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Werewolf Killer

BloodMistHunterBloodMistHunter Member Posts: 16
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Alright, here is my idea for a Werewolf killer.

The Wolf would have an initial prowling stage, were he follows scent trails rather than scratch marks in the early game to build up a power similar to Mikey or Oni. Scent trails are always visible, but will change based on how the survivor is moving. Crouching scent trails will be close to the ground, running will be up higher in the air ect. . He is stealthed while prowling, but can quickly exit with a switch to enter a normal state similar to the pig. He can move at normal speed while prowling, and can build up his power while moving, but he has to be in Prowler mode to use it. When the power is built up, he releases a howl that causes Survivors to be revealed in someway, and he goes into a berserker state. While Berserker is active, you may charge up your Melee attack. This charge up Melee will be able to break pallets, and will have an extended range. Missing this attack will result in a slightly longer penalty than normal. When hitting a survivor in Berserker state they will be in the broken status or possibly a new status effect for a time. He can lunge attacks through windows and hit survivors, but there is a penalty if missed ( Such as the power going on cooldown, or randomly swinging at the area like Leatherface when he misses a chainsaw). Makes windows unsafe, and it gives both parties a lot to consider. 

I was considering for a perk called Beastly Mauling, he could have one that when a survivor is put into the dying state from the injured state, they can only be picked up by another person (For up to a certain amount of survivors. So if all four survivors are downed, it wont activate). While in the dying state, the bleed-out timer is extended or stopped. This would be a hard counter to Adrenaline, Unbreakable, No Mither. It would benefit the Perk For the People.

The second perk would be named Cold Bite. When a survivor is Healing or Being Healed, they will face a tremendously difficult skill check. If the survivor misses the skill check the killer will be able to see the survivors aura for three seconds.

The third perk, Monster's Hunger, is an obsession perk. The obsession, will be unable to sprint until injured. After putting the obsession in the injured state, all other survivors within range of your terror radius will suffer the exposed status effect for 20 seconds. This perk can only be activated every 120 seconds.

Couple of those seem really strong, but I think it would work out very nicely.

Ive seen similar concepts around here, and all seem to have a lot in common so I wanted to build on that to make this a community killer.

I want to say the purpose of this killer ( In my opinion) would be to eliminate the need for perks that find survivors such as BBQ and Chili, Nurses Calling, ect. With a power that reveals survivors and makes them easy to find, it leaves room for different perks that are focused on other things. Similar to the doctor in a lot of ways, but with a greater map pressure and a more brutal play style. I would hope that the addition of The Wolf's perks would shift the survivor meta as well, with the use of Adrenaline, and a lot of Survivors following injured team mates to take a hit or even stun a killer unexpectedly and cause an even longer chase. Monster's Hunger would be an answer to that, while also requiring a decent amount of Skill to put to full use.

As for ideas on a survivor, I want to say that their perks would benefit staying away from the groups. Centered around the 'Lone Wolf' play style. Things that will in the end, benefit the team while ensuring your own safety. That is the current thoughts Im having for the survivor side.

Feedback is well appreciated, encouraged. I am a killer main, though I have gotten up to purple ranks on both parties so Im not the best at the game and would like to hear things that would make this as balanced as it can be.

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  • Revzi100Revzi100 Member Posts: 426

    survivor = van helsing

  • Niteh315Niteh315 Member Posts: 4

    A survivor could be like a lab coat professor who was responsible for the werewolf experiment 🧪. Survivor perk could be blinding the killer when they step on a object left behind by the professor??

  • Critical_FishCritical_Fish Member Posts: 148

    This is pretty good. Most of the time I see killer concepts like this, there's something I notice that can be balanced (doesn't mean it isn't good, just that it needs a little tweaking). All of the perks are very good, but I don't think they're too good. The power is cool and unique, but also implements already established mechanics, which is cool. Overall, a really good killer design with no flaws that I can see.

    I won't talk about the survivor, since I was a killer main before I stopped playing the game.

  • JayjayJayjay Member Posts: 16

    ive been in need of a werewolf killer for 2 years this would be a great addition to the game.

  • SoulRipperSoulRipper Member Posts: 1

    Just got done with a werewolf marathon. I pray to the entity to give us a werewolf killer.

    Hell, even a vampire.

    I do like the sound of this werewolves skills but how do you guys think it'd look? Personally I'm more of a fan of the Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) werewolf. Bigger, more ferocious, meaty and strong. Not like the thin Harry Potter/ underworld types.

    But any other views/ opinions on looks wise? bc the build sounds solid.

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