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What are your "conditions" for a GG???

RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 2,739

For killers is it kills or hooks?

For survivors is it escape or number of gens / heals/ unhooks/ saves

Only speaking on an individual level

Me playing killer... it's hooks (at least bbq stacks)

Me playing survivor... its at least 1 Gen (from start to finish) and at least 1-2 unhooks



  • Reborn2020Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138

    When both sides played good.

  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    Kills as a killer, and more importantly fun.

    As survivor, run the killer while also completing objectives aswell as fun.

  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 1,929

    when I had fun, winning a harsh game, or even losing a close game cause the team was actually good and didn't just keep running to the infinity/super strong setup.

  • GrannyonAcidGrannyonAcid Member Posts: 476

    GG is used when I win. Otherwise there's no reason to type anything.

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,480

    When the game actually felt like either side had a chance. Exactly what a good game is. Otherwise there's no reason to type it.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 2,739

    Cool... I feel the same... a match that has everything is a really good game

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,788

    If a bug occurs that we can all laugh at. Other than that, none. Not for a game like this.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 2,739

    I don't mean typing GG at the end game screen I mean in general... I don't care if you type GG at the end... I want to know what makes a good game for you

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 1,977

    I'll say GG when the survivors don't try to attack me for no reason in the chat xD

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 6,953

    i consider a game a "good game", as long as nothing unfair / really bad happens.

    Cheats, Hacks, Genrush, Insta Moris, DCs, extreme toxicity and such do not get a "gg" from me. anyone else does, doesnt matter how the game itself went.

    well, of course there also wont be a "gg" from me, then i died early on as Survivor and already quit the match to play a different one.

  • AnaraAnara Member Posts: 1,041

    Having fun.

    Sometimes the killer can camp and tunnel, but if I had fun I say gg.

    Sometimes the killer didn't camp or tunnel but he is too strong, and I can't say gg, it was boring as hell. Save, pursuit, hook, save, pursuit, hook, and just one Gen done.

    I don't care both side are the same rank, or same level of skill, just having fun.

    Like to interact with the killer, like giving him some toolboxes 🤗

  • EnderloganYTEnderloganYT Member Posts: 595

    it wasn't as toxic as Chernobyl

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 2,739

    If it is all about fun then why not chat with the other side

    Especially with Archives being a thing...

    I am willing to help the other side with challenges

  • OniWantsUrLocationOniWantsUrLocation Member Posts: 358

    When I play killer: I don't type gg if the survivors are beaten within 2-3 minutes. I mean that can happen when you play Oni. I think that gg would disrespect my opponents. 

    When I play Survivor: When the gens are gone in no time. No gg required. Same reason. 

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 2,739

    Good point... I want to know if players have a "goal" or "condition" that would be a good game...

    Also again I don't mean in game GG I mean as a player

    Like I enjoy games that challenge me but I also like games that have a fun or entertaining moment

  • ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 1,215

    As long as I had a decent time, I slap down a GG. That basically just means that I wasn't against really toxic players or a bully squad.

  • LexilogoLexilogo Member Posts: 584
    edited April 2020

    Ah, I see.

    What makes a good round for me is me managing something I'm happy with/proud of in the match.

    Eg. I ran Huntress recently for a daily and because I'm garbage with her I get a 1 kill, 3 escape game. However, I managed a cheeky axe toss across the map all the way through the Exit Gates to hit one of the Survivors waiting in there at the end, so that single play pretty much made the match for me. Same goes if I get a mindgame that was fun, I successfully jumpscare someone, if I think I managed well under pressure, or I just do better than I thought I was going to against high ranked Survivors with a Killer I'm no good at.

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  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 2,739

    Good for you... I had a game as Pig in which my snoot was boobed... and had a Congo line going... (I was using Rancor so my obsession fallowed me the whole game) and when the gens were done and a gate was at like 95ish% I chased my obsession only for him to get sandbagged by his team... he died inside the gate... it was hilarious

  • crixus006crixus006 Member Posts: 370

    You have to take a te with survivors and thay have to escape, please, read survivors rules book

  • Awkward_FiendAwkward_Fiend Member Posts: 684

    Was the game fun, did my opponents/teammates play well, were my opponent(s) being asses, was the ranking system not hot garbage.

    If even 2 of these are true, I'll usually GG.

  • ElenaElena Member Posts: 2,188
  • MomentosisMomentosis Member Posts: 781

    GG after everygame because sportsmanship

  • ElkElk Member Posts: 2,267

    Fun is subjective, but it is a GG when i had fun.

  • LexilogoLexilogo Member Posts: 584

    "Snowballing" is means a small advantage spiralling into a larger one, like rolling a snowball.

    Eg. A Killer getting a hook, then after the rescue downing both the unhooked and the rescuer to hook them both.

  • HealsBadManHealsBadMan Member Posts: 1,119

    I like games where at least both sides get some progress (Killer gets a kill or two, Survivors get 2-3 gens minimum). This is generally why I would say GG, but personally I'm not satisfied unless I pip.

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 2,739

    Understandable... but at least you have a clear goal to go for

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