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Freezing whenever there is interaction between a player and the killer.

ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946

So I have had this issue for a long time now, going into bloodlust often would freeze my game for a second or 2 making me miss an attack.

This also happens often when I just merely try to hit a survivor.

But a friend of mine has it even worse, she freezes up when ANY survivor in the match has ANY interaction with the killer, a mere M1 across the map will freeze her game for a second or 2.

If they get hooked, she freezes, if she gets hooked, she freezes, if she is about ot get M1'd, she freezes.

Any idea on how to fix it? the going theory is that this is just a lag issue, the game telling the server this person got hit and the server taking its time telling my friend this information or something.

Note that this friend playing with me is in australia and has a high ping playing with me, but this used to be non existent.


  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 4,376

    That does sound like lag.

    It might be worth her keeping task manager open though to see if anything is running at 100% when the lag happens. May help to diagnose the issue.

  • smartemartesmartemarte Member Posts: 74

    it's indeed an issue with the game, they've got it on that many consoles that it's not optimised very well. The issue (as shown above) is they just blame it on peoples setups/lag or just plain ignore the issue because it's been happening for years.

    Regardless of your internet lag wouldn't make your game freeze during actions (it does this to me all the time) as that's an issue with performance.

    It's so off putting that i'm close to just uninstalling the game because i'm sick of going down as a survivor because of it and going back through the forums it's been a problem for years that hasn't been looked at by the devs or as I say they just say its a lag/your issue.

    dedicated servers don't help with the lag.... but thats a different discussion

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