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Survivors: Who do you ship?

Kate_Main_01Kate_Main_01 Member Posts: 155

Asking here because this is where I see the 'who is hotter' posts! 🤣

For me it is Dwight x Kate, forever and always. I ship the nerd finally getting the pretty girl.



  • Gato_LocoGato_Loco Member Posts: 30

    Kate and Jeff

    Jane and Ash

  • OtakuBurritoOtakuBurrito Member Posts: 512

    With each other?

    Claudette x Jake

    Claudette x Quinten

    By my OTP is Claudette x Myers

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,719
    edited March 2020

    Feng Min x Kate Densen.

    I already have a headcanon that Min is a Lesbian but I do like the idea of Kate being the person who's supportive no matter how how much she might make mistakes or mess up.

    Especially considering the idea of being a failure and disappointment was probably drilled into Feng's it's so much by her parents and family which explains her constant need to prove herself to her fans who probably don't care whether she loses or not and her parents who don't even care about her pursuits in gaming. ( Resulting in a self-deprecation and depression spiral when she did lose and fail).

    Kate has already been described as someone who's upbeat and practically instills positive Energy into people so i feel like she would be a good fit for Min who really need somebody to be that light in her life.

  • Falkner09Falkner09 Member Posts: 282

    Dwight x Jake

    David x Trapper

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 1,894
    edited March 2020

    I like Dwight x Kate; but I'm not sure if I like it more than Dwight x David and Kate x Feng.

    Off hand I don't really ship anyone. If I see some cute shipping fanart, I'll be like, "Hey, that's cute!" and then I just move on.

    The only ships I really think about are Killer ones, like Sally x Phillip and Julie x Frank.

    And I just like to think that whenever Phillip or Frank get bullied by Survivors they tell Sally and Julie respectively, who promptly go on a Mori rampage against the offenders as revenge.

    Okay, but imagine this from the playable Survivors' perspective. This isn't new to them.

    According to what we've learned from the Archives most people just give up and let themselves go to the Void, or get bashed to death by their fellows as they go mad from the constant repetition. This happens to an endless amount of people, taken from an endless amount of worlds. A parade of faces that start scared and horrified before going dim with despair and fading away completely.

    The Survivors that we play as are the special few.

    The lucky/cursed ones that keep going where so many others falter and give way. Not just every once in a while, but constantly, for years, perhaps centuries marching endlessly back into the face of death and horror to say, "I'm not done with you yet; hurt me again! Hit me with everything you got."

    In the face of infinite horror and unending torment they keep going; even knowing that their chances of any true release are slim to nonexistent.

    What keeps them going? What fuels their hope? Their will to survive in the face of unending misery?

    I say romance is as likely a thing as anything else.

    You don't have to believe it or like it, but you have to admit it's certainly a possibility that they keep going because of a romantic or sexual interest in each other.

    Unfulfilled promises on inviting lips. Shared desires subjugated by an endless routine of death and misery. The hope that maybe, just maybe, a day will come where they'll be free to share their burdens with the beautiful soul they've met in this endless hell. The dream that they might learn what thoughts would go on behind those pretty eyes, if only they could see something besides eternal damnation.

  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,104

    The only two characters I ship are Jake and Claudette.

  • CamophloCamophlo Member Posts: 94

    The Nurse and Wraith is one of the best ships. She gives him her actual heart in their shared cosmetic so he can beat people to death with it. How romantic!

    For survs tho, I can see Kate and Jeff being a thing as they're both into music but my own personal favorite ship is Jeff and David cause they're both total opposites. David being a loud brawler and Jeff being the quiet and stoic type. (although Jeff is loud af when injured lol)

    Dwight and Claud sounds like it could happen, the frail nerd and the quiet botonist.

    I dunno why but I see Jane already having someone to return to so she fights for her life to return to them

    Feng and Jake sounds cute as well

  • Walker_of_the_fog_96Walker_of_the_fog_96 Member Posts: 1,244

    I think that in my opinion, survivors cannot even have a decent conversation, because I think that the entity keeps them in constant suffering, that is, they like each other out of a sense of humanity, but in reality they don't know each other.

