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Survivors are getting nerfed too much



  • WhTe_Tygre_DBDWhTe_Tygre_DBD Member Posts: 295

    I'm a rank 9 legion, I don't complain when I don't get a 4k, I'm cool with a 3k

  • GhostwithafaceGhostwithaface Member Posts: 580

    I would like to ask you something, what counts as a good killer in your eyes?

  • shaloshalo Member Posts: 347

    "in reality killers are too OP" vs "i escape all the time"

  • WhTe_Tygre_DBDWhTe_Tygre_DBD Member Posts: 295
    edited April 12

    CJ46 reported me, really is that how low your going to to, jesus christ Lord have mercy 😂

  • LmronbyLmronby Member Posts: 293

    Because survivors are easy mode and Killer is a Chore instead of a game

  • MikebrixMikebrix Member Posts: 14

    Killer is not even fun it's so easy. I have to wreck my build and use no add-ons. But Then I play a SWF and they t-bag.. Match making and rank is the real problem. Can't just rank up by getting points for being a camper or a bad teammate is the solution.

  • senorbigmacsenorbigmac Member Posts: 3

    I wish there was a way to confirm this isn't some type of trolling post. But... I do agree with some of these things. Them hitboxes. All too often I've cleared vaults taken a step and still gotten hit. Toolboxes are useless. Maybe it was done to avoid gens being done so fast. Seen gen rushers clear 3 gens in about three minutes when killers commit to a chase too long. That can devestate killers. You may be the exception. Here is hoping that there will be a stats list that we can all see that could bolster your argument. As of right now your experience seems to be the exception. I witness the other way around more often than not.

  • senorbigmacsenorbigmac Member Posts: 3

    Sorry edit ... 1 minute.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 2,677

    The game isn’t survivor sided unless you’re talking about 3-4 man swf teams, but even then the killer tops it all if they bring ultra rare add ons, noed and an ebony.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 2,677

    It sometimes feels like thats exactly how some people want the game to be. That or “gens should take 3 minutes each”

  • Ottoman72Ottoman72 Member Posts: 1

    Skill-based matchmaking. Ofc rank 1 survivor doesn't mean they all need to play the same and need to be good cuz most of the survivors are boosted and if you are rank 9 and playing against red ranks that means they are bad. It's not because of matchmaking (tried it myself. Played on ps4 and Xbox the first 2games always were against survivors with the same rank as I but after them games it always increased and I always got better survivors but I still won and then I was non stop matched up against red ranks as a rank 15. After I reached rank 2 I started like "trolling" and from game to game the survivors I got were way worse). And if it's so easy why ain't you Red rank then?

  • billythiccboibillythiccboi Member Posts: 2

    https://youtu.be/XsyLBVdJmPg look at this meant to be a killer that dominates survivor game play and he bearly scraps two kills this should've been a at least a 3k especially with the skill level of ardetha and how 1 survivor being able to carry a game is ridiculous

  • IvaldiIvaldi Member Posts: 519

    Because killers seem to feel like if they don't get a 4K, they dont end up winning. So they cry for nerf nerf nerf until they get what they want. The fact is, the game will always be killer sides because there are less killers than survivors. BHVR needs to bow down to them in order to keep the game running.

  • HVMBL3HVMBL3 Member Posts: 17

    So here’s the issue: I don’t know if you’ve paid attention or even care, but this update has been a long time coming. The god loops are being changed to have survivors and killers actually think about what the other side is going to do, rather than Survivors mindlessly looping at a window (Ironworks window, Rancid god loop, Torment Creek, etc). And your point of the devs only favoring killers is invalid, because if you remember a couple months prior to this PTB, Hex: Ruin was nerfed, which was one of the best killer perks in the game and was thought to be needed by majority of the killer cast to even be able to play the game. The killers that you listed above are powerful killers in the right hands, but not overpowered in any way, with the exception of Michaels with his iri add ons. But anyways I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to gameplay from optimal survivors being able to five gen loop a killer (which I have done myself), but if you have, then just know that should never happen and any killer, no matter what rank or skill level, should always have a chance to get at least a kill in a trial, and people like you should not be able to have a skilless mindset of holding one button and holding forward at an exploitative window

  • O_BwahmaO_Bwahma Member Posts: 3

    2 people worked on gens and he could've hit the shack gen while he was there and possibly have saved himself some time. If he didn't slug too much and maybe of pressured gens they would have gotten a 4k.

