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Show no mercy to the survivormain, BHVR

jebbushjebbush Member Posts: 35
edited April 2020 in General Discussions

He is an animal in human form and exists only to amuse us. Survivors have had it too good for too long. No longer can these noobs rely on their infinites, safe pallets, back to back jungle gyms and absurd map sizes. If you are complaining about the recent changes, I have only one advice for you. Get good.



  • th3th3 Member Posts: 1,711

    Why is every post now seeking to provoke some sort of response over a patch that too be honest, does nothing but improve the quality of maps for both survivors and killers.

    I main survivor and the thing is people aren't that good if they truly have to rely on the infinites. When I used them I felt disgusted and would always bail out of that tile so I don't rely on that too much. The gen speeds are minimal and I am more interested in how stake out would work in relation to skill check progress.

    Of course its DBD so both sides will attempt to take the piss on the other. Kinda why this post along with many others is expected. Some sort of "getting back at those dang <insert role here>" from people with a victimhood complex.

  • SchmierbachSchmierbach Member Posts: 468

    1) Survivors should never be able to take away the killers entire power. This was simply a leftover from a different time in the games life.

    2) I mean sure it's a nerf, but if your worried about wiggle time that much just run Flip Flop. In the grand scheme of things it means very little.

    3)Has been asked for and was sorely needed for a long time. Also the change being a nerf is debatable, many say it is a buff.

    4)Name one time anyone used saboteur competitively before this change. You literally don't have to pre sabo hooks anymore.

    5)Should have been this way when the game released.

    6) If a survivor gets onto of an obstacle and can't be hit by most killers they can stall the match. If a killer gets up on an obstacle, they are going to get down to get the survivor otherwise they lose. Pretty obvious change.

    7) Killer is forced to break pre thrown pallets to make loops less safe. Sounds like every pallet loop which most people have no issues with.

  • Name_UnavailableName_Unavailable Member Posts: 500

    What about killers who rely on op killers, or broken addons or mories, or camping tunnling slugging? other killer sided maps? what happen to solo queuers like me?

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    Those were legitimately broken mechanics. Denying Trappers power with toolboxes for 3 minutes? That is fair. Instantly healing 1 or two health states because you bought a 7000/6000 point addon? That is balanced. Nothing wrong with either of those.

    DC penalties effect both sides, not just survivors.

    Balanced Landing nerf was a bandaid fix for some of the atrocious maps like Haddonfield.

    Breakable walls must be broken so some loops are not infinites (shadow killer nerf).

    Green medkits were buffed to heal yourself at an increased rate. It has its' own niche.

    If you are mad at the Autohaven tech, then you must be mad about the Coldwind tractor tech. XD

    I hate being on Lerys myself, but I like Legion and Deathslinger. I also like having a decent framerate, so that might be the reason too.

    Sabotage as a mechanic was changed to be more of an active play than a passive thing to do to deny the killer the ability to hook anyone. It is meant to be risky. Hooks respawning faster is to encourage a fast play by a survivor and give killers a chance to find a different hook. Don't forget that Hangman's trick was also nerfed into a state more worthless than Monstrous shrine.

    I am no fan of the item changes as well, being able to keep the item after you deplete it is dumb.

    I'm impressed they actually adressed gen times. In my normal matches, they start popping rather quickly, and it is usually down to a 3 gen strat.

    The new map changes dont stop you from surviving, they stop survivors from abusing braindead psuedo-infinite loops. I'm amazed you think Ironworks is balanced, or that the God Window on Abattoir is balanced.

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 1,503

    You should calm yourself down. Sounds like you had some matches against toxic survivors and you're salty about it. We all have had those matchs but you need to calm down.

  • SurviveByDaylightSurviveByDaylight Member Posts: 720

    Amazing how oblivious and tunnel visioned people can be. All the things you mentioned, survivors well, They need those things to survive. Killers have better speed, insane melee lunges, One hit downs, bad hitboxes on vaults, lag that works in killers favor, tunneling, camping, how is it fun to come in and stare at a progress bar for you every game while you complain that people are using the environment trying to survive ? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s not about survivors getting good you need to get good.

  • plunderplunder Member Posts: 74

    I mean killers should be faster otherwise they could never end a chase so that's a dumb complaint. Lunges are hit and miss but lag is just deciding factor here. One hits are mostly situational a tiny few require mediocre skill at best. Tunnels and campers exist as a crutch for bad game design forcing them to employ that boring strategy. I agree that survivors suck right now in it's own way. But it's only cause survivors feel like they only win if they escape. It should more reward players that help the team more then just getting out alive.

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