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Survivors are getting nerfed too much



  • ZerogZerog Member Posts: 27

    "Nooo you can't remove our op loops! You are supposed to chase us until window is blocked everytime!"

    Haha m1 killers go swingg

  • wedidagoodjobwedidagoodjob Member Posts: 4

    If the dev can nerf SWF, it's ok to have god loop.

    SWF is the toxic of this game.

  • AChaoticKillerAChaoticKiller Member Posts: 3,104

    If both sides are hypothetically the best they can be at this game than survivors will always win since they will always have someone on a gen, know exactly how many times they can loop before needing to drop the pallet and they wont fall for mind games, lastly the killer will not be able to pressure more than two at once and thats if he finds them at a gen or during a save.

    Survivors often lose because they make mistakes and the killer uses that to get hits/downs, good survivors rarely make mistakes. IF every survivor in your lobby is like that than unless you play the same way, no even if you do you will still lose. Now because of this I do believe the map changes are fair since most of the tiles the devs changed were places where these survivors abused until the window was blocked and until then the killer would not be able to hit them.

  • EnlyneEnlyne Member Posts: 429

    Reading some people still caring about the Ruin nerf is obnoxious.

    It was the MOST unhealthy perk in the game, promoted RNG-Checks that were for the most part stupidly laggy, made games needlessly stressful for newer survivors, and the value of such perk was either decent or non-existent for the placement, just a bad idea overall and they kept it that way long enough.

    Survs have been getting nothing but big nerfs for the most part in this year, I'm happy about the "god loops" getting fixed and all but some of you seem to like to just anger random people you don't even know about. So I don't know, take a chill pill and move on with the changes.

    (The dead zones need to be fixed before live version, but I am certain that's not gonna happen until way way later)

  • SafetyOffSafetyOff Member Posts: 68

    It's true. Killer is OP. But SWF is more OP.

    So they're trying to balance both solo and killer for now. And then probably buff solo more once they've fixed certain systems.

    SWF is hard to play against if they are good players because they can use unintended mechanics to buy time for team and easily stomp killer. So no one would want to play red rank killer. Which is a problem. Just like killers are stomping rank 20-10, SWF stomps rank 10-1.

    Both need to be rebalanced, and solos buffed

  • Evelyn208Evelyn208 Member Posts: 30

    I think the biggest issue is skill gaps and we need *good* matchmaking to fix this.

    If you nerf Survivors my poor green/purple rank self is going to get annihilated. My chases are between 15 seconds to a minute.

    Streamers / youtubers I watch (ie. red rank Survivors) can do the knitting while they loop to infinity and beyond.

    How do you fix red ranks without killing off the noobs? People discuss changes and nerfs as a whole but need to discuss balance on a more complex level.

    I play maybe 20% of my games as Killer and its so frustrating in yellow ranks to get looped by a purple/red Survivor. Why am I even matched with them? I would rather wait 60 minutes for a match than a low quality stomping.

  • SquirrelKnightSquirrelKnight Member Posts: 951

    Devs have said theres no increase in dead zones.

    Other survivors are probably throwing pallets down constantly then they get broken

  • SquirrelKnightSquirrelKnight Member Posts: 951

    A lot of what im reading is victim bias, we see it happen ALOT in other media and it shows here too. Its easier to bully killers and tell them how awful they are for running cheap perks, builds, killers etc... And the hatred from survivors flows hard for killer mains. Its because survivors see themselves as victims not players or survivors.

    "The killer attacked me and tunneled me out of the game hes PLAYING UNFAIR NERF HIM"

    Yeah some killers definitely try to hop on the woe is me train, but everyone backs up the survivor mains (including the devs) because they have carefully set themselves up to not be viewed as a toxic player that they likely are, but as a victim that the killer is abusing even though 9/10 you are looking at surviviors bsing in post game chat. Teabagging constantly, spamming items.