  • Kate_Main_01Kate_Main_01 Member Posts: 155

    Amazing post! <3

    Those are some good ships - I think in my mind David wouldn't really be matched with anyone while I hardcore ship Feng x Yui. I get big lesbian energy from Feng and I recently saw fan art of Feng x Yui and it was adorable. I've personally never thought of Kate as a lesbian or bi - but it's not like we get much personality or hints to their sexuality from watching them repair gens. 🤣

  • Kate_Main_01Kate_Main_01 Member Posts: 155

    Kate and Jeff would be cute - both musicians, total contrast in musical type though and in appearance. He's big and gruff and she's small and pretty. I dig it!

    I also get the idea that Jane would have someone at home that she's holding out for.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,719
    edited March 2020

    *Laughs in Feng Min*

    The journal entry about Feng Min

    "A young woman surprised me the other day. She is another guest in this nightmare I can not seem to wake up from. She came running, passed by a wounded girl and didn’t stop. Just a glance behind her, and she was off again. With a determined look on her face, like she had something important to do. A lone wolf maybe? I am not sure what I should call this new person."

    I love Min (favourite character and main) but just from this lore extract she doesn't seem to have any really care to help out her fellow survivors.

    This lore extract also implies that there would be nothing detrimental for saving and helping this person it really wouldn't put Min at risk in the slightest she just considers what she's doing more important than helping others.

    If you want a gameplay comparison she's the type of survivor will immediately open the exit gate and leave rather than helping the people who just got down.

  • Kate_Main_01Kate_Main_01 Member Posts: 155

    I had not read that journal entry yet! Savage Feng Min! I love it!

  • JoelwinoJoelwino Member Posts: 546

    I don't think she would leave someone behind and try to save people, but if the odds weren't in her favor she would abandon them and wouldn't be stupidly altruistic like Claudette or David might be.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,719

    As I stated before she wasn't in any rescue during go lore section. Helping people is just not her top priority.

    She will prioritise what she's doing over helping others this is typically why she left the injured person and ran off to do what she was doing. Even stopping for a second to analyse the situation wasn't in her top priorities.

    She is definitely the type of person to not waste time with others and only go for the win aka the escape.

  • MrsHagMrsHag Member Posts: 3

    Idk why but i ship Feng and Jake.

    Pls dont come at me

  • Spectre13Spectre13 Member Posts: 179

    For some reason I tend to ship David x Meg. They are both very head strong and I think can compliment their weaknesses to be a good couple.

    Claudette x Dwight cause they are both nerds so obvious choice there.

    Kate x Jeff maybe since they are both kinda free spirits and are tied to music in good ways.

    Jake x Nea just for the fun of it.

    And the biggest and best but hate ship I have is David X Huntress. I always picture David saying [BAD WORD] it I've had enough of this humming bitch and just turns to swing at her. Sure she's bigger and more feral but David has more fire and anger in him. A down and dirty fight between them is all I want in life.

  • Tingly4TrapperTingly4Trapper Member Posts: 53

    I know this is late, but do you think lorewise it's actually possible for people to fall in love? Think about it, if the fog takes away memories, do people even remember some of their previous trials? Do survivors keep the memories they've made in the entity's world? Just a thought.

    I do ship Meg and Dwight though. Or Meg and Nea. They're both cute couples, and Meg's sporty cosmetic art shows a picture of Dwight in her locker. After seeing that, I can't get over this ship lol.

  • SpookyStabbySpookyStabby Member Posts: 621

    Jane × GhostFace. Fight me.

  • GodotGodot Member Posts: 806

    What a wholesome and weird post.

    I do ship Jane and myself though.


  • Kate_Main_01Kate_Main_01 Member Posts: 155

    I could actually see that! Especially with some of the 'bad boy' Jake cosmetics, he could catch Feng's eye. 🤣

  • Kate_Main_01Kate_Main_01 Member Posts: 155

    LOL! <3 This post is gold.

    With the right cosmetics Ace can be a real DILF though.

  • Kate_Main_01Kate_Main_01 Member Posts: 155

    Haha thank you! I try to keep all of my posts wholesome and respectful/cheerful! ^_^

  • CaleahaCaleaha Member Posts: 84

    Given a stressful situation needs a stress release, I always figured Nea (in her punk version) getting it on with Jake and/or Jane.

    On a psychological level, it makes sense. You escape from the brink of death, left someone behind and need to not dwell on the guilt or it will consume you and drive you mad that you've done it again. Enter a distraction.

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