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The Deathslinger - High Seas Horror - by DireWolf

The Deathslinger - High Seas Horror:

"Even in another reality, Caleb's life was plagued by violence, betrayal and vengeance. His ingenuity abandoned in favour of gold... and blood."


Captain Quinn (Head Cosmetic):

"A worn old hat that covers mangy hair and the bloodstained face of a brutal captain."

Cloak of Death (Body Cosmetic):

"A once fine coat, ruined from a life of crime and vengeance. The withered crow upon his shoulder was the only one to remain loyal - even in death."

Hell or High Water (Redeemer Cosmetic):

"A modified blunderbuss able to shoot harpoons - effective for fishing... or keeping your crew in line."

I thought it'd be cool to do a skin for Deathslinger that's very different to his current outfits, but still fits his character. It doesn't really make any lore sense, so I guess its from an alternate reality.

The crow might not work, but I figure it could have minimal animations (just an idle one sitting on his shoulder), and not make any noise (it'd be annoying in-game trying to concentrate with this thing cawing on your shoulder). The peg-leg might be ambitious too, but I figured since he limps it'd be a fun idea.


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