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Dead by Daylight: New Server on Discord!!

Hi Everyone,

You don't know me, but i want you to know that i'm creating a BIG (I Hope XD) Server on Discord where everyone can join, play and discuss Dead by Daylight or play and discuss other games (It's a free World XD). This Server will try to unite many Nationalities of the world in one place. The server will be open to everyone who wants to enjoy or make new friends while playing Dead by Daylight or other games. At the moment the Server is not ready, i'm working on at the moment but i wanted you to know that this project is really ambitious, but i guess this will be AWESOME.

When the Server will be ready partially but able to go Online i'll let you know.

For the moment have fun and, i hope, to see you on the Server!!

P.S. I'll keep you informed on every update :)


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