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Game is beyond stale for killers

HopesfallHopesfall Member Posts: 599

This game has gotten really stale for killers at red ranks post ruin nerf.. roll your eyes all you want, it's truth. If I want to try interesting builds that deviate from the 6-7 "meta" perks for killers, gens fly and it's generally a miserable experience. You will of course have some wins, but more often than not, Brutal Killer/Displeased is your result.

Survivors can run meme or thematic builds all day long because they have 3 other people to carry them. If i want to run an all hex build, stealth, or perma injure build.. it might work a quarter of the time. Injured people at high ranks just split up and sit on gens so it doesn't really matter.. plus they get dead hard constantly.

I realize X killer may have Y build that works for them, that only proves that you're being pigeonholed. "If you want to use this killer, here are the perks that actually work".

I am essentially locked into using the same build for every killer unless I want 3 chases and the game to be over in 5 mins. Boring.

BBQ / Corrupt / Pop / Discordance /// Nurses / Monitor

"THEN JUST SLUG" - no thanks that's not fun

"DONT WORRY ABOUT RANK" -- maybe I don't like seeing "Entity Displeased" every game when I try experimenting

"PLAY ANOTHER GAME THEN" - i have been thanks

Sure would be nice to be able to run interesting builds without being absolutely punished by the game.



  • Deagle0105Deagle0105 Member Posts: 44
    edited March 31

    i agree,the game at current state is not good to play killer cuz of how unbalanced it is but nothing we can do about it sadly

    Edit: I always use the Thanato/Dying Light/Sloppy Butcher and Hex Ruin just to slow the game down and have some fun,and i know the new ruin is bad but atleast it still good for me

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,537

    yeah because survivor is just a walk in the park. 🙄

  • HopesfallHopesfall Member Posts: 599

    tell me how i should get better then, what is the secret..how do I ascend beyond rank 1 without using the perks I noted in OP

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,267
  • HopesfallHopesfall Member Posts: 599

    i generally change every match, outside of bubba/clown. Doc if i need a pip, Myers/Spirit/Demo/Huntress/Hag/cowboy follow

    i already mentioned where you are going with this in the OP.. "if you want to use X killer you have to use Y perks" or a generic combination of the perks i listed

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,267

    Then you dont want advice, you just want to rant about not having an easy game.

  • SurviveByDaylightSurviveByDaylight Member Posts: 720

    Ruin is still good. It’s useful in combination with informational perks like surveillance. Tbh it doesn’t need a buff. I think killers are still OP they have so many good ad ons and ebony Mori. I know you want your 4K every game but please understand that each of those 4 survivors are real people too that want their share of an enjoyable experience playing the game. And it’s not enjoyable when you can’t get any gens done fast. Good killers can take people out of the game JUST as quick or just keep survivors on their toes healing and rescuing so gens don’t get done. You got thanat, dying light. Ruin is a crutch. Get good at actually being a killer.

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    Yeah run a meme build as survivor and get camped, tunneled and slugged. Sooo fun. Yikes.

  • kazakunkazakun Member Posts: 581

    It's pretty much true for any rank to be honest,with how matchmaking works.

  • HopesfallHopesfall Member Posts: 599

    So I should get good at being killer by using Thanatophobia (3.2sec/injure) and Dying Light (2.4sec/hook)? So instead of using Pop for 20sec/hook, I should instead use 2 perks for not even half that.. got it. I'm feeling better already.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    Just drop rank by waiting for resets or make a new account on console. Play a new killer. Do some Survivor archives in the meantime.

    With the list of killers that you've given us, I'd suggest a stealth killer that isn't Myers, so probably Ghostface, and play for the hunt. Be an unseen predator and play for the ambush. It is so much fun than the usual "Go to generator, find survivor, CHASE survivor, down survivor, hook survivor, kick generator" loop a lot of other killers fall in to.

    Toy with the survivors and control the match in its entirety. The hunt is better than the sacrifice.

  • kazakunkazakun Member Posts: 581

    Man getting good only goes so far,for real. Pro gaming wouldn't be a thing if some people didn't have a higher level of ability,you know what I mean? I got way better than I was by playing against better players,but with my disabilities,I'm never going to get as good as the top streamers or whatever.

