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Change to The Legion's Mori Animation?

DeshDesh Member Posts: 877

Going off of the lore and even the name, The Legion, why doesn't their power/mori reflect it? Clearly there's 4 of them yet the only time you get to "see" them is entirely based on cosmetics. I would love to see it if for Legions animation, all 4 of them come together to stab the Survivor to death whether it's by turn or united.


Like just imagine if a Survivor going through the animation starts with their back on the ground and gets his throat slashed by the main killer (you). And while Survivor is clutching is throat and trying to crawl away, the other 3 come into view all around the Survivor and start to just go stabbing them to death.


This is just an idea but by all means feel free to add to it or revise it. What if Legion's power also included the band of mercenaries. When he uses Frenzy, the other 3 killers come in and either A) Sprint off in different directions to 3/4 Survivors to locate them. When found, they give off a notification to give you their location and will proceed to chase them and inflict the Deep Wound status effect on them if there is time left or B) While in a chase with one Survivor, use Frenzy to have the other Killers come in to assist you with the chase. All they can do is deep wound Survivors, not put them into the dying state.


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