    Survivor mains, if you want fair games killers are more than happy to oblige, but once you start being rude and try to blame the killers for your poor gameplay then deal with it. Its like others said before me in this thread. Survivors got babied for so long they the devs are trying to fix some og the most broken problems,and we seeing the survivors entitlement show.

  • inferjusinferjus Member Posts: 479

    There are no nerfs to survivors, just adjustments to broken stuff.

  • LoneWolf820BLoneWolf820B Member Posts: 12

    I play against a decent amount of docs, a few GF, some spirits, quite a few Billy's, a couple legion and slingers, and next to no Freddy's. I'm on console but I doubt that makes a difference in killer preference. But yeah, I face way more Myers than Freddy. It's honestly not even close. I'm lucky to find one Freddy in probably....20 matches or so. A Myers is about a 1 in 5

  • thisrandomguythisrandomguy Member Posts: 142

    If the survivors were good they would be able to loop me without falling for my mind games by just simply camping pallets loop to loop lmao.

  • xTalon32xTalon32 Member Posts: 362

    Really? You insult the intelligence of "most killer mains" and you can't even write with normal sentence structure. I don't think you should be laughing about your comment when "stupidest" IS a word. In fact, it's an adjective for "stupid", so is "stupider".

    Proof: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/stupidest

    Please enjoy this free lesson in English grammar and spelling. 🤣 And try harder next time.

  • TricknologeeTricknologee Member Posts: 4

    Thank the heavens those cheating lowlife surv's got nerfed😂 I camp my first surv just to get them all mad

  • CJ46CJ46 Member Posts: 54

    ever heard of exaggeration ? and escaping doesn't mean their not OP when most of my team dies

  • CJ46CJ46 Member Posts: 54

    i've played against more red rank swf then anyone else, and they're so easy to play against especially with an ebony mori, and iridescent add ons

  • CJ46CJ46 Member Posts: 54

    good job you named two underpowered killers, add a good build to either of them and they're no longer overpowered

  • CJ46CJ46 Member Posts: 54

    because there is no counter, that is literally what makes them OP, there's nothing you can do against them

  • mistar_zmistar_z Member Posts: 690

    oh don't worry, i am 100% sure that they'll start nerfing killers soon in the patches that follow it. because some killers will actually be playable now on most maps.

  • CJ46CJ46 Member Posts: 54

    insulting ? by saying if they left survivors at infinites, you don't need to be smart to have common sense, they'd render the infinite useless, all you killer mains just want easy 4k's 😂

  • CJ46CJ46 Member Posts: 54

    literally just got a 4k with ONI, two common add ons and two perks, thrill of the hunt and iron grasp, all red ranks, it's too easy honestly and if you put a really good build on any killer especially the good ones, they're OP

  • CJ46CJ46 Member Posts: 54

    don't remembering saying, i want killers to sweat 😂

  • CJ46CJ46 Member Posts: 54

    yeah sorry don't know what i'm doing, just a rank 3 survivor don't mind me, never played this game before

  • CJ46CJ46 Member Posts: 54

    playing killer or survivor doesn't require skill, it requires braincells tbh

  • AzaelAzael Member Posts: 15

    I see what you're saying and in some ways you are right. The problem though is that Killer Mains have to use those op builds and killers to win, otherwise they are underpowered. I think they need to stop nerfing survivors and instead balance the gap between good killers and perks, and bad killers and perks, so that killer mains don't have to decide between trying something new or fun and winning.

  • slippin9668slippin9668 Member Posts: 16

    I agree with u I just played a game and recorded it for my YouTube channel. And in the game ran from the doctor and was far away by the time he got done breaking the pallet and he caught up to me within seconds so I said in my video “ they need to stop saying killer need speed buffs so they are faster are you kidding me look how fast he just caught up to me and how far away I was “ “ they just need to stop being baby cries and get good at the game “ and I agree with you I run killer and survivor and am a green rank killer that has went against reds and at least always get a 2k or 3k. It’s all about your builds and know what your doing not that they need buffed or things need nerfed.

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