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Otzdarva’s stream today



  • BigBrainMegMainBigBrainMegMain Member Posts: 2,757

    Because everyone pretends totems are also part of the survivor objective when they're not.

    They're completely optional, if they were part of the survivor objective then the killer would be at an advantage because that adds a SECOND objective on the survivor roster so it tilts the scales.

    This is what I don't understand about killers when they say that totems are a second objective, and that's a straight up LIE.

  • DwightOPDwightOP Member Posts: 2,304

    But how can something optional be so impactful? Seems to me quite unbalanced or wrongly termed.

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946

    I dont know how many times to tell you this, this is nothing new, Im suprised anyone cares about this especially otz.

    everyone knows this.

    If a killer wants to camp and has noed in the back pocket, then the match is not a match, nobody will get points from it.

    If a killer wants to AFK in the basement, then the match is not a match, nobody will get points from it.

    if survivors run up to the killer and make themselves die on the hook instantly, then the match is not a match, nobody will get points from it.

    The reason its mostly a non-issue is that these matches arnt common enough, if all matches were like this the game would just die, but they arnt so it does not matter.

    Frankly plenty of other things ruin a match straight up, Ebony Mori, Keys (potentially), many add ons.

    Again the reason its not a problem is because its rare enough that people still bother playing the game.

  • BigBrainMegMainBigBrainMegMain Member Posts: 2,757

    Because totem perks aren't always used. Typically survivors only cleanse when they know something is up.

    Ruin, Huntress' Lullaby, Devour Hope. Cleansing totems because you think the killer has NOED is a waste of time and can be detrimental to the survivor game play during the match.

    An optimal killer will destroy an optimal team if they cleanse totems.

    The game is only focused around, gens and hooks. That's it. The power tilts when survivors are forced to cleanse, and it tilts to the killer's favor because if the killer can keep survivors off gens, that's good for him/her, if survivors stay on gens, that's good for them.

  • DzeikorDzeikor Member Posts: 533

    can you give link?everytime I run noed it gets cleansed immediatly,its not noed that's broke its the survivors too lazy to cleanse bones or bring perks to help with that

  • ProfessorDunwichProfessorDunwich Member Posts: 788

    One of the best Killers in this game, dominating with any perk proves nothing.

  • PokemonGOPlayerPokemonGOPlayer Member Posts: 161

    The only conclusion I had from that pointless experiment is that now this style of play will be much much more popular.

    NOED has always been an issue like many other Perks because they're desinged to do something specific but the player can exploit them since the game puts you in a giant playground with few important rules.

  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 843

    Imagine if he did the opposite test and played as survivor and actively cleansed totems while his team does gens! It works both ways, whichever way you try to manipulate results...

  • tortradertortrader Member Posts: 281

    There only reason NOED and Mori are more prevalent it's because of the Ruin nerf. That freed up a perk spot for many players, and is now being used for NOED instead. The Mori helps to slow down gen progression.

    Were you one of the people mocking killer mains who complained about the nerf? If so then enjoy the fruit of what you helped sow. You can't say you weren't warned.

  • SmilerSmiler Member Posts: 70

    I said possibility. There are many ways to get rid of the killer. You don't necessarily need to outrun. That's the reason why DBD is fun, it's about mindgaming/ outplaying eachother. For every problem you encounter in a game, there's a counter.

  • citroncitron Member Posts: 78

    I hate NOED, I never use it and i hate going vs it... but hes 100% right.

    when i play survivor i constantly walk past dull totems or stare at them while doing gens, only to get pissed off at NOED in the end.

  • Yogerman1997Yogerman1997 Member Posts: 173
    edited April 23

    i try cleanse all the totems on every game, and somethimes i only are able to found 4, and i have to guess someone maybe break it...

    but no, the killer have noed, and im unable to find it, and 3 guys die by it, wich don't happen without it, but hey, even tryning cleanse them all, i can't. i run around the entire map 3 times before the last gen be done.


    also, is not balanced, the time takes to find them all, and cleanse them all, is enought time to let strong killers like the Oni, Hillbilly or Nurse get a lot of extra hooks.

    these killers NEED being rushed to have a chance to survive.

