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HORNET Samurai- Yui Kimura

I want to present you all my HORNET Samurai design, cause who said "you couldn’t be fashion while smashing down some demons”?

She’s not afraid of anything so she wears neon colors to get her opponents attention and then lash them out.

Her clothes are comfy and lightweight so she can move easily: loose jacket and tight mesh, with some pockets so she can hide some tiny weapons.

He wears her hair in a high ponytail, so it won’t get in the way while fighting.

All of her past battles caused her some scars, such as the one crossing her left eye, and the “x” shaped one on the shoulder.

Mask and glasses provide protection against blood splashing ;)

She’s now ready to fight the Oni...

I apologise for the manga-ish style, I wish I could do something like concept art. But I really hope you like the main idea for this!



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