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How does Benedict Baker's journey continue in The Entity's realm?

GodotGodot Member Posts: 806

I was wondering how it continued? I read some of his entries but I am really curious what else he wrote in his journal, if anything at all.

  • Is his soul already consumed by The Entity because he died way too many times? Or he's alive and well, and keeps on escaping every trial?
  • Did he make any survivor friends in The Entity's realm?
  • We do know that he is still a survivor and is still alive like the others, but what could he be up to now?
  • Is he facing other killers that other survivors haven't faced yet?
  • Will we ever get a continuation about what happened to him, or if anything new he does or discovers?
  • Is he going to become one of the playable survivors in the future?

I am just really interested in this character, his looks, his personality, his backstory (besides being a journalist and trying to find The Entity's realm) and other small details.

What do you guys think?


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