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How often do you see legacy survivors and killers?

I’ve only seen 2 legacy survivors and one of them was a legacy nea on PS4 but it was a hacker and a legacy Jake as killer


  • JPLongstreetJPLongstreet Member Posts: 2,926

    Never. Xbox

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 3,101

    Legacy was cool before Year 3 added outfits, now there's not really a reason to wear them unless you really just want to put a target on your back by a killer.

  • UistreelUistreel Member Posts: 629

    Pretty rare. From memory I've only seen 2 legitimate legacies on steam, a legacy 3 Claudette and a legacy 1 Wraith

  • MandyMandy Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 19,152

    I know quite a few Legacy players but like myself we don't wear our Legacy's much because there's so many other cosmetics to choose from now.

  • GcarraraGcarrara Member, Mod Posts: 2,072

    Rarely on Killers, a few more times on Survivors. I appreciate to find some old players still playing around, and quite a few of them play in some creative ways. It's more rare now that there are a lot of cosmetics around to choose tho'.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    I would wear Trapper's legacy... if it existed on console. : /

  • Chicagopimp2019Chicagopimp2019 Member Posts: 458

    I can't recall the last time I saw a legacy skin on a killer. Most of the survivor ones I come across are usually Megs.

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,511

    Once last week. A billy had legacy pants. On PS4.

    So that was fun.

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 1,659

    Whenever I feel like it. :P

    But seriously, I don't think it's that rare. Just a few days ago I had a lobby with two.

  • Deadman316Deadman316 Member Posts: 578

    Apologies for my ignorance, would the legacy costume be the shining light looking skins?

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 7,520

    well, we could increase that small number by giving us (the legacy players that dont have them anymore) our legacy skins back!

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 3,398

    I've seen several legacy survivors. Usually Dwight and Cheeto Jake. I've only ever seen 1 legacy killer. It was a full legacy 3 Nurse and I was terrified.

  • DwightOPDwightOP Member Posts: 2,328

    It's rare because of 2 reasons:

    - A LOT lost their save files with the cosmetics and BHVR NEVER gave it back

    - Old-school players moved on to something else.

    The argument that it's not seen because of new cosmetics is pretty low imo. Those I know and have legacy and still play are all still using the legacy outfits 99% of the time. It's no doubt the most wanted cosmetic in the game, everyone knows. We always see the "give legacy for new players" posts with huge arguments.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,964

    Legacy would indeed be the shining lighthouse beacon in bright gold, you're right.

  • FilledPizzaFilledPizza Member Posts: 392

    Yes. For example:

    Dwight, Meg, Claudette, Jake, Nea, Trapper, Hillbilly, Wraith and Nurse all have legacy prestige outfits. It was a special reward for completing the much grindier bloodweb before Patch 1.3.0.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,851

    There's one legacy Jake in my region I see from time to time, and there used to be some madman with all the killer legacies but I haven't seen them in ages. Other than that? Pretty much never.

  • RespectfulnancymainRespectfulnancymain Member Posts: 1,816

    There the default skins that have shining light on them

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 2,105

    I met a Legacy 3 Wraith on PC once a while ago. They killed the other 3 Survivors and carried me to Hatch because, "You dont tbag"

    We talked for a bit; apparently they had quit two years ago but decided to see if the game's community had changed any. I was the only Survivor they met that didn't tbag or call them names.

    It happened a while ago, but it still comes to mind. I wonder how many Legacy players just stopped playing.

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,484

    Pretty much every time I play DBD. My brother has L3 Meg and I only really play SWF nowadays.

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