    Noed is only fair on Set-Up killers like the trapper or hag, on other just give them free time to get free kills.

  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 903

    It's made to counter unfun playstyle, yet it is mostly used for braindead hook saves.

    Are you trying to say that if killer is not camping it doesn't work? I've seen hundreds of times survivors just yoloing in to the hook with BT. If killer wants to tunnel he will and BT doesn't prevent that. If you have bt and killer is remotely near the hook you can just unhook/farm teammate, risk free and still get safe unhook bonus.

  • JureissicPorkJureissicPork Member Posts: 15

    Dunno if someone pointed out but I had a game today where Hag camped me on first hook. Teammates did gens and I got saved after 1 gen was left. We finished it and opened an exit only to see she had NOED and (should have played around it) Blood Warden. We had the Hawkings map where some of the totem spawns are really hard to find. I did one and at least 2 others were cleansed if you can trust teammates in post game chat. Was that game fun? No, to sit 1.5mins on a hook and waiting 60secs to get out was pain. 2 made out that game and thats because the hag was like rank 16 or something. Any competent killer with that setup would have gotten easy 4k just because the snowball NOED gives. Granted we should have done totems but sometimes you just cant and dont have the time to do it. What I'm saying is that playstyle like that is extremely boring on both sides and doesnt make you learn anything, and given how good bad killers do with it imagine good ones rolling over with it.

  • AestheticCharmsAestheticCharms Member Posts: 87

    2 perks for one? Lmfao stop, I'll gladly give up adrenaline for it noed but personally I rather have moris removed over noed

  • csandman1977csandman1977 Member Posts: 1,436

    Don't know anything about that game but im pretty sure the respawn mechanic wasnt the entire reason the game failed.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 2,120

    Exactly. Survivors normally feed a camper because they’re just trying to play the game normally. Killers expecting survivors to just leave others on the hook is ridiculous.

    Also the only thing sadder than NOED is NOED and Bloodwarden. Talk about a crutch. This is how you know NOED is overpowered, because you can tell 100% this person is making their play all about NOED. They sacrifice 2 perk slots for endgame perks, bloodwarden is only there to back up NOED. This person knows that NOED has done most of the work for them every game they’ve had thus far so they plan their entire game around it coming in clutch.

  • xenofon13xenofon13 Member Posts: 554

    Chill out NOED gamer. Are afraid that they are going to nerf your favorite perk?

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 1,919

    Don't get me wrong, every day the game pushes me further and further from it and closer to Freddy but I haven't given up yet.

    That's why I said we should have a different objective. Gens as they are now are 1.) Boring and 2.) Extremely lacking in the thinking department.

    I want an objective that makes you stop and think about how to complete it, and that naturally will cause the time to complete it to go up. These will both make survivors happy because they're actually engaged in more than just the chase and killers happy because the objective won't get done every 10 seconds.

  • Predator3174PLPredator3174PL Member Posts: 263

    I'm sorry it takes total of 70 seconds to cleanse all totems. That's why they are in game, to slow you down so killer has chance to apply pressure.

    Yes, good players don't need to tunnel or camp. However, that doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to capitalize on survivors mistake and in many cases, you can't because of all the second chance perks survivors have.

  • MarcusMarcus Member Posts: 2,017

    1 So you didn't even watch Otz's conclusion on the experiment where from what I heard he might've changed his mind about how powerful NOED really is ?

    2 It's one thing to say you think Billy needs a nerf, but to literally say "I hope Billy gets nerfed into ground, pls devs do it" shows you don't care about this killer being balanced and you only want him nerfed so much untill nobody ever plays him again. And then you say that you want both sides to have fun ... And I don't know how many people agree that Billy needs a nerf, as many people disagreed with you in the post you said he does.

