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do Killers have second chances?

I’m still debating between of killers have second chances, because I’ve had games and just had a game where I’ve got “ gen rushed “ aka survivors completing objectives fast. And I was able to win them but at what cost? I notice in all of those games that I’m able to come back from I had to do 1 of 2 things, start slugging or start focusing on on survivor to get them out of the game. But it’s also safe to say that theses second chances were given to me as they were completely based on what I could do to the survivors and if they were good enough my strat wouldn’t work rendering my second chance worthless. I use a lot of infectious fright and I think it gives me a second chance to snow ball sometimes, but in the end I think killer second chances depend on if the survivors play dumb enough or poorly enough to give the killer a second chance.



  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    Did Charles Manson get a 2nd chance?

  • OicimauOicimau Member Posts: 897

    Yes, killers have a second chance: get in queue and try again in next match. :D

  • Speshul_KittenSpeshul_Kitten Member Posts: 1,861

    Only if you play as Nurse or Spirit, however, you have to act quickly and be perfect with the second attempt or it is lost for the rest of the trial.

    As for Billy, in my experience, sometimes but almost certainly not easily able to fix mistakes, all dependent on RNG for him.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972

    Noed and blood warden are second chance perks for example.

    If Dead Hard is a 2nd chance perk, the killer has it baseline (Lunge)

    Dedicated servers are more or less a second chance for the killer in a strange waya. He can always rely on that survivors will get dedicated. Hello Deadhard, hallo windows, hallo pallets ;)

  • ShocktoberShocktober Member Posts: 678

    Rancor is up there. You can literally loop or hide from the killer for the entire game, get a lousy door spawn and if you don't have someone else to open them for you; get 1 shotted and mori'd.

    Spirit fury is pretty bad too but at least that takes your whole build to really use well.

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014

    Second Chance Perks are just Survivors versions of Slowdown perks. They're all about buying time.

  • hex_genrushhex_genrush Member Posts: 736

    I mean by second chance as a opportunity that can help you turn the tide and win the match

  • AlonzoAlonzo Member Posts: 151

    Noed and thats about it. Rancor? Well the obsession can see the killer aura each time a gen is completed so if the survivor has little bit of perk experience he will know the killer is using rancor. Blood Warden? Almost every survivor now just 99s the gen to avoid it and most killers don't use because of the 99 gate open.

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,805

    Right, which would still be very subjective. You could say that Spirit Fury gives you a down/hit that you wouldn't have gotten, as with NOED. If you really wanted, you could make a case for PGTW being a second chance since it knocks a ton of progress off of a gen that otherwise would be done the second you turn your back.

    I wouldn't expect a consensus on it, everyone's going to have different reasons for why something should or shouldn't count.

  • ShocktoberShocktober Member Posts: 678

    How about just mindlessly swinging through a pallet and the survivor getting punished for making a good play? Many times I get hit with spirit fury the killer had built it up on someone else, and I was doing my job extending the chase as long as possible instead of just camping the pallets.

    And if it's a one shot killer that might end up being the end of the game for you, as the rest of your team goes down at the same time and you get 1 hooked after being one shotted after a spirit fury pallet.

  • toxcitynacltoxcitynacl Member Posts: 464

    Rancor, Noed, not to mention the ridiculous hit boxes where you can get hit 15 feet away from the killer.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,237

    I would say the endgame perks. Noed, remember me, bloodwarden etc. Not that "second chance perks" are intrinsically bad, the difference is the killer versions are mostly a lot weaker and you don't see them as often, especially stacked together. Whereas a combo like DS/BT/DH/adrenaline is the norm.

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    That would be a game changer and not a second chance. And thats exactly what shouldnt appear in the game.

  • Reborn2020Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138

    Hex build is a second chance. All hex perks are really strong and you can easily force one to stay long.

