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Why do killers try to justify toxicity?



  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 2,119

    Because in their head they’re always the victim. You’re right I see this all the time too. Tru3 put out a video not too long ago where a trapper brought his best add ons, ebony, plays like a bad word and leaves the last person on the ground until just before bleed out. He goes on to constantly talk about how he must have had a bad game as does most of his viewers.

    But with survivors its always assumed they’re toxic just because. No I’ve definitely done it myself been toxic to a camping [BAD WORD] because of having it game after game.

    Best part? When a killer tries to tunnel you all game so if you make it out you tbag at the end. You ask them why they tunneled and they’ll always say “I tunneled because you tbagged”, yet its only at the exit gates I did that despite them tunneling/camping from the very start of the game. This happens all the time. There are some real mental gymnastics going on inside their head to flip things around like that.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,064

    This is a literal "laughing at you". You think it is just pushing repeatedly some controls? Pretty abstract. You could also say "why do people bother when someone types an F in chat? Followed by a U. And a C. And so on. Just random key presses".

    This is just a restricted way of communication, but has a meaning

  • BovinityBovinity Member Posts: 1,471

    My games tonight: (Different sides as I had 3 Rituals to do)

    Survivor: Pretty standard, escaped, gg's in chat after.

    Survivor: Also standard, also escaped, gg's in chat after.

    Survivor: Got killed, gg's in chat after.

    Survivor: Downed as last one alive, killer took me to hatch. gg's in chat after.

    Survivor: Killer just goofing off, didn't hit us more than a couple times, let us all go, laughing in chat after.

    Killer: First survivor I see drops a pallet and teabags. Runs to next pallet and teabags. Mostly continues this way. Exit opens and group circles around the gate teabagging. "lol killer get git lol nub" in chat after.

    Killer: Played against a small streamer and his group. Good game, no one was rude, gg's in chat after.

    Killer: First guy I see runs to a pallet and teabags. Runs to next pallet and teabags. Runs to next one and teabags. I leave him alone but he continually walks out near me to bait me, I presume. Also has DStrike, so I assume he's the designated SWF team bait, but oh well. "wtf killer tunneling me fuckin noob wtf leave our friend alone" in chat after. They're all ~10 ranks above me, too.

    Seriously, there's just something about survivors that causes them to act out. Maybe it's because they're always "protected" by having friends with them so everyone feels empowered to just let civility go because they have backup.

    I dunno. I liked playing killer, but it's basically always a trollfest when I play killer and fairly friendly when I play survivor. So I'm driven more toward one than the other.

  • HuffHuff Member Posts: 1,204

    Put the tinfoil hat away, there's not some exclusive club of toxic people that use secret code and do certain things that mean a certain thing. Some people just do things randomly. Survivors will teabag next to each other all the time. They're not walking over and trying to send passive aggressive vibes to each other, they're just messing around. Even if some people do nod or teabag or whatever to be toxic, that doesn't mean that literally any time somebody moves their camera up and down or crouches more than once in quick succession, that they're trying to be toxic.

    Don't even try to make such an outlandish comparison while throwing out the word "abstract." There's no comparison to be made between pressing your ctrl key a couple times in game and actually typing "an F in chat? Followed by a U. And a C. And so on."

    As for the killer nodding thing, not all nodding is for toxicity either. I've had plenty of moments, even playing as survivor, where I meme around with the killer exclusively through camera movements, by us making our heads say yes and no about certain things. It's not because we're trying to say "frick you" or anything. Even when I play killer, I'll nod my head every once in a while when I'm just messing around. Like I'll knock somebody on the ground, shake my character's head to say "no!" and run away. Is that toxic, just because I'm moving my camera around at them? Even if I'm not even killing them?

    Once again, it's astounding to me how people can even try to make statements like this. Prime example here.

  • ThatsmartguyThatsmartguy Member Posts: 171

    9/10 every survivor dances or teabags at the exit for no reason they even teabags at hatch guess killers r just tried or the bull crap

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,678

    The problem about this is that survivor toxicity is praised whereas killer toxicity is (usually) disparaged... a double standard that makes things much harder for killers, and drives them to be toxic regardless of the complaints of the other side, because they know survivor mains are hypocrites in this regard.

