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Hag - The Walking Puppet By: GVJellyBean

I've always loved the aesthetic and idea of Voodoo dolls, and while I don't play her myself, it was a no brainer to put the two together. The result of this is my set idea, "The Walking Puppet".

Description: I wanted the cosmetic set to be mainly dirty browns and greens to keep close to the muddiness that regular Hag has, but I also wanted to add color, which is where the rags she wears come in. A nice violet/purple color lined with a yellow trim. While I didn't know what exactly to do on the rags, I imagine they'd have a very nice, exotic looking design. She also has a dark, muddy orange "glove" with a tight red wrap to keep it on. Another thing I wanted to do was keep her hair similar to how it was, and being I wanted to add color, it made perfect sense to make her hair bundles of multi-colored yarn, while also having it work as a pin cushion!

The only other thing I wanted to do for sure was the idea of having pins pierced through her fingers, to work as claws. I'm very happy with how they came out, and being her arm usually has some sort of wrap around it, I knew I could easily incorporate a thread spool into the design, just incase the puppet is torn and needs to make some self repairs. It has bright red thread.

Other than those specific details, the rest is pretty simple. Her body is composed of different colored fabrics and materials. Some could be cloth while others more like burlap. I didn't want her to be one solid color or material to get the idea across that this puppet is old and thrown together, only together by a few loose strings. She also has a bunch of wraps and binds to further help her keep together. Despite that though she still has some tears where stuffing can obviously be seen coming out. Lastly, she has bright red button eyes and a mouth permanently stitched into a smile, with a few strands of thread very loosely connected her mouth, and a slit neck stitched back together.

I also have some set and piece names/descriptions:

Set Description (The Walking Puppet): "A puppet made for inflicting pain towards another. It walks unsure of it's purpose or creator. The only thing it knows is pain, and this time, *it won't be the one feeling it.*"

Hair (Threaded Dreads): "A head of different colored yarn, a perfect substitute for holding extra pins."

Body (Rotten Rags): "Bunches of mixed fabric hastily stitched together, worn and torn. It walks without a heart."

Arm (Prickly Pins): "Fingers pierced with pins for pricking. A spool for any needed repairs."


  • itsmyghostitsmyghost Member Posts: 214

    This is different and i like it <3

  • AmackyAmacky Member Posts: 94

    A puppet hag ? Really good idea, I like the buttons on the eyes, it reminds me of the movie Coraline ! Good work ! 💀

  • ArtichaArticha Member Posts: 2

    It's very interesting. In DbD many skins for Hag (In shop) are awful. Waiting for that skin.

  • DaDevilsSkirtDaDevilsSkirt Member Posts: 68

    I love you

  • RosalindRosalind Member Posts: 31

    Very cool skin!

  • xthelegionxxthelegionx Member Posts: 14

    Looks really nice. Love your details.

  • VentiStarVentiStar Member Posts: 31

    Love this idea!!

  • tony42545tony42545 Member Posts: 83

    this reminds me of that movie called coraline with the button eyes and it also fits the hag nicely

  • GhostReflect97GhostReflect97 Member Posts: 3

    Love the idea and design. As someone who doesn't like Hag at all this skin would definitely make me use her. Love the drawing as well. :)

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