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LGBTQ+ Activist - David King [by MrGolden32467]



  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 99

    Thank you for your nice comment :D I'm glad my submission got your attention ^^

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 99

    Thank you for the support guys :3 The idea behind this costume was to include a new part of the community to the game ! I was thinking this game was missing some LGBT. Hopefully this kind of "activism" can be allowed in-game :)

    Bandlover899 of course you can share this ! I really appreciate you for doing so <3

    xthelegionx I had a feeling that this would go against the Manchester stereotypes and that's why I loved drawing it xD If you look at the lore / description I put in the costume, I made it so that we don't really know if David is actually gay ;) (hopefully he is - but we can never be too sure haha)

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 99

    Finally ! Someone got it !! Thank you Mart1n3z_46 :D

    People that saw me draw this kept asking me : "but why David ?" - and as a David main, I'm like "I wanna see dem colours in his cosmetic wardrobe!" :3

    Thank you for your positive and perceptive reaction <3

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 99

    Not creative ? Has this been done before ? :( I tried my best with the added concepts - mostly motion physics with the earring and the glowing shoes. And, I know its probable going to be discarded even if the costume is selected, but I thought that the new emote could score some originality points maybe ?

    Anyways, any feedback is appreciated :D So thank you ! If you have any links to previous artwork submitted for this contest or last year's featuring the same kind of idea I would love to see them ^^

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 99

    Yes ! This is what I fear might get this costume disqualified. The devs did keep The Plague out of any specific religion, so why would they implement LGBT ? -I hope it doesn't particularly bother them ^^

    Then again, this is just to show some support to a specific part of the community, just like other parts of the community were shown some support as well ; and I've been careful with the choice of words as to not make it too "one-sided" - minus the literal knuckle feast mentioned ;) (and hopefully not only LGBTQ+ members of the community will wear this if selected - I was counting on a change of color scale in David's cosmetics to draw the attention of players in general)

    Thank you for your intelligent comment :D

  • ZeroTodonaZeroTodona Member Posts: 15

    You don’t want to see what it’s done to the destiny community. I get it but more or less it harasses half of their audience. If you Choose that pride, what about other prides. It’s a good idea in theory, but it’s almost as offensive as the leprechaun someone drew. Okay, not as offensive, but if a killer targets the person in this skin, it could cause a lot of hate from both sides.

    Its good for a discussion though.

  • FinnerichFinnerich Member Posts: 8

    So cute!

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 99
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    I totally agree and I can see just how much controversy this could bring in-game (your targeting example does the trick just perfectly).

    However, even if this is one of many prides, there are some that are already in-game which are mostly cultural / national prides. This one is different because it relies on people's identities. Hopefully this can enable some trend where we add more and more prides to attempt to satisfy most of the player base.

    I have faith, for being the author of this post and for believing that this community will welcome change - with positive and negative feedback for sure, as there is negative feedback from half of every community for every change (No one can satisfy everyone at once - even though it can be a wonderful objective to try to).

    It's great to be able to discuss with you :) Thank you for raising these problems.

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  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 99

    Thank you for that reminder ! MandyTalk to the rescue <3

  • Salty_HuntressSalty_Huntress Member Posts: 150

    I love this outfit! It's cute and looks like it would keep him warm during the trials

  • LodgekissLodgekiss Member Posts: 21

    This would get my vote for the light up shoes alone! I love it :D

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 99

    For best warmth, use when hiding in corners from permanent T3 Myers :3 Glad you love it thank you !

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 99

    Thank you for your super sweet comment :) It is very much appreciated !

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  • LordVoidronLordVoidron Member Posts: 144

    THIS IS OPINION, i'm writing to give feedback. you don't have to accept it or agree with any of it. If you disagree, talk about it, or not. its up to you.


    This outfit is Really well drawn, and it has an appeal to an audience.

    The idea of adding more emotes to survivor is a really nice idea, and especially something that is a universal symbol and could easily be put in. overall the design and the detail is really good, and it worked out nicely.


    While the outfit is nice, and shows support for communities (nothing against that) one could argue it feels a bit forced, seeming on how its a game unrelated to those topics. The fix for this problem is "subtly", make the outfit more normal, but not too much so it stops conveying the message.

    Another user briefly mentioned this, but ill restate it. Adding this opens a can of worms on both sides, a user using the cosmetic may take it more personally next time the killer wants to guarantee their one kill, or if they just get tunneled in general. Eventually happenings like this would create a stigma against the people who use it (Look to TF2, wearing the "Ghostly Gibus" is a sign of being F2P now and people with it usually take more blame. or a real world example, the "Me too" movement great in idea, got a lot of people falsely accused and they lost their jobs even if there was no evidence, such as what happened to "Alec Holowka" the co-creator of "Night in the Woods" who later suicides after losing his life, creating backlash against the Me Too movement.) this may or may not cause some people to go out of their way to tunnel the user of the skin.

