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Examples of Toxic Players *Warning: Offensive Language*



  • Doc_W__HOLLIDAYDoc_W__HOLLIDAY Member Posts: 2,347

    Someone called me a redskin and I should shoot myself with a bow when they found out I was partially Native American.

    There's no chill with these guys.

  • Doc_W__HOLLIDAYDoc_W__HOLLIDAY Member Posts: 2,347

    As long as they keep getting called out and made fools of, they'll learn to quit spreading toxicity.

  • HuntressIsMyFavXDHuntressIsMyFavXD Member Posts: 132
    edited April 2020

    That above is exactly why I locked my messages on PSN. I've gotten so many hate messages that it's unreal

    I've gotten nice comments as well but the bad outweighs the good here

    I get hate messages bc I won lmao and they complain. All I say is

    Well, if you don't want to die, practice.

  • jzinskyjzinsky Member Posts: 112

    Why is it inappropriate? I've wondered why protect the guilty? I mean that guy typed those words..

  • HollowsGriefHollowsGrief Member Posts: 1,020

    For the same reason those clowns have the right to say all that hateful stuff they said but it is inappropriate. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

  • ThatsmartguyThatsmartguy Member Posts: 188

    U can't win with survivors in the end bruh u kill them all they get toxic and call u cra, if u lose they still get toxic and call u crap there is legit no way in winning with survivors. I hate when people say killers r toxic but 9/10 who really be saying crap in end game chat y do u thing #salty survivor(s) is a big thing its far to common for its own good. Killers can be toxic too but thats less common survivors just need to take a chill pill you die/won just go about your business que up for another game no need to text.

  • ShyanneKatShyanneKat Member Posts: 1

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. I am a main survivor, and it really sucks when teammates get toxic. (There is constant infighting too. Not doing something to their specifications often warrants a lengthy message about how bad a player I am) so again I'm sorry you have to deal with it too.

  • AcculllaAccullla Member Posts: 965

    I can't be supportive, as OP's actions just reinforce and validate the actions of those kids by feeding their ego. They should be taught what their parents didn't teach them, but this is not how you do it. If you're interested in my reasoning, I explained in in a couple of other comments to OP.

    I'm not as empathetic as you and thus am not really worried about this sort of thing having an impact on someone's mental well-being. Surely logic dictates that if something in a videogame stresses someone out they'd avoid it, move on or just play a different game altogether. If someone lets stuff in this game impact them, that's a choice and not something that's forced on them.

  • Reborn2020Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138

    I feel sorry for the dev team having community like this.

    What i said was: "your fault for keeping reading those insults".

    Someone that blame other for being toxic and usnig gtfoh in the same sentence .

  • TheHourManTheHourMan Member Posts: 1,031

    And these are almost never solo survivors

  • CK_DemomCK_Demom Member Posts: 11

    You should probably get better at using grammar if your going to attempt to belittle someone 😉

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 3,883
    edited April 2020

    There is no need to further antagonize them...

    Mods have already deleted some of their previous comments for being toxic.

  • hanibelhanibel Member Posts: 164

    Yeah @Peanits why people like these get away scott free is the team the handle reports not doing their job?

  • Reborn2020Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138
  • Go_Go_RobotoGo_Go_Roboto Member Posts: 330

    Get their Steam IDs/GT/PSN and make an official report. Everyone has doubts the in-game reporting does anything (basically doesn't unless it is nearly 100% of people they get in games with and they're cheating or exploiting).

    It's unfortunate, but your going to run into these people. It happens in every competitive, popular, and/or fun game.

    Some people have made the point that they could just make a text content filter- I'll just say it never works and will never work. People can find creative ways of typing any slur.

    It's a internet issue. Happens everywhere. Will happen forever. Do what you can, that is effective, to get them banned. All you can do.

  • JohnbleJohnble Member Posts: 175

    I know it wouldn't solve the problem entirely but I wish there were a way that messages such as the ones using obvious racial slurs could at least be censored on the receiving end. Then, whomever is sending it can feel like they've accomplished something and the person receiving it doesn't even have to see it.

    I let most things pass since I'm a comedian and grew up participating in the occasional momma jokes session but I draw the line at homophobic, racial, and other kinds of slurs.

    Hopefully they get punished soon enough.

  • JohnbleJohnble Member Posts: 175

    Probably more or less that it gets difficult to keep up with as the player base grows. The people looking into it are only human and can only do so much.

    It sucks to deal with it so often but, nobody can be everywhere at once so it also takes patience on our end to allow time for it to be dealt with.

  • GhostwithafaceGhostwithaface Member Posts: 594

    Well most people i meet in game, are good sports. Yet everyone once in awhile you get people like this. Which is a game i had awhile ago. To give addition context, the person who died, who was the salty person and only one who was acting poorly, the rank 11. Rather than sticking with their team mates after getting unhooked, try to go to a corner of the map with a brush. I was waiting to see if they would go forward or backwards. They pick the wrong way and ran into me. I stabbed them, it was the end game. I hook them and got one kill. Bad game for me, it happens, didn't do so hot. On to the next, until i saw the post game chat. When i was typing my normal gg. I saw the logic, a safely pip is deranking. That and i should not play killer. Which thinking about it now, if i am a trash killer. Why would they want me to not play, when it would benefit them, if they ran into me again, in terms of getting easy blood points? I am well aware they were most likely trying to get under my skin but they trash talk, using what can be factual proven to be false.

    Long story short. People are people, it doesn't matter if they play survivor or killer. Some Individuals are just not very sportsman like.

