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Nea Karlsson - Outfit «The Queen of Street Art»

«The Queen of Street Art»

The most comfortable, «non-shackling» suit, slightly stained with paints, just right for the queen of street art.

Head - “Lightning Speed” - Hairstyle «Bob» with multi-colored strands and long curls at the back. On the ear there is one earring on a hook in the form of a zipper and piercing in the eyebrow and nostril.

Torso - “Queen's robe” - A short top connected on one side with a chains with a print “Steet ♛” on behind. A mesh t-shirt is put on top. On one hand are two bracelets with spikes, on the second - a glove in a mesh.

Legs - “Colorful Explosion" - Trousers-bloomers stained in paints and suspender with metal buttons are made of metal. Magenta color sports shoes.


  • ArchosaurusArchosaurus Member Posts: 86

    Great technique and lighting, and eye-catching color palette!

  • NamiiaNamiia Member Posts: 19

    OMG.... I love this Skin 😍

  • AmackyAmacky Member Posts: 94

    This is pretty cool ! Love the splash colors !

  • Bludge23Bludge23 Member Posts: 234

    I don't even like nea but this concept looks nice

  • DaDevilsSkirtDaDevilsSkirt Member Posts: 68

    Had to Vote up, even though I am not a fan of the Nea spamming xD

    It's just too amazing!!

  • profanedprofaned Member Posts: 55

    Immediate thought was: hey that looks like Trish from JoJo's bizarre adventure part 5

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