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Why do people think this is the Clown's main advantage over Freddy?

Aztreonam78Aztreonam78 Member Posts: 1,128

People consider that the Clown's main advantage over Freddy is the ability to throw bottles in open places to prevent Survivors from reaching loops and hitting them quickly.. OR IT IS?

Let's look on the situaton when Kenneth Chase throws a bottle to slow down a Survivor in an open place:

  • After throwing a bottle the Clown slows himself down drastically for 1 second. At best his movement speed at this period of time is 3.2 m/s (penalty for the Clown at best is 1.4 meters because of the cooldown)
  • Intoxicated Survivors move -15% slower (- 0.6 m/s). 0.6 * 2.5 (basic intoxicated duration) = 1.5 meters
  • 1.5 - 1.4 = 0.1 meter benefit at best for the clown

In open places, by throwing a bottle, the clown, without any addons, reduces the distance between him and Survivor by.... 0.1 meters? Does he even get any benefit from it? What if the Clown during that cooldown is even slower?

If it is, does this mean that the Clown without right add-ons (especially feather ones reducing stun after trhowing a bottle) the Power hurts the Clown more than helps?

Community, what is your opinion?


  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,047

    Very few people think Clown has an advantage over Freddy. Freddy is better than him in every way. And you're right. His power is truly useless without add-ons.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,830

    Freddy can do everything Clown does, but better AND Freddy can teleport across the map. There is no reason to play Clown over Freddy unless you just like Clown aesthetically better or want a challenge.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 6,107

    Clown gets no distance closing benefit from his bottles unless he has a feather add on. Clown can use his power to herd or zone inexperienced survivors away from certain areas, but vets will just run through the gas because it doesn't really do anything without certain add ons. He's extremely add on dependent.

  • Reborn2020Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138

    I guess he can counter DS and exhaustion perks.

  • Steel_EyedSteel_Eyed Member Posts: 3,790

    Except Clown has instant downs, blurred vision, a much larger area of effect, unlimited ammo, et-f’ing-cetera. Do y’all even play Clown?

    He has a yellow add on that exhausts survivors. And you don’t have to 200IQ guess to deny an area. If Clown could teleport to generators, you’d never play Freddy.

  • Reborn2020Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138
    edited March 2020

    Also Freddys fake pallets and red stains works only in dream world. So i d say they are pretty much like Hag vs Trapper though Hag may not commit into a game against flashlight ez counter.

    Hag is a smartass.

  • BigTimeGamerBigTimeGamer Member Posts: 1,752

    i dont think anyone thinks clown has an advantage over freddy?

  • BattleCastBattleCast Member Posts: 698
    edited March 2020

    I play Clown because I love him aesthetically and that's it. Clown's bottles are placebo against good survivors who know to just drop the pallet.

    No idea why they were so quick to nerf him. Never even gave him a chance.

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  • OutcastEricOutcastEric Member Posts: 495

    How would you buff the clown though? I think his power needs to be reworked from a bottle throw to a 10 meter AOE that starts from him or something different.

  • PrettyFaceKatePrettyFaceKate Member Posts: 1,706

    He has better teachables and fewer issues against OoO. That's it. Freddy's kit is better in all other aspects.

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 3,763
    edited March 2020

    Intoxicated Survivors move -15% slower (- 0.6 m/s). 0.6 * 2.5 (basic intoxicated duration) = 1.5 meters

    I'll be that guy and point out that the slowdown lasts 2.5 seconds after they leave the cloud. With a base range of 8 meters and assuming you threw the bottle before them and they run in a straight line, this results in 2,35 additional seconds of slowdown.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    Unlimited ammo? What bug do you have in your game?

    Instant down comes with a rare addon, in that case Freddy can start everyone asleep with an 8% penalty.

    The only thing clown has is that vision, which is Th e worst part because it literally gives people headaches

  • Steel_EyedSteel_Eyed Member Posts: 3,790

    The point is he’s very different from Freddy and even has advantages that Freddy does not. And on the ammo bit, when I played Freddy I wouldn’t put down traps without consideration because I set them up at other loops and didn’t want to overwrite them. Clown just goes and his gas is better then a snare for many of the reasons listed above.

  • PostcommodorePostcommodore Member Posts: 9

    Why his bubbly personality of course.

  • JoelwinoJoelwino Member Posts: 550

    Clown and Freddy, the two killers that make me want to suicide on first hook. Just spare everyone the pain and don't even bother playing them.

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