  • ViceusViceus Member Posts: 146

    Same with Suvivor trying to justify playing SWF .. with party chat ( discord, etc) .... and use OOO perk and Head On perk...

    after 4 survivor or 3 survivor out from the gate. They mock killer in post game chat. Why even u bother with this justify ?

  • SurviveByDaylightSurviveByDaylight Member Posts: 683

    You know what’s toxic is Mori animation spamming. Why can’t they just force killers to follow through once they started it?

  • RespectfulnancymainRespectfulnancymain Member Posts: 1,544

    Both sides get praised for playing in an annoying way. Monto when he plays killer or ayrun when he plays survivor they both bully the killer or survivor and get praised for it

  • RespectfulnancymainRespectfulnancymain Member Posts: 1,544

    Here's the thing i teabagged a killer that was toxic to me hitting me on hook facecamping etc. The argument that i mentioned in this post "they had a few bad games" is an excuse used to justify toxicity to survivors who didnt do anything to you.


    Imma say this, since they are features to the game, technically they aren't toxic. They are just dick moves, that's all. In my philosophy, the killer can do whatever they want, they wanna facecamp? Go for it I don't care, your job either way is to kill me, just expect some salt in the endgame chat.

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 1,262

    For me thats the only possibility to win if they're swf. Object is just too good with vc.

    On topic: You can't justify toxicity. Toxic twats stay toxic twats no matter what you do. Just ignore them and boop da schnoot!

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 1,241

    @Deadeye , I know you're right. Some folks just want to ruin another's fun.

    I like to kill em with kindness. I have sent gg wp to facecampers who have actually apologized by the end of the conversation.

    But others want nothing more than salt

  • TrasloganTraslogan Member Posts: 251
    edited April 22

    My personal opinion is they know how well it favors them, especially in groups. The game used to be difficult, it was expected that 2 people died minimum, 3 wasn't unexpected. Now they've got a counter for everything, they have perks to reward unsafe unhooking, can stack decisive strike to prevent killer getting any hooks during EGC and whatnot, and even just ranking up as survivor is generally easier, killers have to be extremely efficient and let you go so they can keep stacking score.

    What I see as killer is survivors in SWF who drop out (Where I've confirmed by just checking profiles before the game) because they thought they might finally derank and instead they want to deny me points as much as possible. They know that their 5 min ban and 2 pip derank is meaningless, the ban is over before their friends play again, and if they just try hard with their SWF group for another 20 mins they got their rank back.

    Personally I got the game to play killer. I do play survivor sparingly but I prefer killer. Frankly though, I find there's almost no fun left. We have to min-max to even keep our rank where it is, and the game has become pitifully easy especially for the SWF groups.

    The game favors survivors, survivors know it, and the game has never changed to reflect the fact the average game is SWF now and thus most perks are obsolete or negated. It's only going to get worse, less and less people playing killers, and thus longer wait times.

    Also having just recently played survivor again, holy hell I just realized survivors get points just for vaulting in a chase and even get 1000 points just for dying as obsession and even more if they live as obsession. Survivors are so coddled whilst killers are fighting tooth and nail to even maintain their rank (We don't even get points if we hit survivors at the gates), this kind of crap is why killers get toxic.

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  • UnicornUnicorn Member Posts: 1,342

    and the Deflection of the Year reward goes to...

    OP is asking you how this is bait and you're doing cartwheels around the question.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,678

    One side more so than the other, but yes, both sides can be.

  • DzeikorDzeikor Member Posts: 533

    they dont,sometimes killers get fed up with toxic survivors you know?since survivors are toxic pretty much all the time

  • Reborn2020Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138

    Its your fault for seeting toxicity in simple nodding or teabagging.

  • PayneMacLeodPayneMacLeod Member Posts: 64

    To fight fire with fire. I’ve just started this game and the stuff I’ve seen lead to come here and see what the hell is going on.

    Survivors using exploits and generally being jerks ruins any enjoyment I have of the game.

    fine, that’s the way this game is played? I’ll be a jerk like everyone else.

  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 843

    Probably the same way survivors do.

  • kosmikosmi Member Posts: 220

    Simple vicious circle of violence(or in this case toxicity). It keeps perpetuate... Sooo why you keep asking that question?

  • Revzi100Revzi100 Member Posts: 348
  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,678

    Indeed. XD

    I was looking for that pic for ages! I remember seeing it on google images, but couldn't find it...

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