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A random reminder that Vanity Mirror is The Shape's worst add-on

Like who seriously uses this add-on while you have Scratched Mirror, which is a far superior version? It's so shocking how the tier 1 handicap is stronger and more rewarding than the tier 2 handicap smh


  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 7,250

    To be fair, both Mirrors are bad. But Scratched Mirror at least has its own Niche Build, even tho it is highly limited due to the amount of Maps it is useful on. Especially because it is hard to get specific Map Offerings (basically only Lerys, Scratched Mirror is not that good on The Game and challenging on Hawkins).

    So in a regular Build, both Mirrors are bad.

    But yeah, Vanity Mirror is easily the worst, I have tried it exactly once and then never again, it was horrible. I am only using it for Burger King Myers these days.

  • ALostPuppyALostPuppy Member Posts: 2,365

    It really is only good on indoor maps though. You're not gonna get anything done on an outdoor map. They're too big, survivors can literally hold W away from you and you'll never catch up. The whole meme of "gen completed before the killer could get to it" couldn't be more real if Mikey had to haul his fat 105%-lookin ass across mother's dwelling for the entire match

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159

    I agree, people underestimate EW1 Myers alot. He's not great, but decent on half of the maps with enough LoS blockers.

  • BlindMoleBlindMole Member Posts: 358

    I can't agree. Try this:

    Vanity mirror + dead rabbit +the game map offering.

    Monitor and abuse, sloppy, nurses, PWYF

    I tried it because i was out of hospital offering so couldn't do scratch mirror and it's so much fun!

    Sure you still have a terror radius but it's barely there, by the time they hear it you're right on their faces, but you have more speed than scratch mirror and you also have the normal lunge.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,084

    @Ghost_Face_Main @NursesBootie But that would require grabs to be successful. Once you hit them, they are alerted and chasing with Scratched Mirror doesn't work, if you don't want to lose 2 gens per chase. I just had "decent" games with it, when I had to play other maps because of survivors bringing other map offerings and apparently not expecting scratched mirror, giving me easy hits by trying to hide.

    @Aven_Fallen Actually Hawkins is the worst map. The catwalks are pretty safe, without some PWYF stacks you cannot catch anyone there or lose a lot of time. I have the best results on Gideon, because you have the best information. It has the smallest base size, so you can pretty much see the whole map by circling the center 4 rooms above or below and you know where everybody is. And there is only a single safe healing spot on the whole map, which is in the corner of the map at the big dropdown. I heard people saying that finding the stairs can take too much time. Yeah you need to get familiar with the stairs placement to find the best path. But getting to a gen in Lery's can actually take more time, if you even "see" that you need to get there

    I think the ms reduction to the Vainity mirror is really ruining the addon. You already steal his power. Both of it. Undetectable T1 is gone and Instadown T3 is gone. So what's the point of T2? Nothing except a slightly decreased TR. So he has basically nothing left and gets 16m aura reading and STILL needs to move slowly. Anyone knows how fast he is in Vanity T2?

    I tried to run it on Badham several times with M&A and Dead Rabbit to get close to 0 TR. Survivors still get alerted soon enough, so close windows or pallets give the needed kickoff to be save and chasing at low speed simply doesn't work like with Scratched Mirror. And 16m aura reading doesn't help out in any way. You still need to get almost into hearing distance to gens, have even less map pressure than Mikey has normally and "mindgaming with aura reading" is easily countered by pressing "W".

    So this addon basically removes all benefits from his power and turns him into a slow M1 killer. With short range aura reading, that is useless in most situations

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 7,250

    The thing is, sure, Scratched Mirror can also be used on other Maps. But I personally would not try out this Build without a Map Offering, because if you get a bad Map (which would be half of them, if we stick to the fact that it is decent on half of the Maps), it will be a really bad experience.

    I mean, I have played Scratched Mirror on Torment Creek, was not really fun (Survivor brought a Map Offering as well...). So I see this Build only used with a Map Offering.

    Yeah, Hawkins is pretty bad, I put it nice with "challenging". In fact, I would never recommend using it on Hawkins, the Stairway Rooms are way too strong vs EW1-Myers. And the Pallets also get more useful.

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 1,666

    I think he moves at 108 %, slightly faster than Tier 1 Myers, better lunge BUT he isn't undetectable which means he requires one TR Add-On plus Monitor while Tier 1 Myers doesn't need any of them, he also has a red stain and gets destroyed by Object.

    I rather use Judith's Tombstone at that point, I move at 106 % but I can still instadown and even kill Survivors with Play with your Food.

  • Ghost_Face_MainGhost_Face_Main Member Posts: 368

    I guess one important thing in mind is that we still have the Mid-Chapter patch coming up, which is removing infinites (which was Scratched Mirror's biggest issue) along with map shrinking and tile spacing. That stuff could potentially make EW1 Myers alot more viable on maps where he would be at his weakest.

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,243

    Reminder that 90% of Nurses addons are the worst addon.

    On topic though the mirrors are simply meme addons now. Useful back in the day but they've fallen far from grace.

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159

    You don't chase with scratched mirror myers. You injure and let them be paranoid. They hide in a safe spot? Just leave and you can be sure that they will stay there for a while doing nothin. Alternatively you can just wait till they come to down em right away. EW1 Myers requires hit&run playstyle.

