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Tips for Playing Legion

animalmakanimalmak Member Posts: 276

Hello! So I just recently got The Legion with some shards I had (was going to spend money on the whole chapter but then saw I had enough shards, so woo), and I was just wondering if people had tips on how to best play him? Favorite builds, things like that. I don't have him super leveled up yet, so I think right now all I have running is Discordance and Iron Maiden (honestly even if I don't get the hit off it, this perk just makes me lol), and really the only thing I've been trying to do is save turning on Feral Frenzy until I'm just about to hit someone.

But I've also only played two games with him, and I only got one kill in my last game because I admittedly camped in the endgame (but honestly I was trying to run survivors out and didn't even have anyone on the hook yet and they decided to keep blinding me even though I'd only gotten one hook the entire game, and then they didn't just leave?? So I just decided to return the favor of being a dick /shrug).

So yeah, if you're a Legion main or have played him a bit, I'd love some tips to help out as I play him more!


  • ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 813

    I've played a ton of Legion and honestly, there's not much you can do with them. You'd be much better off playing killers like Pig or even Clown. But if you insist on playing them, you just have to get good at the basics of killer.

    Know when to chase, drop chase, kick something, and give up a gen. Learn when you should frenzy and when you should M1.

    If a survivor is at a very strong loop, frenzy them and go pressure something else. If you activate Killer Instinct but you know you won't reach your next target in time, cancel your ability and use it when you get to them. Don't hit someone with your power if they're injured UNLESS you need the information from Killer Instinct or you suspect that they have endurance.

    That's all there really is to the killer. The 4 second stun they receive is too long to body block things effectively against decent survivors, so you will only be an M1 killer and a vessel for perks for most of the game. Some people do work well on them specifically though.

    Since survivors are forced to mend or else they get downed, Ruin compliments their power a good bit.

    Since it's easy to injure people, Blood Echo and Thanatophobia will see more use. However, they still aren't good perks, and I don't recommend them.

    Bamboozle affects your vaulting and pallet vaulting speeds while in Feral Frenzy, and it allows you to block windows incredibly fast. It's arguable whether or not this perk is worth taking, though.

    I find that Pop and Enduring get good value in each game I play as Legion, so I'd stick with those at the start. As I said before, treat Legion as a vessel for perks and experiment with fun and interesting builds. Just keep in mind that you are playing one of, if not the worst killer in the game, so brush off your losses and congratulate yourself on your hard-earned wins.

  • gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 828

    I'm a Rank 2 Legion main. They're pretty much the only Killer that I play. The real key to Legion is Frenzy. You have to know when to spread the pain and when to cancel your power and commit to chases. Legion is generally a hit and run Killer. Your job is to chain hits with Frenzy (Discordance is super useful for finding people grouped up) and then you come back to them when they're hopefully still injured to finish the job.

    You pretty much always need to get the first hit on a Survivor with your power because without the first hit, Leg is just a basic 115% movement speed Killer. Never under any circumstances commit to trying to down a person that isn't already injured it's a waste of your time.

    I think the hardest thing for Legion is getting extremely comfortable with Frenzy's hitbox and mobility. Frenzy doesn't have a Lunge animation so you have to be right on top of Survivors to hit. Also, you really have to pay attention to your screen because you can't see scratches so it's easy to lose Survivors if you're not careful. Always wait to use Frenzy until you're close enough to Survivors that you won't lose them using the power too early can be a mistake.

    Survivors will also do weird things while Legion is in Frenzy like 360s, window techs and immediately vaulting back, so you have to practice flicking and doing 180s to land hits... it's kind of like a sixth sense. Don't be surprised if Survivors knock you out of your power a lot before you've invested the time to get familiar with all the mindgames and BS. Legion is very unforgiving for missing Frenzy hits, so you have to get extremely good at reacting and predicting to their tactics.

    Final tips. The Sketch add-ons that increase Frenzy's duration are the best. Use Frenzy to run to generators that are close to finishing even if you get knocked out of your power you'll usually scare them away and buy time. Use the Killer Instinct tracking to get an idea of where everyone is even if you don't immediately chase them... Legion can know a lot more than Survivors expect and they're much more subtle than a Killer like Doctor. You can really catch people off guard. Legion can kick generators and open lockers in Frenzy. Also, picking up a Survivor cancels Frenzy without the 4 second stun so slugging a Survivor and then hitting nearby people with Frenzy before you pick them up is a good use of time.

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 1,262

    @Exerlin and @gatsby summed it up pretty well. The only perk i, as a legion fan, can definitly recommend is "Enduring". Otzdarva created a video about a hyper agressive legion build lately and that's pretty much my legion playstyle.

  • EquusEquus Member Posts: 71

    The tips above are pretty helpful. I'd like to add that you should never let a survivor mend in your face in the open field after you landed a feral frenzy hit. Loads of survivors do this so just cancel frenzy and punish them for it (even with the stun they are never gonna make it to a pallet/window).

    When I play survivor against a legion I postpone mending because the timer is really long (12 sec!). I just work on the generator until it nearly runs out and then mend. So keep that into consideration as legion. If you decide to go hit another survivor with frenzy I tend to return to the first survivor to chase them of the gen and down them.

    I'm always looking for different perk builds but have found distressing really useful to extend the killer instinct info. Even if you don't go after them immediately you'll still know in which part of the map they are. Combining that with discordance to stop 2+ man gen rushing. I also like bloodhound since they will be injured all the time. For the fourth perk i've been using bloodwarden because with a good survivor team you will get to endgame. It depends on your hooking timing but it can even land you a 4K instead of no kills at all. Keep switching your perks though to keep it interesting.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,831

    You have a lunge with Feral Frenzy, its even a longer lunge because you are way faster.

  • gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 828

    Yeah. No. You have way more reach on windows with an M1 Lunge. Frenzy hits can barely make anything through windows that's how I know

  • FlintBeastgoodFlintBeastgood Member Posts: 97

    Hmmm. When I hold down a frenzy hit it's a massive lunge.

  • gatsbygatsby Member Posts: 828

    Pretty sure I'm hitting rank 1 today if you're right. I'll play some games and see. Never occurred to me that Frenzy had a lunge idk why

  • FlintBeastgoodFlintBeastgood Member Posts: 97

    Unless it's just the speed that makes it seem that way. I'm always high AF so I could be wrong.

  • NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 755
    edited April 11

    What do you mean by "Frenzy doesn't have a Lunge animation so you have to be right on top of Survivors to hit." ? Legion can lunge in feral frenzy and is a gigantic lunge because of the movement speed scaling on lunges. I always use this at the end of the frenzy to get +/- 6 more meters if i want to get close and most of the time lunging helps you get hits when the power is about to end. You can lunge even if the bar ends middle lunge, you will finish the lunge no matter what.

    Edit: you can clearly see the animation of a frenzy lunge by the survivors' point of view.

  • KoloniteKolonite Member Posts: 491

    The best tip is to just not to

  • animalmakanimalmak Member Posts: 276

    Thank you for all the helpful answers! I'll definitely keep these perks in mind as I level him up (may have to do more Clown leveling than I've done to get Pop, or hope it comes up in the Shrine).

    I didn't mention in the first post, but I mostly play killer for BP and a different play experience, so I'm not looking to like super rank up and be some 4K-all-day player, so this is mostly me looking for the tips just to get good enough to get 1-2K a game! So I appreciate the answers that made suggestions for that! <3

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