  • myersismydaddymyersismydaddy Member Posts: 232

    I know you get paid to say that over and over again, but could you negotiate with the higher-ups that you don't have to do that anymore? You do absolutely nothing about these people. You know it, we all know it. I got even worse insults than OP, and yet nothing happened to those people despite in-game report and a ticket. I can send you all the proof you want.

    Now, if you are actually speaking the truth then your company might have to take a look at the people who are handling these tickets. If they do exist then they need to get a grip or get rid of them, because they are utterly useless.

  • giulianodannyfangiulianodannyfan Member Posts: 75

    So just let me get this straight. I am myself a pretty young individual, but not a trashtalking piece of ****. So with that being said, lets start.

    I have experienced this a lot too, and even made a discussion about it. It is true, it is about the player, not survivor or killer. Even though if i play legion and get a 4K its "sWeAtY" BUT if i get no kill "LOL HAHA EZ GET REKT NOOB KILLER CANT DO SH*T HAHA LOL BABY KILLER" And every time i read that, i just think F*ck you(For obvious reasons) I dont even answer. But the best thing you can do if you see any toxicity just be toxic back. Not with words, but with actions. It is so funny to shut a teabaging survivor down with a mindgame.

    But you cant do much about it. Tbh just give them a quick mori in they´re ugly face´s.

    Have a good day! #StayHome


  • giulianodannyfangiulianodannyfan Member Posts: 75

    @Ghostwithaface Sorry to see that. Dont listen to them you are probably a good killer. They are just entitled noobs they should be laughed at. F*ckin animals.

  • GhostwithafaceGhostwithaface Member Posts: 594

    Thanks for the kind words. Yeah it happens from time to time. Seen it before while playing on both sides. While as a survivor part of a 3 man escape vs a hag, the one person who died. Was the only salty person. The killer aka the hag, played fair and did well. Just that the person who died, had a habit of setting on the hag traps and running into the killer. Only the person who died, believe the hag was not playing fair, everyone else disagree with them. Heck, even seen survivors crew out their team mates before, while as a survivor and other times as the killer.

    Also seens lots of friendly interactions. Like one game where everyone comes together, survivor and killer alike, to agree it sucks when dead hard fails to work. That or one amazing huntress i came across, who made a shot so amazing during the game. I had to comment on how well done that shot was. For i know, if i was playing huntress, i would not be able to pull that off. That and sometimes i come across people who i met as a survivor as killer and than it like, oh we meet again. Leading to some fun interactions. That or the time a 4 man escape happen vs a nurse. With the nurse player, going yeah they are bad at nurse. Which i was able to relate with, for yeah i am also bad at nurse. With everyone being nice and friendly to the nurse player. Like even came across someone who just likes to play Demo, to simply chase people around. Heck even made someone day once, by showing mercy as the killer. They were someone with no mither, last person left alive. So i show mercy and gave them the hatch. Turns out they were trying to get the rift challenge. They were very thankful. It was just awesome to help make someone day.

    I would label myself as a decent player. Since i am well aware of when i miss up. Like when playing survivor, oh nuts. I when the wrong way and when straight into a dead zone. That or when playing killer, should of been a bit more stabby stabby and less trying to go for stalking. Yet hey, learning is part of the game. While on the other hand, it does feel amazing the times when you just basically save everyone off the hook as Bill or finally getting that adept for ghostface by slaughtering everyone.

  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 863

    Get over yourself, nobody should be subjected to this.

    Turning a blind eye just encourages this type of behavior.

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,441

    I was one of the ACMs for over a year before I became a full time CM.. As nice as it would have been, no, they didn't pay us to sit there and pretend to deal with reports. Not everything is a conspiracy.

  • myersismydaddymyersismydaddy Member Posts: 232

    Well then, obviously something has changed since you left. Look, I have reported people who were EXTREMELY toxic in the post-game chat, and even took it to a race level. Absolutely nothing happened. You just have to understand my frustration here, as well as the frustration of many others who had done similar reports. What kind of message does this send to your players, if you, as a company, don't seem to deal with the toxic waste that plagues your game?

  • DingDongsDingDongs Member Posts: 685
    edited April 2020

    I have questions and I really hope you can answer this and not ignore

    1) Do we also have to report with screenshot from support ticket for chat abuse?

    Sometime, i'm not really feel for look up for Offender's ID, Player Cloud ID, Your ID64/Console Gamertag and so much more just to report 1 toxic

    Even if i did, i don't feel some reward at all for reporting it since they won't tell you if they actually banned or not

    2) The most important question: Does your ACM team REALLY REALLY reading our reports(including hostage, afk, cheats) and ban players? Because i really really never heard someone get banned except for cheating.

    NOBODY talk about that they get banned from DBD since that's the reason why people keep doing toxic/racist/whatever because we think and feel the report system are doing nothing at all

    3) Can we just give us option to completely remove chatbox like PS4/Xbox?

    I know you can hide chat but i rather have both you and opponents can't post any chats because you never get "a very nice words" from anyone

    I'm writing this because i'm same side with @myersismydaddy

    The reports seem and feel doing nothing at all but empty or decoration

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,441

    1: No, you don't need to. Those tickets are only to attach a video (if you have one) so you don't have to wait around in-game while the video uploads so you can put the link in the report. Chat logs are saved automatically when you report in-game. You don't need to send a ticket for chat related offenses.

    2: Yes, we do read them, and we do ban people for all of the bannable offenses.

    3: If you hide the chat box, it won't reappear until you decide to turn it back on. This was changed a few updates back.

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