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Legion | Buffs/QoL changes

AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 1,216
edited April 10 in Feedback and Suggestions

Legion does have terrible stats without addons, and I think there is a big room for improvements, so here are some Legion buffs and QoL changes that will help Legion get better. (I will not count addons into these changes tho)

Feral Frenzy


  • Removed the cool-down penalty when hitting a Survivor while not in Feral Frenzy. (Was 50%)

This "feature" that only Legion has is now outdated, due to the amount of changes the Legion got, I think this penalty isn't necessary anymore.


  • Feral Frenzy cool-down starts recharging at the beginning of the fatigue, not after. (Like Nurse's cool-down)

I think the 20 second cool-down is fine for Feral Frenzy, the problem is that the cool-down isn't actually 20 seconds, it's 24 seconds, due to the long fatigue, with this change the cool-down would be 20 seconds, like it's suppose to be.


  • Decreased Feral Frenzy fatigue duration to 3 seconds from 4 seconds.
  • Reduced the amount of "tunnel vision" while in the fatigue.

Legion currently loses a lot of distance due to the 4 second fatigue, decreasing the duration and reducing the "tunnel vision" should help Legion close the distance they lost while in the fatigue and keep track of the Survivor.

The "tunnel vision" before the patch 2.7.0 and now.

@Peanits @Almo please change it back like it was before the 2.7.0 update.

Power gauge

  • Stabbing a Survivor while in Feral Frenzy that already has Deep Wounds will end Feral Frenzy, but it will not deplete your entire power gauge.
  • Picking up a Survivor while Feral Frenzy is active will no longer deplete the entire power gauge.
  • Missing an attack while in Feral Frenzy will no longer end Feral Frenzy, instead you will suffer the standart missed attack cool-down.

I never understood why is the Legion's power gauge so inconsistent, this should fix some inconsistency.

Deep Wounds

  • Reduced the bleed-out timer to 15 seconds from 30 seconds.

With this change the Survivors will be actually forced to mend, instead of just fooling around and doing Generators until their timer hits the last 2 seconds.

If I missed something just let me know! :)



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