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NOED on a one shot Killer.....

First of I'm going to start this off with a little statement..

I don't have a problem with NOED at all, all these people complaining about it there is only three words. 


Ok, now onto the topic. The past couple of days or so when I've been playing on the survivor side, I've come across killers like the chainsaw butt bois (billy & leatherface) and well everyone knows they have the 1 hit down moves and I only mention these two as it just seems to be them doing this but along with their insta-down the last gen pops and wouldn't you know it they also have NOED or if we got all the totems then I see noed in the scoreboard.

As I said I don't have a problem with noed, I use it myself, my question is why? 

Why use up a perk slot with noed when you are playing as a killer with one shot abilities? It just makes no sense to me to be honest.



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