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Walking Dead: Glenn Rhee Survivor Paragraph?

Last year we were given the gift that is Ash from Ash vs evil dead, as a solo survivor paragraph. And by now we all also know that dead by daylight is following the walking dead on Twitter. They've been following them for a while now, and I really hope they have something in the works. That being said, I hope they work together and provide a licensed chapter or paragraph.

Now many may disagree, but I think the survivor should be Glenn. He was one of the most beloved characters, but has been gone for nearly 4 years now. However with the addition of Bill, we know that the entity can take someone even after death. So if anything, the entity could bring Glenn as a survivor in the realm, bringing him back to life in some form, after being killed off by negan. Other candidates are Rick and Daryl, but they're still alive and wouldn't really fit the show. I just think that it would be awesome if Glenn was added as a survivor.

And as for a killer, there isn't really a big bad that is killer worthy besides maybe Beta from the whisperers, which is why I say it should be a survivor paragraph. What do you guys think?


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