  • FreudentraumaFreudentrauma Member Posts: 917

    I think Vanity Mirror would be fine without the Movement Speed reduction. That would turn Myers to an M1 killer with the ability to watch survivor movements in loops. Not great or much exciting, but it would work, I think.

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 1,666

    I used to be like that. The first version was:

    Vanity Mirror:

    • Evil Within II reveals Survivors Auras within 16 metres while stalking.
    • Evil Within cannot progress past Tier II.
    • Get 100 % bonus Bloodpoints for the Hit score event in the Brutality category and 150 % more Bloodpoints in the Deviousness category.

    Patch 1.2.1d

    Nerf: Added a 7 % speed penalty to the Vanity Mirror

    Don't ask me why, they did nerf an already "meh" Add-Ons to be even more garbage.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    Vanity Mirror can still have builds made around it though. It can also be combined with the Dead Rabbit and M&A and all you're missing out on then is Undetectable, or the aura reading part of it.

    I'd also argue that the Boyfriend's Note (Tier-1 lunge) is the WORST Shape add-on as it's such a small benefit and is only really usable in one very specific type of build.

  • AlmoAlmo Member, Dev Posts: 1,023
    edited April 2020

    Tombstone Piece actually has a lower success rate than Vanity Mirror (and everything else, for that matter).

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 1,666
    edited April 2020

    Tombstone Piece can get rid of 1 or 2 or even 3 Survivors if used right. It's an extremely powerful Add-On.

    Vanity Mirror gives you a bit of Aura Reading which is useful on some maps but if used on normal maps in a normal match, this Add-On just nerfes Myers and makes him worse than basekit.

    The only thing I think might be good on Vanity Mirror is it creates a mindgame because if people are cautious they might think that the Killer has the Judith's Tombstone because of the opened left hand and smoother movement, forcing Survivors to play more careful but that's pretty much it.

    Tombstone Piece is great on any map actually.

  • AlmoAlmo Member, Dev Posts: 1,023

    When players have Tombstone Piece equipped, their success rate is lower than with any other addon. This comes straight from the statistics. Vanity Mirror is close, but it's not the lowest.

  • TimeMonsterTimeMonster Member Posts: 135

    getting a pip,,, yeah - if you kill survivor using tobstone pice you dont get 2 emblems - chase and malciouse... so it's almost imposible to get pips if you running tombstone piece...

  • AlmoAlmo Member, Dev Posts: 1,023

    For the purpose of this particular bit of data, a "success" is killing 3 or more Survivors. As you know "success" is defined in different ways for different players depending on what their goals are.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 5,832

    Imagine arguing with a developer over official stats that only one person has access to

  • FreudentraumaFreudentrauma Member Posts: 917

    Hmm interesting. But I'm not surprised. Devs had a probably a different Design philosophy back then. It was more common for AddOns to come with a downside like like Scarred Hand. And people didn't understand the game as much as we do now. Maybe the it was too succesfull back then, because survivors couldn't adjust to it that well.

    That's interesting. Wonder why. Theoretically Vanity Mirror should be the worser AddOn. The killer is taking away their Tier 3 ability and movement speed for a close range wallhack, compared to an AddOn which sarcrifices Tier 3 to eliminate a survivor out of the game quite early. The last should be the better trade-off.

    Wonder if it has more to do about how people play those AddOns or if it's downsides are more crucial with the current game design. If I think about it. Vanity Mirror might lead to more straight forward chases and less incentives the Killer to waste time etc. But that's just a little bit Spekulatius from my side.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,084

    The problem with Mirror Myers are not infinites but chases in general

  • inferjusinferjus Member Posts: 479

    What is the point of having Vanity Mirror when you have Nurse's Calling?

  • BlindMoleBlindMole Member Posts: 358

    Time. Vanity only views auras at 16m. I found I could put more pressure on them by knowing exactly where they are, it helps counter the lack of speed. But hey its something that works for me. What would you put instead of nurses? How would you perfect it?

  • inferjusinferjus Member Posts: 479

    I would not pick Vanity Mirror in this situation, because Nurse's range is bigger.

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 1,666

    I think people are stalking to much, therefore wasting time and giving Survivors easy gens. You might end up with only 1 Kill or maybe 2.

    The way I use Tombstone Piece is a bit different.

    I start stalking to get out of Tier 1 as quick as possible like with every other Myers build and stalk the first Survivor to 99 % if possible to get them red but not completely so I can still stalk them.

    Then I switch chases, try and find someone else, hope my Haunted breaks in the meantime and get an early Tier 3 basically and get my first hook very quick. If not, I chase normally unless they are in a very good positon. If I get the next Survivor on a hook I have pressure, so I will keep on stalking after I find the next person and potentially kill them while the other guy is still on the hook. So they basically are one less person now with 5 or maybe 4 gens remaining.

    The match is basically free at that point because they lost one guy very early on.

    My build would be following:

    Tombstone Piece with J. Myers Memorial

    • Haunted Grounds: To get early pressure, if someone destroys it I basically get a normal Tier 3 for 60 seconds and get early pressure.
    • Corrupt Intervention: To get a bit of passive slowdown, Pop wouldn't be that great since I want to use the Tombstone Piece. Corrupt also encourages people so cleanse Totems, they might destroy Haunted even quicker.
    • Play with your Food and Nemesis: Basically getting speed everytime I get stunned which will make it harder to dodge my Tombstone Piece while I am in Tier 3. It also gives me an easier time when chasing people normally.
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