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LGBTQ+ Activist - David King [by MrGolden32467]

"LGBTQ+ Activist" - Cosmetic for David King by MrGolden32467

For information : I own the document below - my Discord tag and my signature are in the bottom right corner. If required, I will be able to prove the ownership of this document. This artwork was drawn and edited today Tuesday April 7th 2020 in its integrity. 😃

Fighting alongside LGBTQ+ activists is one of the fun things that King did in he's early retirement. Although he has always claimed to be straight, some of his friends are convinced that King has a personnal connection to the cause - that is minus the fact that Pride participants recall seeing King picking bare-knuckled fights with the homophobic activists in order to " 'ave some fun in this borin' arse life".

Gayvid - Flawless curls and a gold earring to ensure a fitting Pride makeover.

Sn-ugly Sweater - An expensive tailored rainbow sweater which grants warmth and comfort in the most perilous situations.

In-jean-nious Combo - An old ripped jean exposing King's muscles paired with colorful sneakers to boost confidence and well-being.

[Design notes :

  • The sneakers are turned off when staying still and light up when walking or running
  • The strap on David's shoulder is either part of the sweater or the pants. If part of the pants, both straps should be hanging loose to make character design easier = separation of Torso and Pants. If part of the sweater, the strap should be black ? Or a specific color that makes it easy to adapt to any of King's Pants and make them look like overalls because they will be connected to the strap.
  • April 7th PTB release note : with the new PTB, we saw leaked cosmetics. There's a new one for David that has identically designed pants to mine :0 (with straps both hanging loose) I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing - I couldn't have known before-hand so I'm going to leave my submission as it is and hope for the best]

-April 26th Edit : Design Choices-

Here is the promised update about design choices :

I wanted David to have a wider range of colours to choose from in his wardrobe. Usually, David's cosmetics are pretty dark or monochrome. If I went for the rainbow here, it is to make a radical change in that color scheme.

I wanted to make a cosmetic that would include another part of the huge community of this game and make them feel more "at home" and welcomed if they didn't already feel that way.

I didn't want to bluntly state that David was gay. Character lore is up to the development team. I tried to be subtle in the description of the outfit. Is he indeed gay ? Or is he just sneaking into Pride to have fun legally beating up opposing activists in the streets ?

I didn't want the outfit to be bland. I wanted something unique - hence the new emoji suggestion and the light-up sneakers)

Hopefully that sums up all the marvelous questions and feedback that I've had about my submission.

Thank you for your very supportive and positive attitude towards my submission :) You are all lovely !

Stay safe out there !



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