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The Plague - Bubonic Beauty (suvilocke)

- Bubonic Beauty - 

"Equipped with a plague bell and herbs as she was tasked with carrying the diseased limbs of her fellow countrymen, her beauty was left hauntingly unmarred by the great pestilence that coursed through London."

Inspired by and modeled after the plague carts and doctors around the black death period. I found the idea of a historical-based design for The Plague rather attractive, and after a brief period of deliberating on the subject, the connection between the wheels of the wagons and The Plague's headdress seemed to birth the entire process.

With that aside - working with the renders I had been, the idea of Adiris' beauty began to entice me. She is intended to be beautiful, but aside from her occasional outfit, players don't typically get to glance that side of her. I expect this outfit would change that fact while still keeping in line with her motif of pestilence.


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