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Jeff Johansen - "The Bear King" by jacobmjudge

Had an absolute blast making this one! Wanted to show my boy Jeff some much needed love.

Good luck to everyone entering (so many cool entires this year!)


(outfit) The Bear King: "Some call it mere cosplay, but Jeff found immense strength and bravery boil up from within as he donned the armor of his favorite character from his favorite series - The Bear King."

(head) Tousled Blonde Locks: "Long and wild sunlit hair - braided and pulled away from the face for battle."

(torso) Fur-Lined Armor: "A worn tunic to show a past riddled with war, a salmon colored cloak to promise a future worth fighting for."

(legs) Leather Riding Boots: "From riding horses across kingdoms to climbing through castles built for sacking, these boots were made for much more than walking."


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