    Im usually green/purple and still get matched with reds like everyone else. Some of them are so good it's insane. For example,I enjoy Street Fighter and its like... imagine every other match I have to play against one of the best players in the world. That's not going to be very much fun after awhile. Might get better,might get completely destroyed. And then get mad and get destroyed every time from lack of focus,lmao.

    I understand what you mean though,I really do. There's some underlying issues that need solved. I used to main survivor and switched to killer because of the queue times. After awhile I kinda started to play with the mentality that someone is going to escape and I don't need to win. Keeps me from getting too mad or complaining too much.

  • LALYTHIALALYTHIA Member Posts: 1,657

    The idea that survivors get to run their "fun builds" is only possible in SWF. As a solo, you are stuck in the same fate - having to bring essential perks because your random teammates are not dependable. Welcome to the club. 👍️

  • HerbieHindHerbieHind Member Posts: 28

    Between being matched with red rank SWFs (when I'm not even green), the ability for survivors to just run in circles (fun!) and the jack***es who taunt at exit gates (how brave!), playing as killer blows at least half the time.

    This game is supposed to be fun, right?

  • kosmikosmi Member Posts: 326

    Why to make game hell for new players? I know there are lot of derankers in purple and green ranks. But why to make to inocent survs game hell, simply change to surv only and wait till the gen rushing get fixed for all killers.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    Play meme builds or underpowered perks. You'd be surprised how fun Lightweight in replace of an exhaustion perk can be between ranks 15-20.

    New players have bigger concerns, like always trying to 4%, WAY more facecampers and generally getting smashed by the killer.

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,267
    edited April 1

    Survivors, specially the ones playing solo, also struggle without meta perk perks, have you tried solo perkless at high ranks? One tunneling killer and the match basically over for you, and I dont even run DS, i consider it to be bullshit, but sometimes I wish I had it equipped.

    I have personally been doing just about fine with No mans switch + Nemesis + PWYF on my rank 1 level 12 deathslinger, saying that you are helpless without meta perks is exagerating. Map sizes and corn as always is what [BAD WORD] me up most of the times.

    Its just that I feel that you people complain because you outright refuse to get better at the game.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,282

    I also got bored a few weeks ago with running the same perks over and over again - murdering and destroying those "impossible to beat SWF groups" so i decided to do some adapts (i never did them so far). It took my 8 games to get 6 adepts on R2 within a few hours including a break. All i want to say is: If a guy who is not even a killer main can win most of his games even with trash perks, a potent killer main should not have the slightest problem to do the same.

    No offense but maybe you have to improve you game a little bit?

  • PBsamichShoePBsamichShoe Member Posts: 134

    I'm in the same boat but I play survivor mostly. Just running the same perks all the time because they're the only ones that work in every situation and trying to deviate from them just ends with being facecamped.

    N00b3 said it best, "there's a game in this bug" lol

  • PatchNoirPatchNoir Member Posts: 400

    me in a nutshell, got 2 kills doors opens survivors stay on map spamming locker/pallet jump until i get them out. their fun is on being a pain in the ass even when they lose, and the entity displeased is a [BAD WORD] thing, sometimes i 2 hook everyone and entity displeased, [BAD WORD] the entity.

    there is a lot of sweating only to get bullied and with gen times you only 4 k if they do [BAD WORD] and REALLY BAD cause they can recover from 4 slugged and 3 gens super easy nowadays

  • PatchNoirPatchNoir Member Posts: 400

    yeah and they scape but withotout respecting you as a player like a hatch escape is something to make fun of you.

    "ill stay on the hatch until he comes to see me jumping cause he cant do nothing"

    "ill spam alert sounds cause the killer is on the other side of the map hooking someone and the gate is open so ill mess with his ears until he comes otherwise i will get out on the last 10 seconds cause killer is for bullying"

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 3,305

    I don't really understand why you would expect a meme build to not cause you issues. The point of running them is to have fun goofing around. To try new things. Naturally they won't be as effective. I'm not saying there aren't issues that need addressed. There clearly are. But meta perks are meta for a reason. You can't choose to not run them and expect it not to negatively impact your results.

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