2,156

    Do you use strider because that can be misleading as far as distance is concerned.

    Also sounds on her are bugged right now, or maybe forever so it seems.

    I'd suggest using her power in short burst if you are in chase. Kinda to catch up and get a hit. Don't use it until it is gone especially if you struggle tracking .

    That will allow your power to charge up faster and you won't lose sight of the survivors for that long , preventing them from doubling back on you.

  • KwikwittedKwikwitted Member Posts: 609

    This is pretty sound advice and it's how I played spirit when I played her way more often.

    I would also add while using your power in short bursts beware of survivors immediately trying to double back. Standard survivor protocol when they see spirit phase is to immediately double back on their path as this doesn't show up in scratch marks right away (it mixes with the ones on the path already) and often the spirit will just keep going forward.

    Another big help in this playstyle is the two addons. The Katana Tsuba or the Wakizashi Saya. Both of these addons give you a burst of speed upon exiting the phase walk and are great when you know you're close to a survivor but you didn't unphase right on top of them.

  • MurdleMurdle Member Posts: 119

    I what everyone else said basically.. Just use headphones.

    Injure them then catch up with phase and determine where they are with sound

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 6,061

    Nah it's better to smell their fear..... with headphones.

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    Deaf people are crying right now next to their colorblind homies.

  • Some_Dood64Some_Dood64 Member Posts: 116

    Just try to stay one step ahead. Use good headphones. Prediction of where a survivor will go while phasing is your top priority to learn, in my opinion.

  • nimesulidenimesulide Member Posts: 39

    I also had some success with the hit'n'run style. Get them injured, then bump into them.

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