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Is this not OP?



  • BigbobBigbob Member Posts: 8

    Maybe you just suck.

  • TR_stonezTR_stonez Member Posts: 54

    It is alot hard to make it work and trust me as far as op goes Iridescent head hatchets is probably the most op of the bunch

  • whammigobambamwhammigobambam Member Posts: 1,177

    This build is op on killers that know how to run it. And there are killers that know how to run it.

  • JacksansyboyJacksansyboy Member Posts: 174

    Yeah, i hate all the people saying get in a locker, because this is the most bs achievement to get. The survivors can just say no, and then it's impossible to ever get the achievement. Also, it's hard enough to do anyways, and if you do pull it off, you get rewarded with a depip, a black pip if you're lucky. It takes such a long time that if the survivors know what they are doing, all 5 gens will pop before you get it

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,296
    edited April 2020

    Actually it does. Unless they pour points into that one killer, they won't have a stock pile of those add ons for long. I main trapper and I rarely have any bloody coils. That Michael was running 2 ultra rares which makes it even less likely to have a supply. Most killers don't use only one killer. It's often boring to play the same killer every single game.

  • DweeteaterDweeteater Member Posts: 37

    It's the rarest trophy I've earned on PS4 DBD (0.3% of players) and it was pretty damn hard to pull off even with old Ruin,.. Very circumstantial. Far from OP, in fact, Scratched Mirror Myers is probably worse.

  • DrunkenXSMonkey8456DrunkenXSMonkey8456 Member Posts: 53
    edited April 2020

    Hahaha, you make it sound like stalking as myers is hard lmao. The amount of reward you get from these adds ons compared to the risk is nothing. Stalking doesn't take that long and if you get lucky and they all spawn together you've effectively won as myers. Hiding in a locker?? That's the best counter you can come up with? That's not a counter that's choosing to either ######### or get stalked. I see why this tactic works as you simply deny his ability to stalk. Firstly, that's called toxic play. Second in the big picture. Your letting him kill you at that point. So either way you die and give him the edge.

    Myers add ons need to be reworked. (the ult rares) his adds ons are insanely powerful while not changing anything bout how he plays, look at huntress and her hatches, she loses all but one but it can insta down you. High risk and reward as you need great aim to make it work. Trapper, the self setting traps is actually extremely versatile! As you can set and forget, keep a path blocked as it will reset constantly. But myers? Cool I can down people for days it's just a bit harder to get to that point? And insta mori? Again. I see no downside to that (can't remember if it increases stalk needed tier but if it does...) the extra stalk has a cap since there's only 4 of em, yeah I can see stalking All survivors to be a lil tough, you always get one slippery bugger. Yes in high tier games the survivors would be more aware but all you're doing is slowing it down to the point you should be able to escape by that point. In normal games, he will get to that point. Prob around mid game.

    The stalking isn't hard, nobody on this earth can atest otherwise. To give away such a power ability so easily is op. It doesn't really require any skill to get to. Just luck and being a bit sneaky. And time is something he can buy himself, either by using perks to control gens and build that stalk or by being aggressive. My main issue is with the infinite t3, as waiting it out doesn't become an option. Looping is alot harder due to his longer lunge, overall. He ain't fun to fight.

    Edit: the mori add on I care less about, mainly because outside of infinite t3 it's stupidly risky to do. As yes, you'll get a kill. But then getting the rest is alot harder since they're now hiding plus further stalking isn't gunna be easy. But the infinite t3 is what bothers me and needs changing. You can get it surprisingly quickly. You can prob get it by the time the second gen is done (depending on how quick the survicors are with them and how quick you find survivors. But I'd say 2 minutes is all you really need if you find them decently quickly.

    Infinite t3 grinds the game to a halt, as standard tactics don't work anymore against t3. You have to actively deal with it, slowing the game for everyone, it's just NOED without the hex drawbacks or active condition (why some people take both of these I don't know, how lil faith do you have in yourself???)

  • FaalSivaasFaalSivaas Member Posts: 3

    tombstone makes Myers much, much slower. that makes him a lot more loopable.

  • BabyClaudetteBabyClaudette Member Posts: 109

    As killer you literally get an ultra rare add on or a mori everyone bloodweb.

  • Steve0333Steve0333 Member Posts: 529

    No it's not op. This is actually very hard to pull off against survivors doing gens. I've tried it about 5 or 6 times and only once did I get all four. Most of the time I reach tier three all gens are done and I only come away with 1 or 2 kills.

    The purple tombstone piece is actually myers strongest add on. Simply because you can level it up quickly and the first survivor will almost never suspect you have it giving myers an easy quick kill. But after you use it once all survivor will know you have it and jump into lockers next time you reach tier 3. But having one survivor out of the game quickly already helps tremendously.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,666

    Why do you need so many words, just to show that you have no idea how this game works and why the Achievement for this build is one of the hardest to get?