    ^Bit longer than it needs to be, but it conveys the point.

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 99
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    Hello :D Thank you for your honest and contrasted feedback ! I'm glad you appreciated my drawing style even though I don't usually draw ^^' When I do its roughly always the same kind of shapes - I'll have to develop my "drawing hand" to get a very personal style that makes me proud of myself in the future but it comforts me to know people enjoy it for what it is now :)

    You state the outfit seems "a bit forced". Yes ! It is ! Before drawing this I was debating with myself whether this outfit should bluntly convey its message or if it should remain subtle. Subtlety would have been an amazing option to show support to the LGBTQ+ communities as well. There is, however, more to it than just the support I want to show. My general view on the colour design / clothing choice was to get out of 'David' while remaining in 'David' you know ? A user has mentioned it already : David's wardrobe is really dark in general. This bold decision of mine was to hopefully make a radical change in David's color scheme.

    I had to balance this radical change with some form of subtlety somewhere you know ? I also had to come back to the character's roots to still feel David in this cosmetic that doesn't feel like David anymore. So I included the subtlety in another form. I used the outfit's description to raise doubts about David's social status - is he indeed gay ? Or is it just judgemental assumptions from his friends ? and his implication in the fight - is he fighting for the cause ? or is he just joining pride to get the right to punch people and feel good about punching them (this is linked to his fighting hobby that, according to his lore, he lost after beating up a refery).

    In the end, and like MandyTalk has stated in this discussion, these submission designs only reflect what their creators feel like something original and creative to Dead By Daylight that the developpers may find interesting for their game. This is my submission and I'm glad it is retaining the attention of people with contrasted minds like you.

    Thank you once more for your much appreciated comment ^^ I hope I have added elements you will find interesting to your thoughts :)

    Nice to meet you,


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  • LevitikaLevitika Member Posts: 120

    Preliminary statement: I have nothing against the LGBTQ+ community, people can live their lives freely as they see fit as long as it does not interfere with or harm others' lives.

    I feel this submission would just be inviting controversy, honestly. Your point about other skins causing targeting of specific players, such as Bunny Feng and Dwelf... those are just skins with unique characteristics that make them stand out; they're not bringing real-world politics into the game that people are literally incriminated and die for in some countries. Not only would this cause all sorts of social problems for the game, it could actually cause issues for Behavior to sell the game in some places. Are you really claiming that you would be proud to cause that level of discourse for both the game and community?

  • designatordesignator Member Posts: 104

    This is a great way to be called slurs in the endgame chat when the killer or fellow survivors are salty LOL

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 99

    Do you honestly think that I'm claiming that I would be proud of causing that level of discourse for both the game and the community ?

  • PornbjörnPornbjörn Member Posts: 52

    Sweater would look so much better on freddy. Not to mention that any person who plays him most likely gay.

  • x_widowmaker_xxx_widowmaker_xx Member Posts: 6

    i would absolutely love this in the game we so need LGBTQ+ outfits well done on this

  • ChucklenutzzzChucklenutzzz Member Posts: 2

    This comment section is going CRAZY

  • Demogordon_RamsayDemogordon_Ramsay Member Posts: 1,503
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    First of all, if you want LGBT representation, at least ask for it well-done. This is just Overwatch all over again. And even then, gay pride representation doesn't belong in a horror game.

    Secondly, a pride skin for David? DAVID? I feel like he'd be the one Survivor who has "fag" on their list of top 10 words they use the most.


    -A man who finds every male Survivor hotter than any female Survivor

  • mistar_zmistar_z Member Posts: 744

    If they gave me a heart emote i would let them have all the good things in a match.

  • LevitikaLevitika Member Posts: 120
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    Considering you outright said you would be proud of accomplishing a similar targeting effect as the Dwelf and Bunny Feng skins before editing your post to hide that, yes. I do think you are.

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 99

    haha :) Hopefully not that wasn't my intention. I just think some people's opinions are genuinely interesting :D No point going against any of them because they are opinions and anyone is allowed to think anything <3

  • MrGolden32467MrGolden32467 Member Posts: 99
    edited April 2020

    Yeah... sorry about that it was an unclear mess :( I'm not going to mess around anymore with the politics in this comment section. Don't want to light any fires. I'll just stick to thanking people.

    Dead by Daylight is my favorite game of all times and I don't mean Behaviour any particular harm. I felt sad and scared about my previous post literally leading people to conclusions like yours. The fact that you interpreted it like that made me realise how unclear and absurd that specific part of my post was, so I think its best to remove it for now.

    Thank you for your opinion and help Levitika. It is greatly appreciated.



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