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All Survivor and map nerfs are justified, but...

Aztreonam78Aztreonam78 Member Posts: 788

You give Survivors nothing in return.

Lets be honest - Survivors by themselves (I am not talking about only certain perks) very rarely get some love. Their basekit is still almost untouched though there could be nice and not difficult in implementation buffs:

Chasing Status Icon

Survivors can see which Survivor is getting chased right now. Solo players currently have only one information about what Survivor is being chased - Obsession icon. It is totally not enough

"Kindred" in the basekit

With of course no Killer's aura being revealed. I suggest a lot simplier version:

  • All Survivors see Auras of any Survivor standing within a range of 48 meters from the hooked one

Kindred as perk will just greatly enhance this mechanic.


Make the life of Injured Survivors not using Self Care, Inner Strenght, and Met Kits less painful:

  • While Injured, see Auras of chests within a range of 36 meters
  • Increase the base number of chests spawning in the trial to 4
  • Searching a chest while Injured results always in medkit, though its rarity depends on what perks you use, by default Camping Aid Kit and First Aid Kit will be found in most situations

Survivors will quite more often search chests. During that time they will not repair generators, but do something else. And medkits, self care and Inner Strenght will not be that mandatory to avoid staying injured.

But with that stuff Plunderes's Instinct shouldn't increase the chance of fiding keys. No Keys allowed to be plunderered!

And the Quentin's "Pharmacy"

  • Searching a chest always result in First Aid Kit (50% chance), in Emergency Medkit (30%) and in Ranger Med Kit (20% chance). The chance of finding the latter one is affected by Luck
  • Search chests 80/90/100% faster

NErf Dull Totems

The main problem with NOED - it takes no only a lot of time to find Dull Totems. 14 seconds to cleanse one totem. Just 14 seconds with no even Skill Checks. It is boring.

My idea:

  • Reduce the time required to destroy Dull Totem from 14 seconds to just 8

It would be a lot more interesting to cleanse totems.

To compensate this for Killers, buff Hex: Thrill of the Hunt:

  • Each totem remaining in the trial grants a token
  • Every token increases the time required to cleanse Dull Totem by 2.5 seconds (to 20.5 seconds)
  • Every token increases the time required to cleanse Hex Totem by 1.5 seconds (to 21.5 seconds)
  • Achieve 30/40/50% more Bloodpoints to the Hunting Category


  • Aztreonam78Aztreonam78 Member Posts: 788

    Moderators, please move this thread to "Feedback and Suggestions''. I've occasionaly made a mistake.

  • Awkward_FiendAwkward_Fiend Member Posts: 336

    I think that the extra aura reading should be looked at another time, but the in chase indicator would be an excellent change since it would lower the gap between SWF and Solo.

  • Toxicity23Toxicity23 Member Posts: 318
    edited April 12

    Have anyone ever considered that survivors weren't given anything in return...

    Was because survivors aren't effected too much by this?

    Either that, or it's that they're still powerful.

    So, I think I'll start breaking things down here.

    1: Allowing Survivors to see who's getting chased at any time will make Solo's just as painful to play in as SWF's. The ability to know when you should repair without the need of a perk is a constant downside to the killer, and therefore, shouldn't be implemented. I'd very much prefer the survivor relying on either auras or game sense for repairing generators instead of a mechanic doing it for them.

    2: Then... That would defeat the purpose of Kindred. You're given a free mini-kindred, so why run the whole thing? Honestly, this isn't really needed. Just unnecessary.

    3: Trying to heal yourself is MEANT to be painful. You're opted to search for someone else. Giving players the ability to see chests within 36 Meters just shoots Plunderer's Instinct in the chest, and leaves them for dead. However, I will agree that finding a medkit should be ensured when you're injured and searching a chest. And I do think that Pharmacy shouldn't be changed that way...

    4: I have nothing to say about this. It honestly feels balanced. TOTH would see more action through this.

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 1,892

    How are useless windows and drops, as well as deadzones justified?

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