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New Killer Idea The Widow

Primalux135Primalux135 Member Posts: 1,045

The Widow is a Spider like lady that have two modes:

Human form: 115% killer speed which power allow to use spider thread to pull survivors to her (Like Caled) Also can use spider web traps to inmovilize survivor during a few seconds (like trapper but doesnt make damage).

Spider form: Chases, stun etc will make her second mode power gauge to increase,once it filled she transform in a spider lady she can spilt acid that injure survivors lose the ability to pull survivors but can use threads to buff her speed while passing by a web.

On both modes can use the thread to put survivor in a web and will work like being on the hook if times up it kill the survivor another survivor need to help you get out. (long cooldown)


Dreadful presence: Your mere presence makes tremble your prey and rejoice the entity. While you are at 10,12,16 m or less from a gen, that gen get blocked even if its being repairing. Can be applied only to one gen (the closest one)

Trap master:The prey eventually falls to the trap. Each time a survivor is opening a chest you get a noise notification and the aura is revealed by 3,4,5 secs.

¿3rd perk any idea?


  • Whiskers93Whiskers93 Member Posts: 95

    I misread that as "The Window" at first and just had the great mental image of a floating windowpane going round chasing survivors

  • DetailedDetrimentDetailedDetriment Member Posts: 2,632

    It'd be neat, but the devs want to stick to human and humanoid killers. They made one acception with the Demogorgon, but that'll be it for a while

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