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My opinion on the current balance of the game, from an ex Evolve player



  • Rex_HoneycutRex_Honeycut Member Posts: 100
    edited April 2020

    I like a lot of the OP's thoughts, especially the idea of your perspective of the killer going from threat to peer as you acquire knowledge.

    I think that SWF needs to be reviewed though. No in-game chat, I'm cool on 12 year olds calling me the N-word because they downed me or pallet stunned me, kinda why I quit playing F13. Someone had the idea of making SWF custom games and awarding those players 0 bps, I think that's a little extreme. I'd be down for reduced bps for each player in the party, like 2 ppl get 80%, 3 get 70%, and 4 get 60%.

    This is the only way I can call the game balanced these days: survivors get a buff from gameplay, killers get a buff from dedicated servers.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,383

    Do either of you know what the word stagnation means?

    Stagnation means that there is no movement of any kind going on. For our example, that the playercount stays the same. That is not the case. It is rising. It cant, by any means, stagnate when the playercount is going up constantly. Fluctuations (that is what you are talking by the way) are totally normal, but it has nothing to do with stagnation. Feel free to debate with your dictionary if you want to.

  • Purple_OrcPurple_Orc Member Posts: 116

    I truly miss Evolve. That game will always have a special place in my heart. It was a shame how 2K ran into the ground after they screwed up the launch.

    It was always exciting and fun. It could be stressful but it was never frustrating. It was also very satisfying when you pulled out that last minute win against good Hunters.

    Mathieu Cote once said in in interview that dbd is frustrating and that's what makes it good. No one plays a game to be frustrated. Win or lose a game is supposed to be fun. It's this frustration that will cause me to leave and not look back as soon as a better 4v1 game comes around.


    If the game isn't stagnant explain why dbd can't retain a player base over 30k for more than 30 days. I'll help you, it's because the game is stangant.

  • SwInDSwInD Member Posts: 13

    Ahh the good old killers aren't scary argument into the I don't know a dictionary definition so I'm going to tell you what I think it means argument 😀 btw Stagnant means stand still, cease movement... you know like doesn't move AT ALL. Here you go https://i.imgur.com/6StvRHP.png

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,383
  • zimerzimer Member Posts: 109

    Also an ex-evolve player, I can 100% back you up on the DBD part, 95% on the Evolve part.

    I believe evolve died because of the crap balance, in the last iteration it felt like crap to play the Monster, as you couln't hide at all because of the 100 ways to track the monster down. So a casual player who wanted to play stealthy didn't really stand a chance.

    As for dead by deadlight, 100% spot on.

    Thank you for creating this post!

  • deadbyhitboxdeadbyhitbox Member Posts: 1,033
    edited April 2020

    The player base has literally been showing slow growth of players over the entirety of the games existence and still is slowly growing in numbers. At one point, the games average was 15,000 players. Then it slowly rose over time to close to 20,000 and slowed down and dipped, but ever since has rose to 23,000 average players. The game does have periods where the growth is stunted. But after awhile, it pushes through and ends up with more players than it loses. This is what I'm saying. A fluctuating pattern doesn't mean the game isn't dying.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 2,521

    You seem to be returning to this post only to keep people from discussing a topic that pertains to making the game better, refocusing the discussion on the details that have already been disproven and not providing any feedback related to the what would make you feel better about playing DbD. If you feel great, that's cool. But you don't express that, and you've already made your point regarding players, so are you what some would call a troll or something? I don't mean to be offensive, but if I am, my apologies.

  • A_Can_Of_AirA_Can_Of_Air Member Posts: 872

    It's pretty common to get side-tracked, it's alright. It does relate to the current balance and why number growth isn't as high as you'd expect, although not everyone agrees on what those numbers mean.

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 555

    There are few points you made that I completely disgree with. For me I don't really why poeple think that survivors should be scared of the killer. I've heard it before from other players and it just sounds like wishful thinking. This will never happen. The reason - things can't scare you anymore when you see them for 100+ times. It is just the the way it is. I don't know poeple like can't just understand that. Oni was scary at first but we got used to it and now it is like every other killer. it is in the human nature. Killers are scary believe me, they are but just for new players. I have seen them hiding all the time, scared to run do a gen and when you find them they can't do anything cause they are so scared. But after you spend some time in the game that just change. After all that is just a game and you get used to it.

    And these power roles where the killer is the power and the survivors are the weak just sounds weird to me. Def not a line for a game where you put them one against another. The word "together" in this game in solo queue does not exist and I don't see that changing any time soon. Again I'd say it is in the human nature for people to start acting differently after they start feel comfortable with the game. I don't see how you can change that either

    I have to disgree on the perks too. Different killers can use different perks. It is not all the same perks. Survivors have very similar use of perks. I think both sides have perks that they use al the time and few that they get from time to time. And then there are these that nobody use. Yes on one killer you may get stucked with just bunch of perks. But that is because they way the killers are. Their powers needs to have synergy with the perks. Good news is you have plenty of killers with different powers to make it intresting for yourself. Survivors sadly get only new perks and if they are garbo they get stucked with the same old perks ... I don't see any problem using noed esp now when ruin is gone. I use it very often I don't know why u feel bad about it. This perk is great for punishing survivors who are doing only gens and don't cleanse totems. You are free to use it as many other perks and items/addons. Just for the record Eboni is neither of these it is a goddamn offering just to remind you. Survivors don't have similar offering not even close

  • Sindel_LoverSindel_Lover Member Posts: 19
    edited April 2020

    I get what you're saying about how killers should be the power role, but aren't. I play both, and funnily enough, I feel more nervous/scared when I'm playing killer. I've seen quite a few steamers express this as well. When they play killer, they focus more and don't respond to chat as much, and get much more salty, but when they switch to survivor, they're calm, reading chat sitting at the generator, laughing etc.

    I just accept the game for what it is. If it frustrates me too much, I just do something else. Life can be stressful enough without a game causing more.

  • SpaceCoconutSpaceCoconut Member Posts: 1,962
    edited April 2020

    I liken DbD's "stagnation" to that of water filling a bucket with a hole in it.

    There is no growth because the game drives people away at roughly the same rate new people join.

    The problem is that new people mean game purchases, dlc purchases, cosmetic purchases, and battlepass purchases; while the older players provide no such profit margin.

    The reason the game will not change is because the devs are making money with this setup.

    Don't expect change until less new players come to the game and the money slows down too.

  • Terra92Terra92 Member Posts: 546

    I played Evolve pretty casually(like once every couple weeks) liking it for the most part. I had maybe a handful of games under my belt. I played a monster after about a month off, and managed to down 3 people in a bubble. The last person decided it was a great idea to hack the game, lag switch while going out of bounds, and then picked up his three downed teammates.

    It was at that point that I straight up just quit the game. Like it's not even worth trying to justify something like that, or trying to pass that off as just "a bad game." There's matchmaking problems and then there's actively screwing over players.

  • Eye66Eye66 Member Posts: 760

    I started playing survivor and most of my losses come from inexperience at chases from the survivor side or my thumb slipping off the button in struggle phase. I've never felt outplayed as a survivor, just that I made a mistake and the killer's moves didn't matter. Wheras as killer I can perform at my absolute best and still have all 4 escape followed by hatemail about how I'm "trash" even if everone was 2 hooked and they barely escaped exclusively thanks to adrenaline and ds. I like being in rank 10-12 survivor and refusing to get teachables to force more difficult gameplay. I like being nervous around the killer, it makes things exciting.

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