  • PB182PB182 Member Posts: 80

    I already get camped, tunneled and Mori every other game. With this new update I'd be surprised if I can get a gen done. I haven't played in awhile because of the constant Mori but Im kinda excited to see how bad things will be as a survivor now. 😂😂😂

  • Chaotic_RiddleChaotic_Riddle Member Posts: 1,892

    Ever heard of the two Killers known as: The Legion and The Pig?

  • Sweet_FengSweet_Feng Member Posts: 69

    Well, I'm playing DbD since 6000 hours killer and survivor, solo and swf, survivors and killers are both strong, a good killer can Easily get a 4k even against swf. I played against red ranks 3 player swf today as Legion, they had clan accounts, weren't bad but I got them with Legion. The "worst killer in the game," I understand why they're destroying infinits but I don't really understand why they're destroying the maps and jungle jim spawns, making every pallet and every loop unsave won't help anyone. My swf main team is thinking about stop playing DbD when the next midchapter patch is coming because it's unbalanced as f***. It's annoying that they're nerfing and buffing everything because of the low ranks they should start also thinking about the high rank players that know the game. It isn't "every Noob killer can easily get a 4k" it's dead by daylight but they're making it to a game where legit everyone get a 4k without skill, the exit gates spawns are trash, moris are trash, exhaustion add ons are trash, keys are trash. That the hatch is spawning even when 0 gens are done is annoying too because they don't deserve an escape without even 1 gen that is done. You should work on the hitboxes, deadhard if broken 2. 90% of the time when I'm using it I'm getting hit through, slugging shouldn't be a counter for the ds bcs killers can just tunnel and slug then for a minute. Also I think the last surv should have the 3 escape from the hook tries, it's stupid that the last one dies instantly even if he's getting first hooked.

  • petneatopetneato Member Posts: 6

    Youre simply wrong the game has phantom matchmaking rank up to red rank killer and youll understand the definition of bullshit. You cant compare rank 9 its different. you wanna use my account and play be my guest guarantee you get [BAD WORD].

  • bkillercbkillerc Member Posts: 139

    I was actually thinking that A little while after I posted... kindred in current state is pretty strong. (Old kindred would have been a little more fair to be base kit)

    yes, that’s completely fair or kindred and bbq basekit BUT in a nerfed version and then u run the perks to buff it to where it is now.

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 1,939

    > Complain about people not wanting to sweat

    > Also complain about the same people tunneling as Freddy with a Mori

    Which is it, then? Do you want them to play sweaty or not?

  • CornMossCornMoss Member Posts: 337

    Why is it that most of the players that are saying “killer OP!” have a very little amount of posts and pfp not changed? Is the Original post guy making new accounts lol

  • Swiped_FoxSwiped_Fox Member Posts: 1

    Finally someone says it I'm always going against rank 1s and it's just hard in general to finish a single gen without having someone knocked down in the first few mins. Then by the end of the game if it's not noed it's and eboy or devour hope, this killer mains are always playing the victim and playing on both sides I can say playing killer is often easy but the opposite for survivor

  • afroboiafroboi Member Posts: 69

    just because you cant counter certain killers doesnt make them op

  • afroboiafroboi Member Posts: 69

    they nerfed killer cause back then survivor was op af imagine sprint burst active while running imagine vaulting from any angle and get a fast vault and desicive would activate instantly good survivors would loop you for like 4 gens and back then instant heals were a thing so when you pick them up you'd have to drop them and pick them which wastes a lot of time then last gen popped exit gates opened and adrenlaine it wasnt fun at all back then most killers inculding me would camp cause 2 gens got popped and i cant do anything basically it wasnt fun

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