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Wailin' Whiskers: Skin for Nea Karlsson.

"Time to make the attire match the reflexes."

A skin I have forever longed for, something that isn't neon and feels like it would fit Nea's character. Showing off her likeness to cats while also giving a rocker feel with her fluffed up hair and grungy look.

(As for why the watermark and my title say Zwaki it is my name I use for my art and I am unable to change my name on this site and didn't wanna lose my 2 year old account!)

ps... Who wouldn't want Nea in a leather jacket,.. it's been a long time coming honestly.


  • Loose torn tank top sporting a cat skull
  • Tube Top Bra
  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Bracelets and choker
  • Torn Leggings
  • Short Shorts
  • Boots
  • Leather Jacket

I also included a color palette for easy color access!


  • AngryFluffyAngryFluffy Member Posts: 442

    I'd buy this immediately. Black and purple would fit Nea so good. I also love the cat themed top and jacket, because to me she seems to be a cat person (alone with her perks like balanced landing and urban evasion).

    I think she deserves something dark and cat themed! :)

  • LilFlower113LilFlower113 Member Posts: 2

    I quite love this. This outfit fits Nea perfectly, and you’re right, she deserves a leather jacket. I would buy this outfit.

  • HuntressNeaHuntressNea Member Posts: 6

    Exactlyyyy Nea has /one/ purple cosmetic and it isn't even the main color point, and it released all the way back when cosmetics were still a new thing!

  • KattyKatKattyKat Member Posts: 30

    Omg yessss purple and black :3

  • MyoMatoMyoMato Member Posts: 1

    I absolutely LOVE it! Came here from FB!

  • BIHT_carmineBIHT_carmine Member Posts: 1

    Dude, this is amazing, I hope the debs add this to the game, I will buy it immediately, we really need some Nea cosmetics, she deserves more love from the debs

  • HuntressNeaHuntressNea Member Posts: 6

    WE HIT 200 ON FACEBOOK!! Honestly you guys, even if my design doesn't make it into the game I just want to thank you all for this opportunity, I have never had this much love and support for a design let alone for my art before.

    This was an amazing experience, let's go for gold!!

  • AnnaKitsun3AnnaKitsun3 Member Posts: 14

    Honestly this would do Karlsson some justice!

    my favorite concept so far!

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 1,702

    I need this!!! Give Nea more piercings already, devs!!!

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