  • ZaKzanZaKzan Member Posts: 550

    A second chance perk gives you another chance of downing someone or evading a hit from a killer. NOED is really the only second chance perk, spirit fury is only a second chance perk if you run enduring with it. Both of these skills pale in comparison to dead hard, NOED is more like adrenaline. Spirit fury and enduring are more like dead hard, but dead hard is much more versatile, and also it requires 2 perks instead of 1.

    Just imagine if there was a killer perk that tripled their lunge distance every 40 seconds. It would turn every killer almost into a billy. Dead hard is just as strong. Combine it with another exhaustion perk and 2 other strong perks like DS / BT / Iron will and it's stupid strong.

    A comparison would be like running this triple lunge perk, enduring, spirit fury, and NOED. That would be a build that is on par with survivor builds.

  • JoelwinoJoelwino Member Posts: 550

    I would say Rancor too, it's either a 3v1 instead of a 4v1 or a free kill

  • ZaKzanZaKzan Member Posts: 550

    Rancor gives the obsession vision of the killer, and in order to get full benefit from it, you have to avoid your obsession all match. There's quite a few conditions you have to fulfill to get the full value of it.

    things like DH and DS need just the killer to be playing the game and hurting you / hooking you. You don't need to wait til the end of the game, you don't need to fulfill specific conditions.

    also not to mention the killer 'second chance' perks that i've brought up can be countered quite easily, DH and DS aren't able to be completely countered, they give survivors a grace period where they are essentially invulnerable, nothing the killer can do. Spirit fury is rendered 100% useless if the survivor throws the pallet early. NOED is countered just by farming more points by doing totems.

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,676

    They do but all of them are quite a bit weaker and less swingy then ones that survivors have. Perks are designed to be useful (at least that is the idea even when reality isn't there most of the time) so any perk with good effect for both sides is kind of a second chance you otherwise wouldn't have.

  • Exiled1990Exiled1990 Member Posts: 18

    Except that Spirit Fury tends to require Enduring to ensure it is a 'second chance perk' aka two perk slots for perhaps one, two, or if you're lucky three proc's per match.

    NOED requires totems to not be cleansed during a match and for the RNG to be in your favour when the lucky set of bones gets picked.

    Perks such as DS, Borrowed Time, Dead Hard, Unbreakable, and probably a few others I am forgetting do not have many prerequisites, and tend not to be used for their intended purpose (because you know, people will bend mechanics to their devious plans when given the chance.)

    I understand a couple of the perks I said aren't strong on their own, but the problem comes when paired up with other perks. Whilst to get a 'second chance' as killer often requires weakening yourself in many other areas, survivors typically get stronger by incorporating multiple perks for their desired playstyle.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,611
    edited March 2020

    Well, if you treat it like that, every perk is a second chance perk. Even deerstalker that helps you find someone slugged that you might have missed otherwise, allowing to be healed up. In my opinion, second chance is only really DS and Unbreakable. I wouldn't even count every exhaustion perk as second chance, they just give you more options for gameplay or to outplay your opponent.

    Second chance perks is in my opinion just another buzzword like crutchperk to express how much antipathy exists towards that perk, nothing else. Same like tunneling. That wasn't always a thing, But once camping was officialy defined as legit strategy and not bannable, somehow "tunneling" came up as no killers felt offended by being called camper too much. I can remember pretty exactly when that became common and I thought "if you can't find any other common insult because I played good and fair, you just call me tunneler, alright"

  • ShocktoberShocktober Member Posts: 678

    And enduring lets you swing through every pallet to collect your free dedicated server hits you might otherwise miss, and then with spirit fury you are ignoring every third pallet entirely?

    With brutal added on as well you basically ignore pallets and cannot be looped, and I think those three combined are one of the best builds in the game you can run right now. Toss on corrupt or pop too so your game lasts more than 3-4 minutes.

    It works especially well if you are on a killer who one shots, gets totally free damage states (plague, legion) or already stops looping to begin with (clown).

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