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Nurse head cosmetic "ill veil" causes FPS drop

DarkBarbarianDarkBarbarian Member Posts: 76
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[repost due to the old bug section was archived]


Nurse "ill veil" head cosmetic causes lag spike.


When selecting The Nurse while the head piece cosmetic "ill veil" (the one from the "In Sickness, In Health" outfit) is equipped the game freezes every time for 1-2 seconds before it's going to normal again. I only experience this when either I actively equip that cosmetic or when switching to The Nurse while it is already equipped.

Step to Reproduce:

  1. Either equip that cosmetic piece or have it equipped and switch to The Nurse (from the main menu, from the killer select screen or in the shop).


Every time (PC).

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  • LegionGhostfaceLegionGhostface Member Posts: 161

    same problem, and also have been having many issues with nurse with extreme lag and blinks wont work.

  • LegionGhostfaceLegionGhostface Member Posts: 161

    ^ even tho lobby ping is at 50ms

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    It happens with the the Until Death Parts set as well, but not in game. (On Xbox btw.)

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