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"Undetectable" & Spine Chill

What is the point of the "undetectable" status if there's a perk that can detect you 36 meters away? Why is this a thing? It's literally called undetectable. And the description says "stealth". But they know you're coming from 36m away.



  • asparagusasparagus Member Posts: 133

    I honestly am not sure but the perk spine chill is supposed to save you by activating for stealth killers and non-stealth, I am not sure if there’s any effect or killer perk that will stop it from activating. However I do not think the perk is op especially cause it only gives you a warning and does not really help you in chases etc. I use it in most of my matches, well all. And in my opinion I’d say it’s good but there isn’t a 100% guarantee that you will escape without getting in a chase or getting downed or spotted. But why is there the undetectable? Because, not everyone uses the spine chill perk, unless you like to rush things when it’s almost done or get to know if killers near you And looking at you. that’s why it’s used but I don’t really see to much people using it unless there solos, that’s why I use it.

  • asparagusasparagus Member Posts: 133

    Umm it does tell you the killer is looking in your direction , not that your near.

  • HopesfallHopesfall Member Posts: 828

    at 36m it completely negates stealth gameplay though. It should be 12m max otherwise why are we pretending to have stealth killers

  • ZaitsevZaitsev Member Posts: 1,285

    Didnt use to. I think (and correct me if Im wrong) but premonition used to be the only perk that bypassed killer stealth abilities.

  • BadMrFrostyBadMrFrosty Member Posts: 1,100

    Undetectable should also mute breathing, footsteps, and all other audio cues a killer can give until the status is broken. Spine chill would make more sense as a counter if your ears didn't work at all.

  • HopesfallHopesfall Member Posts: 828

    36m is more than every killer's base terror radius.. does something like that make sense? That's an 8 second head start minimum.. "undetectable"..

  • RyuhiRyuhi Member Posts: 1,528

    Spine chill is so busted it lets me listen to music while I play.

  • SurviveByDaylightSurviveByDaylight Member Posts: 720

    spine chill doesn’t give a directional cue though. It Just warns that someone’s coming towards you. Everything needs a counter, that’s unfair to survivors to just be invisible or cloaked or undetectable and get the jump and ez down on people.

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,480

    I mean it specifically says "trumps all stealth perks." Probably because it's not a whole lot of information, only "the killer is nearish and looking in my direction while this is activated."

    "Undetectable" refers to the killer having their terror radius and red stain removed. Both those features still function completely fine even if SC activates.

    Also, why should the range only be 12m honestly? A killer will literally already be coming up to you by the time you even see that light up.

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159

    "Spine Chill" essentially gives every killer a terror radius regardless of stealth abilities. The condition "looking in your direction" is the key to the counterplay. To sneak right on a chiller you just have to moonwalk.

  • RyuhiRyuhi Member Posts: 1,528

    so whats the counter to spine chill then? ALl you can do is not look in the direction of the gen as you approach, which makes you entirely blind to anyone who sees you and might be simply walking away from it.

    The point of stealth killers is to be undetected as they approach, and most of them cant even attack directly out of stealth anyway (its only really ghostface, wraith and pig both need to announce their presence before attacking, and myers has no distance to his lunge at all in T1.) Meanwhile, there's a perfectly good perk called Premonition which has no reason to exist since Spine Chill does its job in every way without having a cooldown. They could very easily make it so that Premonition keeps the ability to detect stealth killers and have it keep its cooldown, while making spine chill stay the same but lose the ability to proc from the Undetectable status (making it actually kinda live up to its name.)

    I feel naked without spine chill tbh, i'd take it over any other meta perk. The amount of info it gives you is absurd, and it even gives you an action speed boost while its going off as a bonus.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    Spine Chill activates when the killer is looking at you, and experienced survivors know that if it flickers, then you're not looking at them. I also cannot tell you how many times I've walked/ran into a killer while using it.

    It's also currently one of 2 perks that counters stealth killers. One of which is on a cooldown.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,309

    I think we can change it to: If Killer looks at you for 1sec at 32m range, then this perk will activated, the perk icon will bright up for 5sec

    • you will get a skill check for whatever u're doing (heal, gen..).
    • for those 5sec, you work 8% faster
    • this perk has 60/45/30sec cool down

    This will paired with Premonition.

    For now, it constantly triggered with work speed bonus make it much better than Premonition.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    Actually, it does give you a benefit. Increased vault speed.

  • Spirit_HagSpirit_Hag Member Posts: 166

    So what you are saying is you basically want people to just get pulled off gens and hit for free with no warning? You do remember that all killers (except nurse) Run significantly faster than survivors so if you take away something that’s gives a small warning, what are survivors supposed to do??

  • PrettyFaceKatePrettyFaceKate Member Posts: 1,706

    Undetectable entails that:

    The Killer’s terror radius is removed. 

    The Killer’s red stain is removed. 

    The Killer will not have their aura revealed. 

    The Killer does not trigger the jumpscare sound effect. 

    The Killer sees the smoky screen visual effect.

    Source: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/82749/designer-notes-new-status-effects-and-bloodweb-changes

    All that considered, Spine Chill does work as intended. So, itt we're essentially arguing the semantics of the word Undetectable and whether a better name would be suited.

  • xenotimebongxenotimebong Member Posts: 2,803

    If Spine Chill didn’t work against Undetectable, it would essentially delete the perk from the game. It’s already a non-meta pick, but nerfing it so that it doesn’t work against stealth killers would make it completely useless. The whole point of the perk is to give a warning that the killer is approaching, and you don’t really need a warning against killers with standards TRs.

    If you want to be able to confuse Spine Chill users, you can either moonwalk or just flick your camera around as you approach. Whenever I use Spine Chill, I only really get off a gen if I see the perk light up and stay lit up. If the killer is beelining for me I’ll move. If the perk keeps flicking on and off I’ll often assume they’re in a chase or looking for someone else nearby.

  • asparagusasparagus Member Posts: 133

    You don’t think I know that? Vaults don’t really help much till it gets blocked off. Don’t forget mind gaming.

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,676

    You can walk towards them backwards. Good old spine chill counterplay as we used to do it back when DBD launched and spine chill was popular perk.

  • OniWantsUrLocationOniWantsUrLocation Member Posts: 362

    This is exactly why Spine Chill is my favorite perk in the game. I don't need to be alerted that much. I can chill. By the way this perk is not only great against stealth killers. Btw. I'm addicted to that perk. 

  • Fog_KingFog_King Member Posts: 688

    Spine Chill is still good after the undetectable status appeared. While I understand some stealth killers are unhappy with it, it only activates if the killer is looking in the survivors direction, but they don't know which direction that is. I used to use Alert all the time, but when the undetectable status was given to a few killers, it stopped working while these killers had that status, so I switched out to Spine Chill.

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