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By:Tazmonkey309 - Kate Denson Captain of the Fog

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Cosmetic Name: Captain of the Fog

back story:Kate wore this costume she made to a halloween party costume contest back in 2003 with her parrot comet to accompany her and her friends and having a great night.

head description: classic Kate denson hair color with a pirate hat with gold detailing and dark red lipstick.

torso description: a beautiful corset with a elegant blue design and a jacket with tassels on the shoulders fit for any Captain to Rome the fog.

leg description: A nice skirt (when added with corset is a beautiful dress) with brown boots with gold detailing.

personal thoughts: I really love the design and idea of a pirate cosmetic in the game and Kate Denson is ambitious and out going, which makes her the perfect fit for captain Of the fog.

for the parrot I was hoping that as the same for the Dwight Christmas jingle cosmetic that he (the parrot) makes noise that can be only heard by survivors like squawks when a chase begins or something around that matter.

as for the dress I thought That the game could use a couple more dresses sense there is only a couple in the game and for characters that already have dresses or flowy skirts (Kate has a skirt but it’s fitted and doesn’t have the same flow as the other dresses).

Hope everybody enjoys the way this cosmetic looks as much as I do and good luck to everybody, I’ve seen so many amazing things already can’t wait to see more!! :)

(Click to zoom in!:)

I have Proof that this is my creation if needed

about me: Username is Tazmonkey309 I play on Xbox one and Nintendo switch but mainly Xbox one I spent around 27 to 29 hours drawing this. my Tic Tok is Tazmonkey309gaming I post art and video game content with 17.7k followers. Also thank you if you read all of this and have an amazing day.😁

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