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Killers hitting to far away!

HolmenHolmen Member Posts: 3

Here is two examples of what i mean when i say that the killer is hitting to far away. 

especially the one through the window... 

i have more examples but this is what i recorded today.

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We are aware of issues with lag and hitboxes and are constantly striving to improve them


  • HolmenHolmen Member Posts: 3

    i play on PC btw

  • sensualsatansensualsatan Member Posts: 92

    This isn't necessarily a bug. This has to deal with latency between the Killer, Dedicated Server, and Survivor. If a player has a particularly high latency, hits like this will occur more often.

  • HolmenHolmen Member Posts: 3

    okey i understand but they should fix i somehow. i dont know how but mabye let people choose "max ping" on matches or have some kind of filter for matchmaking. because it is a great game but those kind of hits kind of ruins the game. ( summery: more options on matchmaking)

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