    3 This still doesn't change the fact that Otz still thinks DS is too strong ( potentially even stronger than old DS ) and should be nerfed. But of course, you ignored all his videos where he said how unfair survivor meta perks can be and only brought up his stream about how unfair NOED can be.

  • Primalux135Primalux135 Member Posts: 619

    Lets see if people just go blindly to hook rescue is eazy

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 1,427
    edited April 23

    NOED is more to punish survivors who gen rush. It's a risk perk. It also is "100%" counter-able BEFORE it even comes into play. If you cleanse the bones before the last gen is done than NOED will NEVER come into play. Where as DS, you can't do anything to eliminate it. You can say don't tunnel but that's 60 seconds of time wasted. They can run unbreakable or heal themselves to "get help" and someone can touch them to get them back up. It rewards bad game play. Even if you don't run DS, which few don't, you pretty much have to assume someone is running it. You screwed up a chase and got hooked. Your team unhooked you right in front of the killer that's on them. Push a button and you get a 2nd chance.

    Most people associate DS with tunneling killers. Well what about killers that don't tunnel off the hook? What about a survivor who got saved from a hook, then runs in the killers face to unhook another survivor? It's not tunneling if your going towards the killer.

    Also we have a lot of other perks that remove 1 health state and no one calls those 2nd chance perks. Devour Hope, MYC, Rancor, Iron Maiden, Haunted Grounds.

    DS is most certainly a 2nd chance perk. You got downed, you get a free escape. There isn't a killer perk that gives you a 2nd chance. "You failed to apply pressure? Here's a 6th gen the survivors have you finish". The problem with DS is people consider it anti tunneling but it's not. It's 2nd chance. Even if the killer doesn't tunnel they still run into it. I've hooked survivor A and left. Started chasing survivor B. Someone saved survivor A. I hook survivor B. Survivor A saves Survivor B before I get a chance to leave. I assume BT+DS so I go after the rescuer. I down survivor A and they still have DS. I didn't even tunnel them. I hooked them, left, downed+hooked someone else and they still had it. The perk is the definition of 2nd chance. It should be changed to "If you are healed or the killer hooks someone else, DS deactivates"

    NOED doesn't hold a candle to DS's OPness. Most top tier killers don't even run NOED unless they are on certain killers. ALL survivors run DS because it is so powerful. If your a survivor who runs DS every single game you have no right to complain about NOED.

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 2,120

    “NOED doesn't hold a candle to DS's OPness”


    You make out NOED is this fair anti genrush perk then go on to complain about DS and how its only a second chance perk. The bias is extremely strong.

  • GhostofYharnamGhostofYharnam Member Posts: 597

    At this point remove everyones second chance perks. Then the game will be on its way to balance.

  • joker7997joker7997 Member Posts: 899

    My whole point is I don't take the game too seriously, I play it to have fun its not like you're in the NBA dude, if the game is boring for you and easy its because you aren't playing it right. A hillbilly with enough hours and the right perks and add ons is just as op as iri head infantry belt huntress. You're boring to play against and boring to play as. Noone likes it, why do you bother? It Doesn't prove you're anything to win that way

  • Dr_TrautsDr_Trauts Member Posts: 650

    It is overpowered when survivoirs dont do totems, hence the high risk high reward. if survivors did totems noed wouldnt even come into effect. Its made to counter gen rushing and have the survivors search for totems.

    Its a fine perk that is very balanced at the moment, and doesnt need to be neutered to suit survivors needs that cant be arsed to search for totems

  • oh_0koh_0k Member Posts: 437
  • xXNurseXxxXNurseXx Member Posts: 248

    easy and healthy change

    • add another surv objective or something
    • expand the time survivor are on hooks so more chasing is more efficient than camping
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