  • brady_lowkeybrady_lowkey Member Posts: 7

    These future comments about it "Not being OP", thank you, I realized that from the first 5 messages. My god.

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 2,321

    One of my worst mistakes was feeding a myers by commiting to a gen. I thought i was blocked from his stalk and the gen was 95%. I popped the gen and he got tier 3. Thought trading a hook for a gen was a good idea. Got hooked and waited for tier 3 to go away. And waited. And waited. It never did. He didn't have the insta kill but permanent tier 3 when only 1 gen is done is pretty much the same.

    I never underestimate myers anymore.

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 2,758

    I can assure you that Tombstone Myers (both ultra rare) is not OP. It may be stronger on lower ranks with more inexperienced players, since they do not know how to prevent Myers to stalk them properly. But the higher you get in ranks, the more ineffective it becomes: You are really slow, even in EWII (~105% (normally 115%) speed without PWYF) and need a lot of time to stalk. Most times all the gens will be done, before EWIII is triggered. And even then, you can try to dodge his Mori by hopping into a locker, repairing a Gen or vaulting.

    And most times the Killer will depip if he does this, because he has hardly time for hooking people.

    Just be proud that you were part of his Evil Incarnate Achievement. I needed 6 attempts to get it btw :)

  • JohnofPAJohnofPA Member Posts: 12

    How in the hell did you guys let him stalk you that much? Between the world's longest stalk requirement and his lower movement speed how did you guys allow this to happen. I'd argue you guys caused your loss more than he did.

  • madsweeney84madsweeney84 Member Posts: 31

    No, it isnt OP. That takes effort to build up. Don't attempt to start a survivor wildfire and get another viable build nerfed into the ground.

  • madsweeney84madsweeney84 Member Posts: 31

    They have been taking over since they started crying about Legion.

  • madsweeney84madsweeney84 Member Posts: 31

    I am glad I play on PS4, because that limits the ability of someone DCing because they dont know how to play against a build.

  • skysilver45skysilver45 Member Posts: 2

    No, this build is far from OP. It is one of the hardest builds to run in the entire game. Myers would have to completely stalk every single survivor to the max to be able to get his power. Survivors like you are why this is a toxic, one-sided game. It is heavily in favor of survivors, and if one thing inconvieneces a survivor, it's considered OP. That Myers should be praised for killing all of you. One does not simply say that "Burger King Myers" is OP.

  • skysilver45skysilver45 Member Posts: 2

    No...its really not OP. You're only saying that because you've never tried to run it. Myers has to stalk every survivor to the max in order to be able to use his power. And, by that time, most, if not all, gens would be repaired and the survivors would be camping the doors or the hatch like they do to be toxic. Burger King Myers is one of the hardest builds to run, and it the opposite of OP.

  • toxcitynacltoxcitynacl Member Posts: 464

    BK Myers is the one who can't ever get to Evil III and is slower than every survivor. He can never mori anyone simply because of his add-ons. Not OP. I have seen Puppers still kill people though. The build the OP was referencing. Yeah...probably OP along with a good many other broken crap in this game.

  • EthanWEthanW Member Posts: 82
    edited April 2020

    Bloodweb RNG wants to know your location

    But im serious, you have no idea how many bloodwebs I had where both of those addons were in. "You won't run into that often" is invalid because killers might have it maximized in their addon slots but wait until they want to run it. Its also valid because yes most gameplay against Myers, they wont have that.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,296

    I'm more afraid of Huntress iridescent heads and military belt than Myer's add ons.

  • DrunkenXSMonkey8456DrunkenXSMonkey8456 Member Posts: 53

    Okay I'm sorry, did I put too many words for you to read? Maybe go find a picture book instead, seems more your speed.

    I have a extremely firm grasp of the game and stalking with myers isn't hard. It's not, even you with your infinite wisdom and your picture book brain can understand that.

    Getting to the point. Yes, stalking EVERY Survivor to max might be difficult simply because, one person being stupidly sneaky, hiding in lockers and cemmiting suicide or even someone dcing. Stops this specific build from working and getting the achievement. Plus the fact that their rarity and how the game works means you can't use it every game, so you will get games were the achievement is impossible.

    Here's the funny thing. I wasn't going on about this specific build at all. I was mainly pointing out how the lock of blonde hair add on and just that add on is OP. Keeping to the post. And how the tombstone isn't that great in reality, it can be OK without the hair but you'll only really get maybe 2 kills at most with this and that's over the course of the whole game, mainly when you use t3 as a chase finisher.

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