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Bog Bug Hag - Design by Sm00th

The Bog Bug:

A wicked mutation of the swamps, with claws and fangs ready to collapse on any prey caught in her web.

Woven Webs: A tight knot of webs held neatly together by a surplus of legs.

Swamp Spider: The figure of a keen predator, complete with extra legs and fearsome fangs.

Scorpion Claw: A spider-infested claw coming to a dangerous point in the shape of a scorpion's tail.

I chose the Hag to design for since she is my main killer and has a pretty great base design to work from. I wanted to go with something real spooky that would be terrifying to see behind you, what with her being a jumpscare killer and all, and who doesn't love spiders? Right?

Hope you like it!


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