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Get Rid of Mori or Make it Counterable

ThatOneGuyThatOneGuy Member Posts: 228
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I haven’t even gotten to enjoy or really play any games tonight because literally every killer tonight has had Ebony Mori and just tunnels right off hook. How is that fair? How is that even fun for the killer, you’re literally just ending the game quicker which is a loss of points for you Etc their boring and take away the fun from both sides in my opinion. There’s nothing you can do to stop them either which is extremely frustrating.

Edit: Yes I also agree Keys need to be reworked,counterable whatever term you wanna use. Also same applies to Gens/ Gen rushing as well. Exit Gate spawns also need to be fixed slightly but that’s a whole other topic/discussion.

This post was mainly about moris because I mainly played survivor tonight and every single match there was a Mori. I do play both sides so I do understand how frustrating keys can be or gen speed at times.

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