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Over 1300 consecutive survivor matches - The killers I've encountered

Hi guys. I've seen occasionally people posting certain statistics after a number of matches they played regarding killers, perks etc.

I'm gonna post mines as well, it's just a simple statistic regarding the killers I've faced against in over 1300 consecutive survivor matches(1364 at the moment, to be more specific! Not counting matches where the game didn't start because someone DC'ed). In all 1300+ matches I've been rank 11 or higher(rank 11 after rank reset), but I can say a fair 75% were in red-ranks. PC only!

The countdown started mid-september, just a week or so before Demogorgon release, so Demo's, Oni's and Deathslinger's stats are inaccurate as they have not been present in all the matches I've kept tracking on, but they were included as well. None of them are last, anyway, you'll see who lies bottom last!

I can fairly say that in 70-75% of those matches I've played with at least 1 or more friends alongside, if this influences the result in some sort...

Here are the encounters, from top to bottom:

The Huntress – 144

The Spirit – 142

The Trapper – 108

The Hillbilly – 107

The Ghost Face – 83

The Nightmare – 81

The Nurse – 75

The Doctor – 74

The Wraith – 71

The Cannibal – 66

The Legion – 62

The Demogorgon – 55

The Pig – 53

The Shape – 51

The Oni – 51

The Plague – 42

The Clown – 35

The Deathslinger – 35

The Hag – 28

Some notes taken during time:

  • Huntress and Spirit were always the top 2, until the last few days Spirit has always been first, but recently I've encountered a lot of Huntresses so she passed Spirit for Nr. 1 spot.
  • The first Rift, which included the Trapper's missions and his story, saw him increase in popularity. From mid-standings he climbed to 3rd spot and since then going neck-to-neck with Hillbilly for that 3rd spot.
  • Nurse has seen quite a drop in picks since her rework. For a good amount of time she was a solid 3rd in the standings, until the rework appeared. Then she dropped, being passed by Trapper, Hillbilly, Ghostface and Nightmare. She's recently climbed back to 7th place, after being overtaken by Wraith and Cannibal at some point!
  • Ghostface and Nightmare are going neck-to-neck ever since the beginning! I don't know what's been going on with these 2 guys, but the difference hasn't been higher than 5 encounters ever since my countdown began! Solid-picks throughout the time for both of them!
  • Doctor's rework has boosted him in popularity! From a bottom-pick killer, I've encountered him quite a lot since his rework, long enough to climb in the upper half of the standings
  • Demogorgon, Oni and Deathslinger were extremely popular when each of them came out. No surprise, duh...I've grouped my countdown to pairs of 100 matches and when Deathslinger came out, for example, I've met him in 24 out of 100 consecutive matches, the most amount from any killer in a group of 100 consecutive matches.
  • From mid-octomber, fewer than 200 matches in, until now Hag has been bottom last(excluding Oni and Deathslinger when they came out). At the beginning, Clown was last, with Hag second to last, not far from him, but since October, Hag has been last, now at quite some distance from Clown and even a bigger distance from Plague and the rest of the killers...Very very few encounters of her and far in-between them....SHAME! I like that killer to play both as and against...

That's pretty much it.


  • SherrySherry Member Posts: 227

    Pretty interesting statistics. Thanks for posting. Personally, I hate the hag and the Plague, so I don't miss seeing them much. I've seen the Deathslinger and the Doctor quite a lot lately, it seems. I haven't been taking stats though.

  • TheOptimiserTheOptimiser Member Posts: 138

    Thank you!

    I am not fond of Plague either, playing against her negates my Iron Will if I'm infected, and playing with her just doesn't feel rewarding at all..

    Deathslinger is still at a decent pick rate, it's still fresh, I don't know how long that will last!

    Doctor has been on an up-hill path ever since his rework! He was somehow helped by his missions and story in the Rift as well, but not as much as his rework. Wonder how long that will last!

  • OtakuBurritoOtakuBurrito Member Posts: 512

    What's it like to ONLY see 35 deathslingers total. I see 35 in one day, not even joking.

  • TheOptimiserTheOptimiser Member Posts: 138

    xD I wished I would see that many in a day, I like to play against him and as him as well, although he kinda lacks map pressure, but it's fun spearing those survivors xD

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